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Kaori Saeki

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Kaori Saeki
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This occultist student loves being evil.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Violet
Affiliations: Academy
Saeki's coven
Reika Kitami
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Haruna Kanbayashi
Us.png Michelle Duhard (LNdW)
Us.png Michaela Longberry (NT)
Fr.png Naïké Fauveau
Sp.png Jaione Insausti

Kaori Saeki (佐伯 香織 Saeki Kaori) is a major character featured in the first and second Bible Black eroge games, the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and its sequel Bible Black: New Testament. She also features in several Bible Black: Only scenes.

An occultist-fanatic, Saeki tries to discover the secret of the Bible Black spell book from her Academy classmate Taki Minase. Along with her witchcraft club friends Jun and Maki she eventually becomes the victim of school nurse Reika Kitami and is put under her mind control spell. She helps the witch carry out her devious plans by kidnapping and abusing her fellow teachers and students.

Some years later, Saeki becomes a teacher at the same school and reforms her magic club with several new students to try and restore the Bible Black. She again becomes the subject of Kitami and carries out her evil orders by torturing and raping her enemies.


The home of the Saeki family.

Saeki is a black magic enthusiast and has a deep fascination for the occult. During her time as a student she often reads expensive black magic textbooks in class during recess,[1] some of which she requests from the library.[2] At school she also occasionally swims,[3] though she might not be an official member of the Academy swim team.

She frequently reads the fortune of her classmates Ayumi Murai and Mika Ito using tarot cards, and also heads her own witchcraft club with fellow students Jun and Maki. The girls regularly meet in a rented apartment for their magical exploits,[4] like on the SabbathWP day.[5]

She lives in a modern house[6] not far from the Academy, possibly with her parents.[7] Her room is filled with magic publications and trinkets.[8]


Saeki relaxing in the pool.

Saeki has long blond hair worn in a large ponytail and two long hair locks on both sides of her sharp head. She wears her hair in a swim cap while in the Academy swimming pool. Her eyes have unique purple irises.

Her adult outfit.

Like most students she is commonly dressed in a school uniform. She dons a black robe when gathering with her witchcraft club and wears a swimsuit at the Academy pool. In her free time she is seen wearing a sleeveless white top, black mini skirt and black stockings

Later in life, as a teacher, Saeki wears a grey undershirt, a belt with golden buckle, a purple scarf and lavender mini skirt with brown high heels and a long white coat somewhat similar to the one worn by school nurse Reika Kitami, her former mistress.

When later working for Kitami, she again wears black robes while participating in various rituals. She is also seen wearing a more revealing black leather top with black skirt. In all of these outfits she wears distinctive silver crescent shaped earrings.


Spying on Minase and Shiraki outside the gymnasium store room.

Learning of the Bible Black

In class, after Saeki tells her classmate Ayumi Murai she can not make the boy Asada fall in love with her, she sees student Taki Minase smugly perform a paper doll ritual to help Murai instead. Intrigued by his apparent grasp of magic, Saeki witnesses the spell at work when Asada and Murai have sex in the school hallway in front of Asada's girlfriend. The next day she follows Minase to the gymnasium and realizes he has put a spell on the student council president Rika Shiraki as well.

Pumping Minase for information.

Desperate to learn his secret, Saeki invites Minase over to her house after school. She reveals that she knows he has been using love curses and successfully makes him spill the beans about the Bible Black in his possession by doing him a sexual favor. However, he hits her when she is too insistent about borrowing the grimoire.

Still in awe of Minase's abilities, Saeki later invites him to meet with her witchcraft club in her apartment. He initially declines the offer, but accepts when Saeki calls him later that evening.

Saeki's spell negated by Kitami when she barges into her apartment.

