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The school as seen in the anime.

The Academy is the Japanese school featured prominently in all Bible Black games and anime productions. The name of the school is unknown, and the location is generally referred to simply as school and both college[1] and academy[2] in the first and second Bible Black games respectively.

It is where student and first game and first series protagonist Taki Minase finds the mysterious Bible Black grimoire and uses its spells to influence his fellow students. The evil school nurse Reika Kitami later uses the school's facilities for her perverted and devious plans.

In the Origins prequel series, the Academy is where student Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club first start using the Bible Black to dominate the school. They later use the basement storage room to try and summon a demon and the Devil himself.

The school is also featured in New Testament, but less prominently than the other series. Teacher Kaori Saeki uses the school to exploit her student followers and fellow teachers for her evil plans. The school's basement is again used as a sacrificial ritual chamber.

The Only series consists of short erotic scenes that mostly take place in and around the school's buildings.


Students loitering at the main gates.

The Academy consists of multiple interconnected buildings. Surrounding the grounds are stone walls with a metal main gate that is closed after the first bell rings to check for students coming in late. Students who are late twice risk losing course credits.[3]

Inside the grounds is a small park area and square pool, complete with a fountain and stone bridge. A small brick cabin sits near it, partially overgrown with vines, suggesting it might have been there before the more modern school was built around it.

At least one of the school's entrances is opposite to a park that has many blossoming trees. A path through the park leads straight to the Academy gates.[4]

An outdoor locker area.

Locker rooms

There is an outdoor locker room near the entrance of the building, partially covered by a wooden roof. It is used primarily to store the students' shoes, as they wear sandals (uwabakiWP) inside. The ground here is soft enough to dig a small hole.[5] There are more locker areas inside the campus building, aligned along the wall of the hallways.

The brightly lit gymnasium.


Main article: Gymnasium

Next to the school's main building is the gymnasium. It is used for physical education classes and was also used by the student council at some point to present their plans and reports during school assembly. There is a storage room to the side of the gym used to store sports equipment.[6]

A second pool on the roof.

Swimming pool

The school has a heated indoor pool next to the gymnasium to accommodate the swim team.[7] There is also an outdoor pool on the roof of one of the buildings,[8] complete with outdoor showers and sinks. Next to the indoor pool is a changing room that also serves at the swim team's clubhouse.[9] The room seems to be poorly maintained, as most of the lockers are broken.[10]

The nurse's domain.


The Academy is equipped with an infirmary, otherwise known as the nurse's office or sickroom. Students who are taken ill are cared for here. Dr. Reika Kitami served as the school's nurse for several years.

The off limits basement.


The basement of the school houses a storage room, officially used to store unused desks and equipment. However, the room was also used as a sacrificial chamber for the occult magic rituals of a group of students (see History). The basement has since been sealed shut and declared off limits, resulting in countless rumors among students.[11]

The underground tunnel.

There are numerous blood stains on the walls and ceiling, and a geometrical talisman drawing on the floor surrounded by large golden candelabras. Sitting in the center of the room is a stone altar. Cryptic symbols and diagrams are graffitied on the metal basement door,[12] as well as a quote from Edmund SpenserWP's poem The Faerie QueeneWP, both likely put there by the witchcraft club's members. The quote reads: All set with iron teeth in ranges twain. That terrified his foes, and armed him, Appearing like the mouth of Orcus griesly grim.[13]

There is an underground tunnel that leads from the basement to the stone building on the school grounds. It is supposedly part of the remnants of an old monastery.[14]

The art room.

Art room

A classroom used for the school's art lessons and art club meetings. It has a strong scent of turpentine and petrol, and there are numerous easels and canvasses set-up across the room,[15] as well some props used to paint still lifesWP, such as wine bottles.[16]

Takashiro visits the library.


Not to be confused with Library

Though there is a separate library off-campus mentioned in the series, the school itself also has one. The collection contains many textbooks, including non-Japanese ones, one of which describes and depicts a demon.[17]


Main article: Academy uniform
Male and female students wearing their uniform.

Like most Japanese schools, students are required to wear a uniform during class.[18] The attire uses a white, black and red color scheme and comes in both a male and female version. They are modeled after European-style naval uniforms, a trait seen in most Japanese school uniforms. Both the male and female version have remained relatively unchanged for almost two decades. However, some subtle changes have been made over the years.

The school's dress code also mandates students to wear either brown outdoor shoes or white sandals (uwabakiWP) indoors. Student prefects wear green armbands below their shoulder.

Teachers and professors have more liberty in their choice of clothing, but are still required to dress formally.

Organizations and activities

Members of the council.

Student council

Main article: Student council

The student council or student body is an organization of students within the school that are at least partially responsible for regulations and extracurricular activities, such as sports and literature clubs, swim team and art club.[19][20] The councilors also decide which activities are allowed to form an official club.[21] Some of these extracurricular activities are listed below as well. The organization is chaired by a student president.

Swim team members.

Swim team

Main article: Swim team

The swim team is one of the most active clubs in school. Its members train in either of the school's pools, the one on the roof or the heated indoor pool.[7] They regularly compete in swim meets with other schools, where one member is usually selected to represent the Academy.[22]

The team is headed by a captain.

A student artist at work.

