School of Black Magic

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School of Black Magic
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General information
Release dates: Jp.png July 21, 2001
Us.png March 26, 2002
Written by: Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by: Sho Hanebu
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Series: La Noche de Walpurgis
Black Ceremony

School of Black Magic (Kuromajutsu no Gakuen - 黒魔術の学園) is the first produced episode of the anime adaptation of the first Bible Black game and the first episode of the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis series.

It was released in Japan on the 21st of July, 2001[1] and in the United States on the 26th of March, 2002 under the name Bible Black in a double feature containing both this episode and the second episode Black Ceremony.[2] This version has the noticeable tagline She who lies beside a beast will surely die written on the cover, a BibleWP verse also seen in the beginning of this episode.

Taki Minase tries his hand at magic for the first time after finding the Bible Black spell book in the basement of his school. He bewitches student council president Rika Shiraki to fall in love with him after helping another student win the love of a boy. His classmate Kaori Saeki meanwhile tries to find out his secret, and school nurse Reika Kitami looks for an unspoiled virgin student for her evil plans.


"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live...Every one that lieth with a beast shall certainly be put to death. He that sacrificeth to any god save to Jehovah only, shall be devoted to destruction." - Exodus 22:18-20
A dark and sinister ritual.


On the eve of Walpurgis Night, a sinister ritual is taking place inside a dark and abandoned basement. A rectangular stone altar sits in the middle of the room, lit by six golden candelabras. On it lays a naked and petrified young blond girl. Painted on the concrete floor and wall is a large white circle with a pentagram, inscribed with various symbols and Latin writings.

"Sazaz Sazaz Andatsan Sazaz"

Standing around the altar are five black robed girls, one of them holding a black metal sword and echoing an incantation:

"Heikas heikas estei biberoi. El erohim erohi erohim. Savant erohim. Eiehay Eiheyaja. Eiehay ado night. Ya shadie tetora. Gramaton shadie! Agiosu oh heikas. Iktron ah thanatos. Agura amen!"

She then plunges the metal sword down into the abdomen of the blond girl laying on the altar. As blood gushes out and floods down the concrete pedestal she continues:

The blond girl about to be sacrificed.
"You are the sacrifice. You will feed the power of the demon. As the sacrifice dies, please bestow us the power of the Dark Gods. Oh sacrifice, give us the power to control the demon's mischief. Oh sacrifice, may you open the door of heaven. Open your door. May your prince open your eternal door. The king of glory will enter. The eternal king is the king of kings. God is a king of glory. Father, son and holy ghost. Sazaz Sazaz Andatsan Sazaz."

The circle on the floor starts to glow with an eerie light as the three other robed girls repeat the last chant. Their leader stabs the sword down into blond girl's body one more time. The room fades as she screams in pain.

Imari reacts annoyed when Minase ignores her after class.

Act One

Twelve years later, on a bright spring day, student Taki Minase is eating lunch in the classroom of his Japanese school. His childhood friend and next door neighbor Kurumi Imari walks up to him and offers to have lunch together, but is astonished when she sees Minase has already eaten all of his food. Imari complains that he could not possibly had eaten it so fast and gives him a nudge, causing Minase to drop a cloth wrapped book out of his desk. A curious Imari wonders if her friend brought two lunches to school today, but Minase casually puts the concealed book back in the desk and walks off. Leaving behind an annoyed Imari.

Kitami seduces Ito.

Down the hall, student Mika Ito is knocking on the school's infirmary door. As the green-haired girl enters, nurse Reika Kitami asks if she has already eaten. Surprised, Ito answers no, while the nurse closes the curtains and tells her she will treat her. Suddenly, Kitami lunges forward and kisses the girl. Ito trembles and resists, but gives up her struggle when Kitami grabs her neck and kisses even more vigorously. The nurse then whispers an incantation in her ear:

Kitami contemplates her mission after having sex with Ito.

"Elohei Elohim, Elohei Elohim, Sabaoth Elion"

Immediately, a wave of arousal courses through Ito's body. Kitami slowly starts to touch the girl, making her beg not to stop. Kitami then disrobes, revealing a penis protruding out from her crotch area. Ito looks at the appendage in shock.

Soon after, Ito and Kitami are having sex on the bed and chair in the nurse's office. As Kitami climaxes, she ponders to herself that Ito is not a virgin either, and that she needs to find an unspoiled body before the next night of Walpurgis.

Act Two

Holding a note, Minase is standing outside the school's gymnasium building when the attractive female president of the student council, Rika Shiraki, walks up to him. Dazed, she hugs the boy and confesses she has not been able to stop thinking about him since the previous day. Surprised, Minase admits he has also been longing for her.

Minase enchants his charm.

When Shiraki begs him to make love with her, the pair make their way to the gymnasium storage room to have sex. With the blond girl stripped naked, Minase recalls what happened the previous day:

Minase sits in class at his desk. Standing next to him are Imari and his blue-haired classmate Ayumi Murai. Using the blood from her index finger, Murai draws the letter 'A' on a paper cut-out shaped like a stick figure. On the other side of the classroom, student Kaori Saeki is flipping tarot cards and overhears Minase telling Murai that it is unlikely the charm he made will work, since Saeki - who has a renowned interest in the occult - also said she could not perform this kind of magic. He then tells Murai she should secretly put the piece of paper in Asada's bag. Holding his hands over the paper, he recites an enchantment:
"Elohi, Elohim, Elohei, Sabaoth, Elion, Ischiros, Adonai, Jah, Tetragrammaton, Sadai"
A dramatic breakup of Asada and Murai after a magic seduction.
Later, Imari comes rushing up the stairs to declare an emergency to Minase.
When the two make their way downstairs to the locker area, they see Asada wildly having sex with Murai against a row of lockers. Sobbing on the floor next to them sits Asada's brown-haired girlfriend. The group of students surrounding the spectacle claim Asada was walking with his girlfriend and suddenly confessed his love for Murai before jumping her.
Shiraki makes intense love to Minase.
Shiraki, shocked at what she has witnessed, walks up through the crowd with two assistants to break up the scene under wild protest from both Asada and Murai.