Subjected by nurse Kitami

Unexpectedly, however, Minase brings over school nurse Reika Kitami, who barges into the apartment and pushes Saeki aside. Saeki's followers Jun and Maki attempt to stop the nurse using primitive magic spells, but Kitami effortlessly nullifies them and slaps Saeki across her face. The witch then casts her own spell, causing the girls to be overwhelmed with arousal. Although Saeki is able to keep her cool at first, she eventually succumbs to lust and is raped repeatedly by both Kitami and Minase. Kitami then proceeds to baptize their bodies to turn the girls into her servants.[9]

Using her body for her project.

Dark magic perversion at school

Now under Kitami's control and in possession of the Bible Black spell book, Saeki and her friends start working on their own perverted side project. They have sex with several virgin male students and a teacher at school, collecting their semen in a golden chalice.

Saeki seduces a student in an empty classroom and they have sex. She later confronts a teacher in a biology classroom with Jun and Maki. After probing him on his virginity they have sex, filling the chalice to the brim.

Happily assisting mistress Kitami in torturing and raping her enemies.

Back at Saeki's house, Saeki recites an incantation before drinking from the golden cup. The potion temporarily makes two penises sprout from between her legs which she uses to have sex with Jun and Maki simultaneously. Afterwards, the girls lovingly sleep together until the break of dawn.

In service of Kitami

By her mistress Kitami's order, Saeki later attacks and knocks out art teacher Hiroko Takashiro with a stun gun. The professor is brought to Saeki's apartment and Saeki assists in her torture and rape.

Taunting Minase.

Later, she helps kidnap and seduce Kurumi Imari, providing Kitami with several aphrodisiac pills. She then forces Minase to have anal intercourse with the girl. After pleasuring him while watching Imari have sex with Kitami's followers, she throws him out of the apartment when he defies Kitami.

Saeki then helps bring Imari to the school basement where she and several other girls willingly have sex with Kitami's male lackeys in preparation of the ritual on Walpurgis Night.

Confronted by Imari/Kitami when retrieving the Bible Black.

Along with Jun and Maki she later attempts to stop Takashiro and Minase from disrupting the ritual. However, their spells prove inferior to Takashiro's magic and they are knocked out.

Sometime after the ritual night, Saeki rediscovers the Bible Black in the basement room that is due to be sealed. But right when she uncovers the tome from a hole in the wall, she is confronted by Imari, who magically burns the book in her hands. The girl reveals herself to Saeki as nurse Kitami and rapes her.

At some point in the future, Saeki lures Imari back to the basement of the school where she performs a sexual ritual on her, thereby somehow transferring Kitami's essence back into her.

Reviving her coven

An adult Saeki with her new club, welcoming vice-principal Oshima.

Years later, Saeki becomes a teacher at her former school. She restarts her witchcraft club with a new group of female students and performs ceremonies with them in the school's basement in order to find the Spear of Longinus artifact and revive the Bible Black. Her first attempt to use follower Yuki Toudou to seduce teacher Yoshitani fails, and her ritual is unknowingly disrupted by Jody Crowley.

Saeki makes another attempt by drugging Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima and having sex with him. However, her former mistress Kitami appears during her ritual, again in the guise of Imari and in possession of the Spear of Longinus. She takes over the coven, once more making Saeki one of her loyal subjects.

Water torturing her enemies.

Back to her evil tricks

By Imari/Kitami's order, Saeki has her followers kidnap her former schoolmate Rika Shiraki - now an Academy substitute teacher - for supposedly trying to spy on them. She brutally tortures her and has her raped multiple times by her lackeys.

Later, her mistress orders Saeki to have sex with police investigator Naoto Yamanishi, who has been possessed by Kitami's magic. Although willing at first, Saeki begs him to stop when the boy aggressively violates her after being possessed by a demonic force.

Getting more than she anticipated when having brutal sex with Yamanishi.

Saeki later eagerly assists in the torture of Yuki Toudou, who is revealed to be a spy for Jody Crowley. She taunts and violates the girl before watching her mistress Imari/Kitami rape her. She then cruelly forces her other victim Shiraki to assault Yuki as well.

