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The bank is a location featured in the Bible Black: New Testament anime series. Its entrance is located on the ground floor of a high-rise downtown area.

The building contains numerous counters and seats for customers. The basement houses a room secured by a thick vault door. Inside are several dozen safety deposit boxes and other secure storage lockers.

Using his son's name, the famous archaeologist Souji Yoshitani rents one of the bank's safety deposit boxes to store the Spear of Longinus, an artifact he recently discovered.

Sometime later, the mysterious magic user and Academy student Jody Crowley discovers the whereabouts of the artifact and sends a group of robbers to retrieve it from the bank safe. Armed with shotguns and wearing yellow face masks, the five men take the customers and bank staff hostage. During the heist, just before the bank's closing time, Tokken investigators Kurumi Imari and Aki Ichikawa arrive and are taken captive as well. The leader of the robbers gropes Imari and then forces the bound and blindfolded clerks and customers to have sex with each other.

The leader then takes Aki and Imari and two female employees to the ladies restroom, brutally raping both clerks before violently killing one of them with his weapon. He knocks out Aki, and engages into a mysterious ceremony with a bound Imari, reviving the soul of the evil witch Reika Kitami that was embedded within her. The woman quickly kills the leader and then rapes the remaining bank clerk as well.
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