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The Academy uniform is the attire worn by students of the Academy and is seen in every Bible Black production.

The uniform has a male and female version that share the shame overall color scheme and design. They are based on the commonly seen Japanese school uniforms which in turn are modeled after European-style naval uniforms.

Both the male and female version have remained relatively unchanged for almost two decades.

The male uniform consists of a long loose white shirt that is tucked in neat black pants and held up by a brown belt with a bronze-colored buckle. The shirt has a breast pocket on the left side and is tied at the neck with a maroon-colored tie with two distinct v-stripes. An earlier version of the tie (seen in the Origins series) has a double v-stripe. There are large buttoned black cuffs on both sleeves, decorated with a white stripe. This same stripe is also seen in black on the sharp white folded collar around the neck. Males wear black socks in either brown outdoor shoes or white with mint-colored sandals (uwabakiWP) indoors.

The female outfit shares the male version's cuffs, shoes, collar, tie and shirt (sans the breast pocket). Girls wear a loose red mini skirt instead of pants and a black suspended top over the shirt, shaped similar to a corset. The earlier version of the skirt is worn higher and over the white shirt instead of under. It also includes a gold rim near the bottom edge. The suspended top is worn over the shoulders using two straps with metal clasps that lock with small round snap fasteners that are somewhat suggestively placed over both breasts. The clasps differ in the earlier uniform design. Black socks are worn thigh high on the legs with a decorative white line near the top.
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