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Black Brand

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Black Brand
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General information
Release dates: Jp.png May 25, 2002
Us.png June 24, 2003
Written by: Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by:  ?
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Series: Origins
Black Altar

Black Brand or Black Hallmark (Kuro no Kokuin - 黒の刻印) is the first episode of the Bible Black: Origins series. It is the seventh episode produced overall and a prequel to the original anime adaptation of the eroge video game.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of May, 2002[1] and in the United States on the 24th of June, 2003 as a double feature simply titled Origins, containing both this episode and the second episode Black Altar.[2]

Student Hiroko Takashiro and her friends Rie Morita and Saki Shindou try their first hand at magic when they discover the Bible Black spell book. They put a spell on a fellow student to influence their desires. Meanwhile, the lesbian student council president Nami Kozono unsuccessfully tries to seduce the newly transferred student Reika Kitami until her mind is cursed by magic as well.


Kozono woos council lover Mochida.


On a late afternoon, student council president Nami Kozono and her fellow council member Junko Mochida are passionately making love in the council classroom of their school. The president playfully teases the girl as they have sex.

Takashiro and her club friends Rie and Saki share a laugh after school.

Meanwhile in another empty classroom, student Hiroko Takashiro is playing tarot with her friends Rie Morita and Saki Shindou. The cards predict that A great change is upon you. Something will change your life completely. Saki speculates that this means she might find a boyfriend, and Rie says she will ask one of her school friends out on a date. Takashiro surmises that the prediction might not be related to boyfriends at all.

Kozono briefly considers magic when catches Takashiro playing tarot.

The girls are suddenly interrupted by Kozono. She asks what they are doing in the classroom after hours, since they are not part of an official school club. In turn, Takashiro inquires why Kozono is still there, but the council president dodges her question, smugly saying she does not answer to her. She picks up one of the tarot cards and mocks the girls for their hobby, coldly suggesting they should do something healthier with their time. Takashiro warns the girl not to take witchcraft lightly and claims magic spells and rituals have been part of people's lives since ancient times.

Saki sticks out her tongue at Kozono when she ridicules their hobby.

Takashiro then offers Kozono a book to read about magic. For a moment the council president hesitates, but then casually dismisses the offer, calling Takashiro's ideas ridiculous. Kozono walks off and drops the tarot card back on the table: The Fool. Saki mockingly sticks out her tongue as the girl leaves, but Takashiro stares at the card suspiciously.

A free meal for Kitami.

Act One

The next morning, the blond-haired student Reika Kitami is running down the street to school. Out of breath, she complains that she is too hungry to run and gets some food from a street vendor, who gives it free of charge. Kitami thanks him and tells the vendor she is new to the neighborhood.

At school, the rich Kozono arrives in a luxurious car. Stepping out, she thoughtfully looks at Kitami, who is sharing some of her food with a dog on the sidewalk.

Mochida informs the witchcraft club that their official bid has been denied.

In class, Rie shows her friends Takashiro and Saki a hand written book she found cheaply in a pile of sale books in an antiques shop the day before. Takashiro ponders that it was probably written by a priest during the Middle Ages. A moment later, student council member Junko Mochida walks in and tells the girls their bid for an official club has been denied. She adds that the school would never allow a silly club like theirs. Saki angrily protests when Mochida walks off, and Takashiro suggests they should translate the book.

Kitami meets the helpful Kozono.

Later, Kitami introduces herself to class. Some of the boys respond in excitement, and Kozono again looks at her intently.

Afterwards, Kozono encounters Kitami in the bathroom. She introduces herself as a council member and tells her she can ask her anything if she has questions. Feeling a bit uncomfortable at Kozono's stare, Kitami thanks her for the offer.

Hiratani clumsily tries to make a move on Kozono outside the bathroom.

When Kozono leaves, the unpopular student Hiratani walks up to her holding a small note. He clumsily tries to make a move on the girl, but Kozono coldly replies that she is not interested in men and smugly adds that even if she was, he would be out of the question. Before walking off she also scolds him for waiting for a girl in front of the ladies bathroom.

Act Two

In an apartment at night, Takashiro, Rie and Saki are busy translating and researching the pages of the black book. Saki cries out and complains about the difficulty, adding that they took three hours to get through a few pages. Rie notes that the writings seem to be based on Latin and French and that they should be able to figure it out.

The club girls uncover the book's dark magic.

Takashiro discovers a simple spell that will make a woman dance naked. As her friends wonder what it means, the red-haired girl makes a little cut in her finger to perform the spell. Saki suggests they put it on council member Mochida as revenge for ridiculing them. Rie wonders what the last line of the spell people shall not envy her but pity her means, but Saki disregards her concerns and eggs the girls on to cast the spell.

