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The police is the law enforcement organization mentioned in several Bible Black productions, but is featured primarily in Bible Black: New Testament.

Prominent police officers include the young investigator Naoto Yamanishi and his partner. Toru Yuge was also once a member of the police investigation team, but left to join or establish the Tokken agency. He later recruits police officer Kurumi Imari into his organization.

Police are called to the Academy after student council member Junko Mochida strips and masturbates in front of assembly in the school's gymnasium. However, they are unable to determine what compelled the girl to expose herself.

Sometime later, after a group of student girls attempt a Devil summoning ritual in the school basement, the police and the school authorities cover up the incident, sealing off the basement and passing the incident off as a suicide pact.

Twelve years later, a similar ritual occurs in the basement, and the body of Academy nurse Reika Kitami is found dead. Though still puzzled by the details of the case, the police investigators eventually conclude that judging from the wounds on her body, the woman committed suicide.

Several years later, following the rape and stabbing of a young girl on the street, police are called to the scene to investigate. One of the uniformed officers, Kurumi Imari, uses some sort of psychic ability and reads the victim's mind, allowing her to correctly point out the killer carrying the murder weapon from a group of spectators.
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