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A paper doll or paper charm is a paper cut-out doll figure imbued with magic properties that can force one to instantly fall in love with another person. The usage of the prop is described in the Bible Black spell book. Its effects often result in a crazy obsession, overriding the target's natural inhibitions and sanity.

The charm is featured in the first Bible Black game, the first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and its prequel Bible Black: Origins.

The instructions for the charm are described in the Bible Black.

First, the user writes the initial of the targeted person on the paper doll with their blood, then uses a magic incantation from the book:

"I charge thee in secret, in the name of the Almighty Adonai, to answer my liege's demands, that thy spirit shall enter this doll herewith. Elohi, Elohim, Elohei, Sabaoth, Elion, Ischiros, Adonai, Jah, Tetragrammaton, Sadai"

Afterwards, one hides the object somewhere near the target. When found, he or she will be affected as soon as they spot the sender. It will cause an intense love and sexual desire for him or her that seems to gradually grow more crazed to the point of desperation for more attention. The charm seemingly overrides the person's reason and inhibitions, making every concern secondary to gaining the sender's attention.

The spell does have limits, however. Should the person the spell was used on have any genuine feelings toward the sender, then its effects will not work.
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