Back in the gymnasium store room, Minase is having sex with Shiraki, who is now madly in love with him. Outside the door, Saeki is secretly eavesdropping, realizing Minase used a love curse to seduce the council president.

Imari pesters Minase about her portrait he drew in the art club.

Act Three

Later that afternoon, Minase and Imari are in the art club. Sitting on a stool, Imari poses for Minase's sketch. As she walks over to take a look at it, she notices Minase has drawn her panties without telling her they were visible. Outraged, she grabs a hold of Minase just as art professor Hiroko Takashiro walks in. Seeing her two students together, she calls them the perfect couple. Defiantly, Minase and Imari shrug and avert their looks from each other.

Takashiro disturbs nurse Kitami.

Later in the locker room, Minase and Imari are getting ready to leave. As Minase grabs his shoes, Imari seems to wonder about something, but shrugs it off when he asks. Down the hall, nurse Kitami is observing the duo, glaring at Imari, until she is interrupted by Takashiro. When the art teacher asks what she is doing there, Kitami replies that she is looking for something, declining Takashiro's offer to help. As the nurse walks off she starts to question who Takashiro really is and suspects her to have magical abilities of her own.

Imari voices her concerns about Murai.

Minase and Imari make their way out of the building, and Imari worries if what happened to Murai the day before was really just a weird coincidence. Minase laughs it off and assures her that even Saeki - who believes in magic - said it was a coincidence. Coincidentally, they notice Saeki standing near the school gates. She walks up to Minase and requests to speak with him. Imari awkwardly says goodbye and runs off.

Saeki and Minase on the road.

Act Four

While walking down the streets towards Saeki's house, the young girl reveals to Minase that despite his denial of the existence of magic, she knows he used it on Murai and Shiraki. According to Saeki, the president of the student council would otherwise never truly fall in love with him.

When they reach Saeki's house she invites him in. Astonished, Minase walks into Saeki's bedroom. Dozens of magic books and artifacts are spread across the room, making Minase wonder if this is really the room of a young woman.

Saeki interrogates a reluctant Minase.

Saeki sits next to him on the bed and starts asking about his secret. She calls him a liar when he denies having one, and tells him that she knows about the love curses he has been using. They then talk about the magic club that existed twelve years ago at their school and the ritual that took place on Walpurgis Night in the basement. Minase claims he does not believe those rumors, but recalls to himself that he was in that same basement just days ago:

Minase finds the ritual chamber in the basement of the school.
Stumbling across the dark room with only a pocket lighter to find his way, Minase is amazed at the drawings and markings in the blood-stained basement. He loses his balance and falls to the floor while examining the wall, discovering an opening in the side of the stone pedestal. He pulls out a book wrapped in a thick sheet of cloth: it is the Bible Black.
Saeki willing to pay by offering her body to Minase.

Back in Saeki's room, Minase gets up to leave and says he is not interested in Saeki's stories. Once more, the girl implores him to tell her his secret, this time by spreading her legs and offering to pay for it.

Meanwhile, Imari is sitting at home on her bed, wondering why Saeki wanted to talk to Minase. She looks out the window to his house next door, but sees only darkness.

Saeki makes Minase spill his beans.

At Saeki's place, Saeki is having oral sex with Minase and tries to tempt him into revealing the secret of the book. While Saeki is getting him off, Minase finally breaks and reveals he has the magic artifact with him in his bag. Delighted, Saeki continues pleasuring Minase. With the secret of the book now revealed to her, she brings him to a climax.

To be continued...

Deviations from game

  • In the Bible Black game, Mika Ito is the first girl Minase puts under a magic spell, as opposed to Rika Shiraki in the anime. Ito is compelled to strip naked and masturbate in front of the classroom. This scene resembles the fate of Junko Mochida in the later produced anime prequel Bible Black: Origins.
  • Following this public disgrace in front of her classmates, Ito is brought into the nurse's office unconscious in the game and only days later has sex with nurse Kitami and Minase, under very different circumstances.
  • Like in the anime, Minase also helps Ayumi Murai make the boy she likes to fall in love with her in the game. However, there is no mention of them then having sex in the school locker room.
  • In the game, Minase finds the Bible Black in a hidden compartment behind a brick of the basement wall, instead of in the stone altar seen in the anime. This discrepancy deviates again in the final episode of the series, where Minase apparently does put the book back inside the wall instead of the altar where he found it.
  • The girl holding the black sword (which shows the first ritual on Walpurgis Night) has gold blond hair in the game's intro, instead of dark purple in the anime teaser. The robes are also red instead of black. She is the basis for the character of Nami Kozono in the Origins series, and is also identified as Nami later in the game.
  • Saeki explains the history of the Rose Cross magic club that existed twelve years ago when she invites Minase to her house. However, in the game, she and her friends Mika Ito and Ayumi Murai instead talk about it when Minase arrives at school on the game's first day.
  • In the game, when Saeki seduces Minase, she can prevent him from ejaculating by tying a thin cord around his penis. In another storyline she also has intercourse with Minase as reward for revealing his secret.


  • The title of this episode is notably different from subsequent episodes of the La Noche de Walpurgis series. The latter all start with the word 'Black'. However, this episode's title could also be loosely translated as 'Black Magic School'.
  • There is a continuity error when Saeki brings Minase over to her house. She is seen wearing long black leggings, but when she sits down on the bed they disappear, only to return in the following shot.




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