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Revival (Fukkatsu - 復活) is the first episode of the Bible Black: New Testament series and the ninth anime episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of April, 2004 and in the United States on the 15th of November, 2005 under the name Book One: First Scripture in a double feature containing both Revival and the second episode Reunion.

Academy teacher and occultist Kaori Saeki unsuccessfully attempts to revive the Bible Black with a new group of followers, but is interrupted by a mysterious white robed girl. Police investigator Naoto Yamanishi witnesses a vision of an old love at a crime scene. And Tokken's chief psychic investigator Kurumi Imari again loses her body to the soul of Reika Kitami.

On a bright spring day, two girls are jogging along an embankment road. They spot a black car parked under a railway bridge, its windshield covered in blood. The girls scream when they notice a leg dropping out of the car. Inside, a dead man's body sits in one of the seats, with the half naked body of a young girl draped over him.

In a museum at night, a man is having sex with a student in the lab room. He asks her why she knows about the Spear of Longinus, the lance that pierced the flesh of Jesus ChristWP when he was crucified. He states that even Adolf HitlerWP was after the object that was recently found in a MoroccanWP port town and taken to someone.

Down the hallway, a museum security guard is on patrol. He suddenly notices the figure of a white robed girl standing outside the window. He rushes towards her only to discover the girl has mysteriously vanished, despite the window being on the third floor. The guard then hears a frenzied shriek coming from the lab. He runs to the room and screams when he sees the naked bodies of both the man and the girl hanging from the ceiling, torn open from the chest.
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