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Bible Black: Only (Baiburuburakku: Only - バイブルブラック・オンリー版) is the fourth and currently final entry in the Bible Black anime series.

The three episodes (referred to as volumes) are a collection of short erotic side stories that take place around the events of the first series. Like the preceding anime series, they are produced by Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures). The first episode debuted on the 25th of July, 2005 in Japan, during the run of the Bible Black: New Testament series. The first two episodes were later adapted and dubbed to English.

Some scenes depict elements and characters from the original Bible Black game that were not seen in the first anime, such as the locker room scene with swim team members Nonogusa, Kobayashi and Mikimoto.

Despite being based on scenes from the first series, the art style in Only is noticeably different and more akin to the one seen in Bible Black: New Testament. This is not surprising, since the episodes were largely created in between the production of this series.

The third volume consists of only one scene wherein student Kurumi Imari is brutally assaulted by one of her schoolmates. This volume was released with the Bible Black Complete box set exclusively in Japan, and remains available as a censored version only.

The first episode shows Academy professor Hiroko Takashiro getting aroused while being reminded of her demonic encounter in her youth. She relieves herself in a bathroom stall and is attacked by the vice-principal, eventually giving in. Next, student Mika Ito has sex with a boy and later spies on swim team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto, who are abusing their fellow swimmer Miyuki Nonogusa. She and her male friend join them to have an exuberant orgy. Finally, student Kaori Saeki has sex with two boys who join her in the swimming pool's shower room.
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