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Walpurgis Night is an annual European spring festival and feast of witches and evil souls on which the power of darkness is at its strongest. The event plays a central role in the first game and first anime in the Bible Black series, both using the Spanish translation La Noche de Walpurgis as their subtitle. It is also featured prominently in the prequel anime.

The night is held on the middle of the night on the last day of April, when witches and the leader of the demons hold a banquet.

It is said to have been derived from a festival held on May 1st, celebrating St. WalpurgisWP, an 8th century missionary. This saint was later confused with the pagan goddess of fertility, Waltburg, and so the night came to be known as the one when witches and demons were the most active. But initially this was the day they celebrated St. Walpurgis' relics being transferred to the German town of EichstättWP.

In German, Walpurgisnacht is also the name of a scene and act in FaustWP, a play by the German writer Johann Wolfgang von GoetheWP.

Student Hiroko Takashiro plans to summon the Devil on Walpurgis Night with her magic club Rose Cross in the abandoned basement of their school, coincidentally exactly one year after she formed the group. Using the knowledge in the Bible Black grimoire, they intend to get the demon on their side and share in his powers by ritualistically sacrificing a virgin human body.
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