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Bible Black Visual Art Works is a paperback art book released in Japan on April 3rd, 2009 by Core Magazine. The 126-page book features an image gallery, character profiles, concept designs and several more miscellaneous images mostly from the La Noche de Walpurgis and Origins anime series and, to a lesser degree, the New Testament and Only series.

The book is split intro three chapters.

Chapter 1 - Illustration Works

This first chapter contains many high resolution drawings of female characters that were depicted on various Bible Black box-arts. It also contains a number of miscellaneous (mostly nude) images used for promotional purposes. The second part of the chapter shows several uncolored sketches.

Chapter 2 - Character & Art Design Works

The second chapter is a collection of both major and minor characters and a few item drawings from mainly the first and second series, showing several poses in various color and lighting settings. Like the first chapter, there are also numerous pages containing rough character sketches, including two size charts comparing the height of a number of characters.

Chapter 3 - Animation Art Works

The final chapter contains a short overview of all the episodes in the series, and several detailed animation sketches and high resolution stills of erotic scenes in the La Noche de Walpurgis, New Testament and Only series, mainly featuring the characters Rika Shiraki, Hiroko Takashiro and Taki Minase.

The book closes with an extensive 9-page credit list.
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