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Saeki's books are the numerous occult grimoires Academy student Kaori Saeki has in her possession. They are featured mainly in the first Bible Black game, but can also be seen in the first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and a scene from Bible Black: Only.

Saeki's bookcase is filled with Japanese magic books and several foreign publications on the occult, all modern English editions, including Crowley, Fortune, Mathers, Waite, Cavarro, plus alchemists and modern magicians. Saeki often reads them in class during recess, but keeps most of them in her room.


Minase hits Saeki, causing her to slam into her bookcase.

When Saeki invites her fellow student Taki Minase over to her house, she proudly shows him her extensive collection. Minase asks for more information on eight of the books. She then seduces him into revealing his own magic book in return for a sexual favor. He refuses, and harshly pushes her against the bookcase, causing several books to fall out.

The books can later be seen in the background when Saeki engages in a perverted ritual with her magic club friends Rie and Saki. For this, the girl is briefly in possession of another, actual magic grimoire, the Bible Black.


The list of books Saeki has in her possession.

Other titles

  • Ars Magica et Ultima
  • Bleed for The Devil
  • Book of Black Magic and Pacts
  • Book of Enoch
  • Celaeno Fragments
  • Chapel of Ghouls
  • Daemdndlatreia
  • Evil Spells
  • Hermetica
  • Mysteries of The Worm
  • Revelations of Glaaki
  • The Seven Cryptical Book of Hsan
  • Visions from the darkside
  • Voynich manuscript
  • Witch Cult in Western Europe
  • Zohar