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Black Descent

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Black Descent
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General information
Release dates: Jp.png June 25, 2003
Us.png December 16, 2003
Written by: Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by: Nitaro
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Series: La Noche de Walpurgis
Black Dinner

Black Descent (Kuro no Kōrin - 黒の降臨) is the sixth episode of the anime adaptation of the Bible Black game and the sixth and final episode of the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis series.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of June, 2003[1] and in the United States on the 16th of December, 2003 under the name Revelations in a double feature containing both this episode and the fifth episode Black Dinner.[2]

On Walpurgis Night, the evil school nurse Reika Kitami takes the final step in her plan to exchange bodies with student Kurumi Imari. Meanwhile, Taki Minase and his art teacher Hiroko Takashiro desperately try to stop her. The fate of all their friends is at stake.


Kitami eagerly enters Imari.

Act One

In the basement of the Academy, school nurse Reika Kitami finally takes Kurumi Imari's virginity. The girl is still helplessly shackled to the stone altar in the middle of the room. As Kitami penetrates her body and a bright magic light fills up the room, Kitami flashes back to twelve years ago, when she was raped and used as a human sacrifice by members of an occult magic club.

Professor Takashiro is grabbed by Kitami's goons...again.

Art teacher Hiroko Takashiro bursts into the room and tells Taki Minase to hurry and continue to cast the Forbidden Spell to stop Kitami. She says that if he is successful, his cousin Yukiko Minase and friend Rika Shiraki will also be saved.

Shiraki's abuse continues.

Suddenly, the professor is grabbed from behind and assaulted by some of Kitami's lackeys. She again urges her student to hurry as she is being raped. Minase is horrified when he sees the teacher violated and angrily turns his attention back to the witch.

Meanwhile back in Minase's house, Yukiko and Shiraki are both still being brutally assaulted by Kitami's thugs. The four of them repeatedly rape and violate the two girls to exhaustion.

Minase chants the Forbidden Spell to interrupt Kitami's ritual.

Back in the basement, Minase is again calling upon the power of the gods. A dark and thundering void emerges from the ceiling while he recites the Forbidden Spell:

"Hein, Ron, Hirai, Sabeios, Herim, Radisha, Redieah, Adonai. Gatekeeper of the Heavens, I possess the power of the gods, I hold the secrets of magic. I ask you to close the Gate of Orkus. Jehovah, Jah, Tetragrammaton, Sadai. Mesias, Agios, Ishuros, Emanuel, Agura, Alpha and Omega."

As the ground starts to violently shake he continues:

The Gate of Orkus closes.
"In the name of Jesus Christ who knows the beginning and the end of this world and in the name of other holy gods, I forbid you to remain in this world. Saint Michael, lend me your power to send this devil back to the inferno of hell. I command you to stay there until the end of eternity. Amen."

The room shakes and the magic circle on the floor lights up, blowing Kitami's followers away as the witch screams in terror.

Kitami's body lies dead in the basement following the ritual.

When the darkness returns, Kitami's body is on the brink of death and lays motionless on the floor. With their leader defeated, Kitami's followers scream and flee the basement.

Minase, finally holding his friend Imari in his arms again, tells Kitami about the spell he found in the Bible Black that allowed him to send her soul back to hell. As Kitami reaches out her still bleeding hand to him, he says her plan has failed. The final life force finally drains from Kitami's body and she dies. Takashiro, also released from her captors, sits down and closes Kitami's blood stained eyes.

Life is back to normal for Yukiko, Minase and Imari - or is it?

Act Two

A few days later, life seems to be back to normal for Minase and his friends. His sister Yukiko has survived her ordeal with the thugs, as has his classmate Shiraki, who has apparently also been freed from her love curse. The girls seem to have no recollection of the demonic events that took place.

Minase tells Imari that the police closed the case on the incident, since everyone believes nurse Kitami committed suicide. He reflects that all that has happened is beyond human understanding and apologizes to Imari for dragging her into it. She says it is okay, adding that everyone has something evil inside of them and Minase eventually saved her.