Mochida is compelled to rip off her uniform in front of everyone.

The next day in the school's gymnasium, the students are gathered for an assembly. Kozono is on stage with her fellow council members, presenting new school regulations. She then tells Mochida to report on the club budget. Trembling nervously as she takes the stage, Mochida struggles and stammers through the first lines of the report, her body slowly slipping into an uncontrollable arousal.

The girls see their magic at work.

Suddenly, she cries out in frustration and starts ripping off her school uniform. The students and teachers are perplexed as they watch the girl strip completely naked. Mochido begs them all to look at her as she starts to frantically masturbate.

Students in shock as Mochida climaxes during assembly in the gymnasium.

Like the rest of the crowd, Rie, Saki and Takashiro respond in utter shock. They flash back to the night before, when Takashiro wrote Mochida's initial on a piece of paper with her blood, wrapped it around a rock and recited a chant before Rie and Saki buried the prop in front of Mochida's house.

The boys in the gymnasium eagerly watch the spectacle on stage, while the girls scream when Mochida finally orgasms. Kozono looks at her exposed girlfriend's sudden behavior with horror and surprise. With Mochida laying panting and seemingly entranced on the stage desk, the teachers scramble and order someone to put clothes on her.

Saki scoffs at Kozono with Rie.

Moments later, Mochida's incident is buzzing around the school. Saki tells Rie that everyone is talking about it when they run into Kozono in the hallway. The council president tells them that Mochida is resting and Saki spitefully replies that maybe next time they will make her dance naked instead. Kozono is left confused as the two girls walk off, but dismisses the idea that they used magic as nonsense.

Hiratani makes a love request to the witchcraft club girls.

Act Three

Later that day on the school roof, Takashiro tells Saki off for discussing the spell with others. However, the girls remain uncertain if it was really their magic that caused Mochida's behavior. They are interrupted by male student Hiratani, who asks for a favor.

Downstairs, Kitami is about to leave the classroom when Kozono asks her where she is going. The blond girl admits that the class is more advanced than anticipated and plans to ask her professor for assistance. Kozono offers to help instead.

Kitami harassed by Kozono's flirtations when they study together.

As the girls sit down and work together, Kozono starts flirting with Kitami, grabbing her hand and kissing her intensely. Kitami protests and tries to push Kozono away when she undoes some of her clothes, but Kozono continues touching her, saying her body has a different opinion. Meanwhile in the back of the class, Hiratani secretly slips a paper cut-out doll figure in Kozono's bag.

Kitami feeling violated by Kozono.

When Kitami finally pushes the touchy council president away from her, Kozono coldly tells her that nobody has ever before rejected her advances. She walks out of the classroom, leaving Kitami behind feeling violated.

The next morning at school, Kozono again sees Kitami feeding the puppy dog when she arrives. She apologizes to the girl about her behavior the day before, claiming to be quite embarrassed about it.

Kozono makes lunch plans with Hiratani under the influence of a spell.

Then, Kozono suddenly loses her compsure when she sees the boy Hiratani walking to school. She lovingly calls his name and runs over to wish him a good morning. The students around her react surprised and wonder why Kozono is even talking to the unpopular boy. Kozono holds Hiratani's arm and suggests he meets her in the council room at lunchtime, as she has something important to tell him.

Rie and Saki confer with Takashiro about the magic book's powers.

Later in the council room, Kozono is eagerly and willingly having sex with Hiratani. She says she is happy to be Hiratani's first girl, and in a sex-crazed trance, allows him to do her in any way he wants.

Outside the room, Takashiro, Rie and Saki are pondering over Kozono's sudden change of heart. Rie remarks that perhaps this is the outcome of her tarot prediction. Takashiro says she is unsure, but is convinced that the black book they discovered contains genuine magic.

To be continued...


  • Although the Origins series does not follow the events of the original Bible Black game, the scene in which Junko Mochida masturbates is similar to what happened to Mika Ito in the game. Ito was put under the same spell and compelled to masturbate in front of her fellow students. Her exposure was limited to a single classroom, however.
  • The book Takashiro offers to Kozono is the Grimorium VerumWP (misspelled as Grimorium Verm), an 18th-century grimoire extracts of which also appear in the book Key of Solomon.
  • The German DVD cover of this episode (see below) shows a picture of Kaori Saeki, even though this character is not featured in the Origins series at all. The German title Der Schwarze Tempel (The Black Temple) also differs significantly from the original.




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