Subjected by Jody

Soon after, Saeki joins her mistress in the Academy basement for her final ritual. She pleasures her during an exuberant orgy before making her way to the Tokken headquarters with several lackeys to retrieve Yamanishi. She is confronted by Jody, who violates her and takes control of her mind, turning her into a willing servant.

Being conscripted as Jody's puppet.

Saeki later betrays Imari/Kitami when returning to the basement, holding her former mistress down when Jody disturbs the ritual. She is then tied up along with several other girls for Jody's Ritual of Coronzon. Strange metal devices are inserted into their vaginas by Jody's guards that cause a mysterious black energy that emerges during the ritual to penetrate them.

Eventually, Tokken agent Toru Yuge and the white witch Hiroko Takashiro manage to overpower Jody and release Saeki and the others.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Summoning fallen spirits.

Harmless magic in class

Like in the anime, Saeki is the occult-obsessed and introverted student of the Academy, famous for her tarot fortune-telling, both of which are popular among the female students.

The player Taki Minase sees her early in the morning on the first day, as Saeki engages in a ritual to summon the spirits of the witchcraft club members who died on Walpurgis Night twelve years ago with classmates Ito and Murai. The player makes fun of their tricks, deeming them superstitious nonsense.

The next day, Saeki does another tarot reading at her desk for the player. If he agrees, Saeki will tell Minase about the future he will face, which, although somewhat ambiguous, is actually true in several ways. She later tells Ito about her fortune and predicts the girl will suffer an inescapable humiliation, which comes true later that day when Ito exposes herself and masturbates in front of the classroom. This event greatly shocks Saeki, causing her to be reluctant to tell Murai her fortune the next day although she does so anyway. She is even more surprised when Minase successfully uses a love curse to make a boy named Asada fall for Murai, thus overriding her tarot result.

Seducing Minase into telling his secret.

Seducing Minase for his secret

Similar to the anime, Saeki becomes suspicious of Minase's occult exploits and invites him to her house. After showing him her extensive book collection, she sits down and begins to seduce the player which can lead into two outcomes.

  • If the player decides to reveal his secret to Saeki, she will give him a sexual favor. She then collects the Bible Black spell book from him and shoos him out of the house.
  • If the player refuses, Saeki instead asks Minase to join her at her apartment for an occult ritual with her friends Jun and Maki.
Callously taunting Minase.

Joining Kitami

There are three possible ways in the storyline that Saeki can join the evil school nurse Kitami.

  • If the player gives Saeki the Bible Black, she will head to the basement on the fifth day to search the room. She is then presumbly seduced by Kitami in the same way as Minase and becomes the witch's servant. Saeki also recieves the perverted imp Rasha from Kitami to amplify her magical power.
  • If the player refuses to give Saeki the book and becomes Kitami's servant instead, Minase and Kitami head to Saeki's apartment and take over the coven in a similar fashion as the anime. Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki are repeatedly raped and turned into Kitami's servants as well.
  • If the player both refuses to give Saeki the book and escapes from Kitami in the basement, then the next day Kitami will summon Saeki to the nurse office and have sex with her, again turning her into her servant. 

Assisting in her mistress' plan

  • In the storyline where Minase Minase also becomes Kitami's servant, Saeki participates in the torture of Takashiro, Shiraki, or Imari and even engages in the orgy herself. Kitami also has her prepare for the soul-succession ritual.
  • If Minase was not corrupted by Kitami, Saeki gathers more servants for her mistress Kitami. Through the power of demon Rasha, the girl easily takes control of school bully Inoue and his group of cronies to serve as her thugs. She orders them to assault and rape the player's cousin Yukiko in order to show off her power. She then blindfolds Minase, making him think he is having sex with her, when he is in fact violating his cousin.

