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The Saeki house is the home of occult obsessed Academy student Kaori Saeki. The location is featured in the first Bible Black game and the first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis.

It is a fairly modern building, and has the name Saeki displayed on a nameplate outside.

Kaori Saeki presumably lives in the house with her parents, and has her own room filled with magical and occult trinkets. There are numerous books and candles, strange tools, bottles of incense and magic circle drawings and charms taped to the walls.

After Kaori Saeki suspects Taki Minase of using magic powers to help their school classmate Ayumi Murai and later seduce student council president Rika Shiraki, she invites the boy over to her house to question him.

After baffling Minase with her vast collection of magic trinkets, she moves in closer to the boy, intent on discovering his secret. She tells about the magic club of students that existed twelve years ago who performed occult ceremonies in the school's basement. However, Minase claims not to be interested and intends to leave.

At this point, Saeki spreads her legs and offer to pay the boy for telling her. She gives him oral sex, during which Minase admits he has a magic book in his bag. But even after Saeki brings him to a climax, he refuses to lend the tome to her. He harshly slaps her and says she is too insistent before leaving the house.
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