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What will your fortune bring?

Tarot is a set of playing cards believed to have divinatory properties, allowing one to flip the cards a certain way and read the current and future situations of a person, such as their love life or aspirations. Each card has a different face, such as The Fool, The Lovers or Wheel of Fortune.

The item is featured in the first and second Bible Black games, briefly in the first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and somewhat more extensively in its prequel Bible Black: Origins.


Takashiro reads love predictions for her friends Rie and Saki .

In her days as a student, Hiroko Takashiro plays tarot with her magic club friends Rie and Saki. One day when they stay at school after hours, the cards predict that A great change is upon you. Something will change your life completely. Saki speculates that this means she might find a boyfriend, and Rie says she will ask one of her school friends out on a date. However, Takashiro says the prediction might not be related to boyfriends at all.

The arrogant Kozono examines a card.

Student council president Nami Kozono later catches them in the middle of their tarot session. She examines the cards, but quickly dismisses them as ridiculous superstition and silly, carelessly throwing down The Fool card before leaving. The magic club girls later speculate that the aforementioned tarot prediction might have been aimed at Kozono, as she is later bewitched by them to fall madly in love with an unpopular student.

Enthusiast Saeki plays tarot in class.

Twelve years later in the same school, student and occult fanatic Kaori Saeki also owns an identical deck of tarot cards. She uses it to supposedly read the fortune of her classmates. The readings are quite popular among the students, and Saeki frequently performs readings for her classmates Mika Ito and Ayumi Murai.

One day, Saeki is busy with a reading and picks up The Lovers card while overhearing student Taki Minase preparing a paper love charm for Murai. This prediction comes true as well, as Murai is later madly making love to a student boy.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Reading the player

In the first game, Kaori Saeki offers to read the player Taki Minase's fortune when he arrives at his Academy class in the morning. The player can choose to go along with it, just to see if Saeki's predictions have any credibility.

Saeki laying tarot cards.

Saeki points out an obstacle in his fortune with The Fool inverted card, and tells him that he will risk losing sight of who he is, and engage in a foolish course of action. She next selects The Lovers, indicating he will find himself drowning in love and losing himself in it, though it will bring him comfort and pleasure. Finally, she reaches for the Tower of Destruction, which tells her that he should not fight it and to make a careful decision he will not regret.

Though Minase tells Saeki the predictions are very vague and obscure, they are very close to events about to unfold, as Minase has been testing out a dubious spell he found in his Bible Black spell book the day before. He also plans to use a love curse on either Shiraki or Imari, and eventually becomes involved in many lustful pleasures which can lead to torture or death when making the wrong decisions.

Afterwards, the green-haired student Mika Ito requests a fortune reading, and Saeki selects The Judge inverted, indicating something bad might happen to her soon. A cruel thing, that might cause her to suffer an inescapable public humiliation. The prediction comes true soon after, when Ito is compelled by Minase's spell to strip naked and masturbate in front of class.

Murai's reading

The next day, student Ayumi Murai requests a reading from Saeki, saying that she promised to do it. Despite Saeki's reluctance to do another reading after her previous one accurately predicted the incident with Ito, she concedes to Murai's pleas. She performs a deviation on her love life, specifically about a boy Murai has her eye on. She draws the inverted Moon card, and tells Murai that he is already in a close relationship and that she could never be more than just friends with him. Furthermore, the inverted Power card shows the boy will not care about Murai's attempts to make a move on him. The final card, the Hanged Man right-side-up, tells Saeki that there is no chance for a good result.

Saeki recommends against pursuing the boy, but a disappointed Murai asks if she can use her magic to make the pair break up or make the boy fall in love with her. Despite claiming to be aware of such magic powers, Saeki is unwilling to take the risk.

The player Minase, who has overheard their conversation, steps in to show off his own powers to Saeki. He later successfully uses a love charm to help Murai.

Bible Black: The Infection

Following the events on Walpurgis Night, Saeki stops doing her tarot sessions.

Saeki's memory

However, in the second game, she surprises the player by again doing a reading for Murai. This time on the status of her relationship, possibly with the same boy Minase seduced for her in the first game. Saeki again draws the inverted Moon card like before. It now indicates to her that the affinity between Murai and her friend is genuine, but that it could change at any moment. She tells Murai to be mindful of obstacles in her way. Murai concludes that there must be another girl that wants her boyfriend as well, and that she must work harder to make sure he only focuses on her.

Minase and his friend Kurumi Imari speculate that professor Hiroko Takashiro might not have wiped Saeki's memory on the tarot readings as she did with the other events leading up to Walpurgis Night, or that something might have triggered the memory to resurface.

The player approaches Saeki later and asks about why she suddenly started her readings again. Saeki looks at him suspiciously, and claims that there is no reason before quickly leaving the classroom.



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