Confronted by Minase and Takashiro

Duel with fellow magic user Takashiro.
  • Later, in the same storyline as above, Saeki engages in a magic duel with Takashiro after she and Minase confront her. Although weakened from the battle, the art teacher successfully overpowers Saeki and forces her to flee. That evening, Saeki is confronted by the pair again at her apartment and witnesses her friends Jun and Maki being subdued. After her mistress Kitami finally overpowers Takashiro, Saeki is zapped by a stun gun by Minase who then manages to escape.
  • In a variation of this storyline, Minase fails to escape due to the unexpected appearance of his brainwashed friend Imari. Saeki gets her revenge by zapping him with the stun gun several times.

Orgy in the art club

Similar to the anime, Saeki and her mistress Kitami oversee the orgy in the art club in which art professor Takashiro is forced to have sex with her students.

  • In the storyline where player Minase turns evil, Saeki also participates in the orgy alongside Ito and Imari or Shiraki. If Minase has taken advantage of swim team member Nonogusa earlier, he has Saeki call her along with fellow club members Kobayashi and Mikimoto to be raped as well.
  • In a variation of the storyline in which Minase joins force with Takashiro, he uses a stun gun to attack Saeki in an attempt to rescue the art teacher. However, Saeki manages to deflect the attack and overpower him. After Kitami kidnaps Imari and leaves Saeki in charge, the girl forces Minase to join the orgy and abuse Takashiro.
    • If Minase refuses to abuse her, Saeki has thug Inoue roughs him up and injects him with an aphrodisiac. The boy is then forced to have sex with Takashiro until he dies from exhaustion.
    • If Minase agrees to violate his teacher, Saeki has the brainwashed Kobayashi and Mikimoto dispose of him afterwards. If Minase saved Nonogusa, then unexpectedly, Minase manages to escape with the help of Nonogusa and returns to the room. Saeki along with her servants are then defeated by Takashiro who manages to regain her composure and subdues them with powerful magic spell.
      • If Minase took advantage of Nonogusa, then she will join in the swim team's revenge and abouse him until fatal exhaustion.

Torturing Minase and Imari

Continuing from the above storyline, Saeki and her mistress Kitami are again confronted by Minase at her hideout. Like the event in the anime, the girl sexually tortures Minase under her mistress' command and later force him to anally abuse the drugged Imari. After her mistress burns the Bible Black in front of Minase' eyes, she throws the boy out of her apartment, cruelly mocking him as she does so.

Saeki guards the Academy hallway.

Walpurgis Night

Saeki's role varies during Walpurgis Night depending on which storyline the player has chosen.

  • In the storyline where Minase turns evil, Saeki participates in the ritual in the Academy basement alongside the other members.
  • In the storyline where Minase joins forces with Takashiro, Kitami tasks Saeki with guarding the school's hallway and preventing anyone from stopping the ceremony. Saeki confronts Minase and Takashiro when they attempt to enter the basement. However, Saeki's magic power is no match for the art teacher's and she is quickly defeated. Despite this, the girl laughs at the pair and tells them that her mistress will succeed. She is then kicked and knocked out by the vengeful Minase.


Saeki's fate varies among the endings. In most endings she continues to serve Kitami in her plans for world domination. In the Evil Never Dies ending, Saeki joins Minase's empire along with Imari and the rest of her coven after Kitami's death. In the White Room ending, Saeki is killed by Minase but fails to kill the witch Kitami (now in Imari's body) in an attempt to avenge the murdered Takishiro. In the True Ending, she is freed from Kitami's control and Takashiro erases her memories of the event.

Personality and traits

Offering her body to get ahead with Minase.

A cool and introverted person,[1] Saeki is intelligent and hardly ever late or absent from school.[10] She has a deep fascination for the occult, and her knowledge on the subject is extensive. She regards the previous witchcraft society, Rose Cross, with both respect and envy,[11] though she also feels they overestimated their power.[12] Saeki takes great pride in her massive collection of magic books at home.[13] Because many of them are in English, she is also fluent in this language.[14]

Saeki takes her obsession for the occult so far that she is willing to use her body and good looks to get what she wants. In her frustration and envy, Saeki does her classmate Taki Minase a sexual favor to make him reveal his secret about the Bible Black.

