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Saeki's coven

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Saeki's coven
Shot S3E1 saeki's coven.png
The club at the height of its power.
Known members
Leader(s): Mug saeki.png Kaori Saeki
Mug kitami.png Reika Kitami
Others: Mug amatsuki.png Jun Amatsuki
Mug kurimoto.png Maki Kurimoto
Mug yuki.png Yuki Toudou
Mug kiriya.jpg Saki Kiriya

Saeki's coven is a witchcraft club headed by the occult-obsessed Academy student and later teacher Kaori Saeki. The group is mainly featured in the first Bible Black game, the first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and its sequel Bible Black: New Testament. The group's members also appear in a scene of Bible Black: Only.

During her time as a student, Saeki attempts to perform occult magic tricks with her fellow club members Jun Amatsuki and Maki Kurimoto. The girls regularly meet in a rented apartment room for their magical exploits, like on the SabbathWP day.

Several years later, Saeki reforms the club as a school teacher with some of her female students, among them Yuki Toudou and student council president Saki Kiriya. The club expands to several more devoted members that seem to follow Saeki's lead without question.


Kitami subjects the girls when she barges into their apartment.

Seduced and conscripted by Kitami

When Saeki, Jun and Maki meet up in Saeki's apartment one day, they receive an unexpected visitor. The devious Academy nurse Reika Kitami has joined Saeki's invitee Taki Minase and barges into the apartment. The girls attempt to stop her using magic paper talismans, but Kitami easily negates them and overpowers the girls. The nurse then casts her own spell that causes them to be instantly overcome with extreme arousal, leading to the girls writhing on the floor in ecstasy.

The girls try a magic trick.

Minase and Kitami proceed to have sex with the trio several times, after which Kitami uses her magic to corrupt their minds, turning the girls into her willing servants.

Dark magic perversion at school

Now under Kitami's control and in possession of the Bible Black spell book, the club members start working on their own perverted side project. They have sex with several virgin male students and a teacher at school to collect their semen in a golden chalice. After performing a ritual, Saeki drinks from the concoction and has sex with Jun and Maki using two penises that have magically grown from her body.

The coven members help their new mistress Kitami in Imari's kidnapping.

In service of Kitami

Later in Saeki's apartment, the girls assist in the torture of art teacher Hiroko Takashiro by filling her insides with water. They are also present when Kitami drugs student Kurumi Imari and has her abused by her male followers. Afterwards, they throw Minase out of the apartment when he defies their mistress Kitami.

The girls stand with Kitami's other lackeys.

The next day in the school basement, the club members and several other girls willingly have their bodies used in an exuberant orgy along with Kitami's other followers. Kitami orders them to fill up the golden chalice with semen in preparation of a ritual later that night.

Protecting their mistress from Takashiro and Minase.

When the ritual is about to start, Jun, Maki and Saeki use a powerful magic attack on Takashiro and Minase when they attempt to stop their mistress from proceeding with her ritual. But Takashiro's counterattack overwhelms them and they are knocked out.

Leader Saeki again falls victim.

Leader Saeki rediscovers the Bible Black in the school basement sometime after the ritual night. She is confronted by Imari, who magically burns the book in her hands. The girl reveals herself as nurse Kitami and rapes her.

The size of the club grows significantly when leader Saeki becomes a teacher.

Reformation of the club

Saeki, now again allied with Kitami following their basement encounter, bides her time for her mistress to return. She becomes a teacher at the Academy and recruits several female students into a new group. One of the prominent members, student council president Saki Kiriya, provides the club with valuable information about the school to help their cause.

Priestess Saeki with her new girls.

The girls again use the school's basement as their base of operations, attempting to revive the Bible Black with occult rituals.

In one such ritual, the girls gather in the basement while one of them, student Yuki Toudou, meets a young teacher on the roof of the building to seduce him into revealing the location of the Spear of Longinus, an ancient artifact Saeki is looking for. She is disturbed by a mysterious robed girl who burns Yuki and the teacher to death, causing the ritual to fail again.

Welcoming vice-principal Oshima.

Soon after, the club girls help seduce the Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima. They pleasure his body in the basement before Saeki has sex with him to collect his semen in a golden chalice.

Reunion with Kitami

During the ritual, Kitami rejoins Saeki and her followers in the body of now Tokken agent Kurumi Imari. The witch again assumes leadership of the club.

Kitami again takes over control.

She then uses the Spear of Longinus artifact in her possession for a bizarre ritual involving the young girl Aki Ichikawa she brought along as a Tokken colleague. The ritual is cut short by another interference, however.

Chanting for their new mistress Kitami.

Under the direction of their new mistress Imari/Kitami, several club members later assist her in the assault of her former adversary Takashiro. They confront her in a greenhouse while chanting to overpower the witch.

At the same time, some of them kidnap substitute teacher Rika Shiraki. The woman is then brutally water tortured and interrogated.

The coven convenes at Tokken for another bizarre and perverted ritual.

The coven followers also assist in pleasuring the young former police investigator Naoto Yamanishi in the Tokken headquarters. Imari/Kitami forces both Kiriya and Saeki to violently have sex with the brainwashed young man for a ritual. She cuts some of her followers' hands to let their blood drip on the glowing pentagram drawn on the floor. The group is again disturbed by a mysterious magic barrier, revealing that club member Yuki Toudou has allied herself with the mysterious robed girl Jody Crowley.

Imari/Kitami, her cronies and torture tools ready to be used.

Following this treachery, Yuki is brutally tortured by Imari/Kitami and the club members. She is subjected to a painful interrogation in which teacher Shiraki is also forced to participate.

The final ritual

Group effort in the school basement.

The club members later all participate in a vast orgy in the Academy basement for their mistress Kitami's final ritual. They cruelly assist in the sexual assault of their victims Shiraki, Takashiro and Yuki who are each tied to a post.

Meanwhile, Saeki and several followers are ordered by Imari/Kitami to retrieve Aki and Yamanishi from the Tokken headquarters. Here, they are attacked by Jody Crowley and her guards, who overpower Saeki and corrupt her mind to Jody's will.

The girls back to normal?

With Saeki's help, Jody later reveals herself in the basement to Imari/Kitami and engages in her own ritual, assaulting the club members by inserting strange metal devices in the bodies of some of them in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Eventually, Tokken director Toru Yuge and Takashiro manage to overpower Jody, ending the ritual and saving the club members.