Art club

Main article: Art club

One of the extracurricular organizations for artistically inclined students. Out of all the other cultural clubs at school, whose members are mostly ghost members, the art club has a decent reputation.[23] There is no written exam, but the club is also popular during the time art professor Hiroko Takashiro oversees the club as faculty advisor and instructor, as she is found attractive by many male students.[24]

The club has its own student president and vice president, whose responsibilities include retrieving and returning the key to the art classroom from the faculty room.[25]

Brass band club

A musical club of which student Rika Shiraki was at one point a member.[26] The students participate in numerous musical events in school, such as the Musical Appreciation concert.[27]


Students in shock seeing Mochida expose herself at assembly.

The rise and fall of Rose Cross

The school becomes the site of several occult incidents after some of its female students form a magic club without consent from the student council.[28] Unbeknownst to the school authorities, they find a genuine magic book and use its powers to compel a female student councilor to strip naked and masturbate in front of assembly in the school's gymnasium in a lewd spectacle.

After that, the girls gain significant influence and notoriety around the school when they start using seduction magic on other students.[29] However, the council is afraid to step in.[30] Because its president has also been hexed, she actually grants them usage of the school's basement.

The basement becomes a ritual room during the Rose Cross era.

Here, the students summon a demon from the underworld, and later attempt to summon the Devil himself in order to gain his favor. However, both rituals horribly backfire, leading to the gruesome death of all but one of the club's members.

The basement room is sealed following the incident, and the police and school authorities pass it off as a suicide pact.[31] They are careful not to cite the club or its history in any official school records or yearly albums.[32]

Nurse Kitami sexually abuses student Mika Ito in her office in her quest for a suitable vessel for her soul.

Domination of Dr. Kitami

Even so, rumors about the lost witchcraft club persist up to twelve years after its demise.[33] Spurred on by the rumors, male student Taki Minase trespasses into the basement room and rediscovers the magic book. He uses the spells on a few students, causing one of them to publicly have sex in a locker room and student council president Shiraki to leap off one of the school buildings in a suicide attempt.

Three student girls confront and seduce a biology teacher.

The boy is later bewitched himself by the wicked school nurse Dr. Reika Kitami, who was also involved in the ritual over a decade ago. She uses the school as a hunting ground of sorts to find a replacement vessel for her soul, sexually assaulting several students in her office to do so.

Using Minase's help, the nurse gathers a following, and utilizes the art club room for a student orgy to take revenge on her adversary, art professor Hiroko Takashiro.

Meanwhile, student Kaori Saeki, follower of Kitami, embarks on a quest to collect semen from virgin students and teachers for a ritual. She and her friends gather it from a tennis player, a boy in the swim team locker room and a biology teacher.

The art teacher and her student break in after hours. - Animated -

Kitami eventually returns to the basement room for a final ritual, attempting to swap her body with a suitable virgin female student to escape the Devil's ultimatum placed on her soul. However, Minase and his art teacher stop her by breaking into the school, smashing one of the windows. Kitami perishes when her contract expires. Once again, the police and school authorities either assume or purposefully pretend that the woman committed suicide.[34] They intend to seal the basement entrance off for good with concrete, but never follow through with it.[35]

Saeki lures her former victim into the basement.

Some time after these events, student girl Imari is raped by a male student after hours. Later still, she is lured to the basement by Kitami's loyal follower Saeki. She seemingly transfers Kitami's soul to the girl's body as they have sex.

A new evil emerges

Several years later, during school break, Saeki again uses the basement room as a teacher to resurrect Kitami. In one instance, one of her student followers has sex with a young teacher near the school's roof swimming pool before they are killed by a ghostly female figure. Police and paranormal investigators later investigate the area. The school's headmaster convinces them to not make the incident public.[36]

The basement is defiled one last time during Jody Crowley's ritual.

Not long after, the basement room is again used by teacher Saeki to seduce the Academy's vice-principal, making her way there using a secret underground tunnel from a stone building on the school grounds. She later assaults a young woman when Kitami rejoins her in a new body. Her followers, among them student council president Saki Kiriya, also kidnap and rape a young substitute teacher after they corner her on the school grounds after hours.

The roof is later used by Jody Crowley. There she seduces student Yuki Toudou and puts her under her control by making love on one of the sinks near the pool.

Life for the students returns to normal.

Finally, Kitami and her followers use the basement for one more ritual, but are interrupted by the ghostly figure from before. She defeats Kitami before engaging in her own ceremony. This one eventually fails as well. After that, life around the school seems to turn back to normal.


Another entry gate into the school?
  • A different entrance area can be seen in some episodes of the New Testament series, in particular, the second and third episodes. The wall is made of brown bricks as seen on the screenshot to the right. This is likely a side or back entrance, as the more familiar concrete entrance can still be seen in the first episode.
  • There is a discrepancy with the small cabin seen on the campus grounds in the New Testament series. On the wide shot seen in the second episode there are no windows on the door side of the building, but in the third episode there is one on both sides of the door. The door has also changed its appearance.
  • It is unknown why the school's basement is never sealed with concrete as stated by Minase in the final episode of the first anime series. It is possible Saeki or Imari (now inhabited by Kitami's soul) managed to stop it from happening. In the second game, the school authority does eventually demolish the entire basement following another incident.







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