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The apartment exterior at night.

Saeki's apartment is a rented apartment in a multi-storey building with an elevator used by occult obsessed student Kaori Saeki and her witchcraft club. The location is featured in the first and second Bible Black games and the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis anime series.

The apartment has a blank nameplate and is mostly empty of furnishings. The windows in the large room are covered with black curtains and the room is decorated with four candelabras in each corner, surrounding a large white circle on the floor adorned with a pentacle and several other occult symbols.

It is primiarily used by Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki to practice their dark magic rituals. The girls all pooled their money to pay for the rent, but the apartment does not have electricity.

One day, Kaori Saeki invites her classmate Taki Minase to join one of her witchcraft club's regular meetings. After initially declining the offer, the boy shows up at the apartment with the evil Academy nurse Reika Kitami in tow. The woman barges in and quickly overpowers Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki, who unsuccessfully try to stop her using magic talismans. The witch then casts her own spell that causes the girls to be overwhelmed with arousal. After having sex with them, Kitami corrupts their minds and turns them over to do her bidding.

Later, the apartment is the scene for art professor Hiroko Takashiro's brutal water torture at the hands of Kitami and her new group of followers. The teacher is abused and raped by both Minase and Kitami, causing her to reveal her connection to a witchcraft club that tried to sacrifice Kitami to the Devil twelve years ago. Minase's girlfriend Rika Shiraki also shows up in the apartment when she follows the boy there. She too is violently abused.
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