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Volume 1 is the first episode of the Bible Black: Only anime series and the fifteenth episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of July, 2005.

The episode details the effects of the psychological trauma a demonic assault caused on art teacher Hiroko Takashiro during her youth. It also shows student Mika Ito and her boyfriend helping swim team members Jun and Maki abuse their fellow swimmer Miyuki Nonogusa. Finally, Kaori Saeki experiences what goes on in the shower room after swim practice.

In the Academy library, art teacher Hiroko Takashiro is flicking through a book. She stumbles upon a picture of a demon, causing her to flashback to her time as a student when she was brutally raped by a demon following a summoning ritual with her witchcraft club. A shadow creeps up to her, and the teacher starts feeling aroused.

Moments later, Later, Takashiro is masturbating in a bathroom stall, thinking about her encounter with the demon that took her virginity. She whimpers that she wishes to feel that sensation once more.

Takashiro suddenly notices the school's vice-principal peeking at her over the toilet wall. He climbs into her stall and stops her from escaping. He strips off her clothes and starts groping her. In an attempt to satisfy her own sexual cravings, Takashiro willingly gives him oral sex, then asks for more.

Then, the demon's power resonates from within the cubicle, and black drops of devilish goo fall from the ceiling, possessing the vice-principal. Takashiro hears the demon's voice calling to her, and the vice-principal rips off her panties and proceeds to penetrate her.
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