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The Special Investigation Research Team, commonly known as Tokken, is the paranormal investigation agency featured in the Bible Black: New Testament series.

The agency appears to be independent from the police department and is formally in charge of maintaining public peace and order. It was started by Toru Yuge, a former member of the police. He later recruits police officer Kurumi Imari after she exhibits a powerful psychic ability during an investigation.

Members of Tokken wear a special uniform, and despite acting somewhat formal, they do not salute each other due to Yuge's dislike of the gesture.

After a string of mysterious murders, the head of Tokken, Toru Yuge, and Chief Investigator Kurumi Imari are called to yet another puzzling crime scene on the roof of a school in which a student and a teacher are found dead. They take charge of the police investigation in progress, and explore the school's basement after Imari uses her psychic abilities to discover a magic circle present in the building.

Later, agents Imari and Aki Ichikawa are held hostage in a bank by a group of robbers. A police force soon barges into the building, followed by Yuge who wakes up his colleague Aki.

Yuge reconvenes with his Tokken team in their headquarters, and the agents learn of the sudden revival of Yuki Toudou, the student girl who was found dead on the school roof. They discuss her autopsy report and the only missing item from the bank vault, the Spear of Longinus, an ancient occult artifact.
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