Seducing a virgin student.

She again uses her body as a tool to collect semen from male virgins when embarking on her own project with Jun and Maki, and several more times when her mind is corrupted by Reika Kitami.

While bewitched by the nurse, Saeki's becomes devious and perverted, happily assisting her mistress in torturing teacher Hiroko Takashiro and students Rika Shiraki and Kurumi Imari. She does look concerned when Kitami and Minase rape the professor, but coldly ridicules Minase when she throws him out of the apartment. She later arrogantly taunts him and Takashiro when they try and stop her.

Happily torturing her fellow teacher.

Saeki's cool persona persists when she matures and becomes a teacher at the Academy, her main purpose there apparently being to revive her former mistress Kitami. She also successfully recruits several of her female students to join her cause, either by magic or her power of persuasion.

Lovingly waking up with her friends Jun and Maki.

Her personality seems to have darkened ever further, possibly as a result of Kitami's resurrection. Without hesitation, she drugs and assaults vice-principal Takeshi Oshima and abducts Rika Shiraki. She sadistically revels in the rape and torture of her fellow teacher and former schoolmate. Her blatant cruelty only outmatched by her absolute devotion to Kitami, and later, Jody Crowley.


Saeki appears to be bisexual, having sex not only with several male students and teachers, but also sleeping with both her friends Jun and Maki when experimenting with magic derived from the black book. She also enjoys pleasuring and torturing both Rika Shiraki and Kurumi Imari, though this could also be due to Reika Kitami's perverted influence over her after the evil witch corrupts her mind. Later, she vigorously makes love to Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima and compliments the man on his physique.

Powers and abilities

Saeki is a capable magic user. Even before acquiring the Bible Black spell book she is quite knowledgeable on the occult, evidenced by the various magical trinkets and books in her possession.

Saeki using her new magic powers gained from Kitami's alliance.

Reika Kitami presumably teaches her more advanced spells when she takes her in. Saeki also uses the Bible Black for her own perverted means, casting a spell that endows her with two phalli that she uses to have sex with her friends Jun and Maki. She also unleashes a powerful magic blast at Hiroko Takashiro when she tries to disrupt Kitami's ritual. However, her power is still inferior to Takashiro's white magic.

Saeki also seems to be somewhat resistant to enemy spells. When Kitami subjects her and her group using an arousal spell, she is able to resist the effects at first, whereas Jun and Maki quickly succumb to their lust.

As an adult, Saeki has continued to improve her magic skills, performing several rituals in the Academy basement with her new group of followers.


  • Considering she was able to afford an apartment with her friends Jun and Maki even as a student, it is conceivable that Saeki and/or her friends are somewhat wealthy.
  • The crescent earrings worn by Saeki as an adult is a possible nod to her mistress Reika Kitami, who wears similar cross-shaped earrings.
  • Saeki shares her first name with Kaori Matsuno from the hentai series Discipline: Record of a CrusadeWP, another work by Sei Shoujo, who also created the art for Bible Black. Similarly, both are the subordinate of the major villainesses in their respective games.
  • Despite their many interactions in the first anime series, Saeki and Hiroko Takashiro are not seen together until the last episode of the New Testament sequel.
  • Saeki appears in almost every Bible Black production, with the exception of Origins.
  • In the game, the hairs over Saeki's ears are inconsistent in length, with some scenes the hair is shoulder length like in the anime but goes over her chest in others. It's also not trimmed to the same length unlike in the anime.
  • The New Testament Complete Version depicts an extra scene where Saeki transfers Reika Kitami's soul into Imari. It is therefore likely that Kitami transferred her essence into Saeki first when she has sex with her in the final episode of the first series, at least temporarily. This in order to protect it from Takashiro, who aimed to banish Kitami's soul from Imari permanently.


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