Minase and Imari are finally together.

Soon after, the couple finally kiss for the first time in Minase's room and confess their love for each other. And, for the first time consensual, they romantically have sex on Minase's bed.

Afterwards, they discuss the school basement that is due to be filled with concrete to prevent anyone from entering. Imari asks about the Bible Black and Minase tells her he put it back where he found it so that nobody will ever find it again.

Imari looks back at her friend Minase.

He adds that he is done with magic, but Imari says she is not done casting spells and admits she has been doing it for a while. Minase is not sure what she means, but forgets about it when Imari hesitantly asks him to have sex once more.

Imari later tells Minase that she saw part of Kitami's memories from twelve years ago when Kitami transferred to their school. She says she was just an ordinary girl who had a crush on a boy in her old school but never got the chance to tell him about her feelings. Minase muses that Kitami was just another victim.

Imari subjects Saeki again.


Sometime later, before the Academy basement is sealed off, Minase's occult obsessed classmate and former follower of KitamiKaori Saeki, is scrabbling around in the dark basement room and finds the magic Bible Black in a hidden hole in the wall where Minase returned it.

As she smirks at her discovery, she is suddenly interrupted by Imari standing behind her. Surprised, Saeki asks what she is doing there, but Imari coldly replies that they need to get rid of the book. With a sharp look she magically sets the tome alight in blue flames until it burns to ashes, leaving only the metal chain binder intact.

The Bible Black is destroyed. (Animated)

Then Imari casually starts taking off her clothes. She reveals a large penis sticking out between her legs and asks Saeki if she can try out her new body with her. Horrified, Saeki tries to crawl away, but Imari forces herself on her. She rips off her uniform and rapes the girl, maliciously laughing at how good her new body feels.

The End...?

Deviations from game

  • The twist of Kitami's soul living on inside Imari does not occur in any of the game's endings and seems to have been written specifically for the anime.
  • Concurrently, the scene in which Kitami reveals herself to Saeki in the Academy basement and burns the Bible Black also does not take place. However, there is a storyline in the game in which Kitami burns the book in front of Minase after dousing it in vodka (screenshot).
  • Though it most likely also happens in the anime continuity, in the game it is specifically stated that professor Takashiro wipes the memories of at least Yukiko, Shiraki, Saeki and the other members of Saeki's club so they do not remember the events on and up to Walpurgis Night.


  • Despite Kitami revealing herself at the end of the episode, it seems her plan to switch bodies with Imari was only partially successful. In the sequel anime series New Testament, Takashiro mentions she was able to seal Kitami's soul inside and Imari was not 'sent to hell' as was mentioned in the fourth episode.
  • It is not clear if Kitami was aware of being inside of or in control of Imari's body after her own died on the ritual night. It is possible she is only able to resurface from time to time. Perhaps as a result of the Forbidden Spell.
Imari's flashback of Kitami's youth.
  • Imari claims that Kitami was in love with a student in her old school before transferring twelve years ago, but could not tell him how she felt about him. This is not seen in the brief flashback sequence nor mentioned in the prequel series Origins. However, in the sequel New Testament it is revealed that Kitami had a romantic relationship with one of her students when she was a teacher at another school. It is possible this is the memory Imari is referring to.
  • Saeki rediscovers the Bible Black in a wall of the school basement. However, Minase found it inside the stone altar as seen in the first episode. His claim that he 'put it back where he found it' is therefore not completely accurate. In the first game, Minase does find the book inside the wall originally. So it is possible that in the anime he simply meant he put the book back 'somewhere in the basement' or the producers decided to correct the deviation they made from the game in the first episode.
  • There is a continuity error when Shiraki is violated by Kitami's followers. In the previous episode she was seen completely naked, but in this episode she is wearing the stockings of her school uniform.
  • The devil seen on the episode cover is faintly reminiscent of the demon seen in the Origins prequel series.
  • This episode contains an unusually long recap sequence, lasting over six minutes. Though some of the scenes seen here are new, such as the abuse scenes with Shiraki and Yukiko.




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