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Reunion (Saikai - 再会) is the second episode of the Bible Black: New Testament series and the tenth anime episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of November, 2004 and in the United States on the 15th of November, 2005 under the name Book One: First Scripture in a double feature containing both Reunion and the first episode Revival.

With Reika Kitami's soul awakened inside Kurumi Imari's body, the witch once again attempts to seize power by stealing the Spear of Longinus. The mysterious Jody Crowley meanwhile revives the presumed dead student Yuki Toudou to influence future events. And the Tokken agency continues its investigation into the occult incidents with the help of agents Imari and Aki Ichikawa.

No longer in control of her own body, Kurumi Imari is still vigorously raping a female clerk tied to one of the sinks in the ladies bathroom of a bank. Moments before, the soul of the wicked Reika Kitami awakened within her, overriding Imari's consciousness.

After climaxing, Imari takes the safety deposit box key, numbered 3079, from the dead occultist bank robber leader whose neck she broke minutes ago. She makes her way down to the bank's vault, leaving behind her unconscious colleague Aki Ichikawa.

Meanwhile, police officers have gathered in front of the building, along with Toru Yuge, chief of the paranormal investigation agency Tokken.

Down in the vault, Imari opens the secured container and finds a grey package containing a small, sharp black metal object which she identifies as the Spear of Longinus. At that same time, police forces storm the building using teargas. Imari hears the ensuing firefight between the other bank robbers and the remaining hostages, who are panicking as shots are fired. Moments later, chief Yuge finds and wakes his associate Aki in the bathroom.
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