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Black Caress

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Black Caress
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General information
Release dates: Jp.png February 21, 2002
Us.png November 19, 2002
Written by: Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by: Hamuo
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Series: La Noche de Walpurgis
Black Sacrifice
Black Dinner

Black Caress (Kuro no Aibu - 黒の愛撫) is the fourth episode of the anime adaptation of the Bible Black game and the fourth episode of the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis series.

It was first released in Japan on the 21st of February, 2002[1] and in the United States on the 19th of November, 2002 under the name Second Sacrament in a double feature containing both this episode and the third episode Black Sacrifice.[2]

Taki Minase breaks free of nurse Reika Kitami's influence when the evil witch kidnaps and abuses his childhood friend Kurumi Imari. Meanwhile, art professor Hiroko Takashiro finds out Kitami's ultimate purpose and teams up with Minase to stop her, but not before asking her student for a favor.


Imari held down by Kitami's goons.

Act One

In Saeki's apartment, Kurumi Imari is laying shackled to a table naked with the evil nurse Reika Kitami looking over her. Kaori Saeki's followers Maki Kurimoto and Jun Amatsuki hold the girl down and spread her legs apart. Imari whimpers and begs her friend Taki Minase for help, but he is still being held by Kitami's male thugs.

A changed Minase defies his mistress.

In a fit of rage, Minase suddenly breaks free and lunges forward to attack Kitami head-on. She immediately blocks him with a powerful defensive spell, stopping Minase dead in his tracks and launching him against a wall. Kitami calls him a coward and says he owes her for his abilities.

Jun and Maki close in on the helpless girl to pleasure her.

The nurse then orders her lackeys Jun and Maki to pleasure Imari. The girl starts wriggling her body in protest, but is powerless to stop them. Kitami compliments her for doing well, and Imari hisses that she will never forgive her for this. The witch laughs and tells Saeki to let Minase join them.

Minase is forced to sexually abuse his friend Imari at Kitami's order.

When Imari's shackles are removed, Kitami quips that she has too much energy and that she needs a shot, implying Minase's penis.

Kitami then forces Minase to have anal sex with his childhood friend. Minase apologizes and refuses to move his body, but Kitami uses her magic and forces him to thrust his pelvis forwards and backwards. She tells them to give in to their desires and magically undoes Minase's restraints. The boy again apologizes and says he can not control his body. However, Imari slowly gives in to pleasure and kindly tells Minase it is okay if it is him.

Imari calls her tormentor the Devil.

When they finish, Kitami sits down next to the duo and asks Imari how she feels about sharing her body even though she is a virgin. Imari bitterly calls her the worst sort of human and the Devil, but Kitami regards these insults as compliments. She tells Imari not to worry, assuring her that she will take her virginity eventually.

Act Two

Imari gives in to her induced arousal.

Later that evening in the apartment, Imari is having sex with Kitami's male thugs. She is again wearing the chastity belt to protect her virginity. Crying out in pleasure, she even passionately kisses one of the boys violating her.

Minase forced to watch his friend Imari abused by Kitami's followers.

Minase looks on in astonishment from the back of the room when Kitami looks over and notices he is still there. She tells him he can go home, and adds that Imari has already had sex with five people. She mockingly adds that that girl is enjoying herself and that one can hardly tell she is really a virgin. Minase argues the aphrodisiacs she gave her earlier did that to her. Saeki appears moments later and starts pleasuring Minase as well.

Kitami takes a personal sample.

Soon after, Saeki is giving Minase oral sex while Kitami has sex with Imari herself, amused and pleased at the girl's extreme arousal and body. The witch thanks Minase for bringing the girl over before she and Imari orgasm simultaneously. Minase is also forced by Saeki to ejaculate. Filled with remorse, he swears he will save her. Kitami laughs and mocks him for soiling Imari's body.

Kitami warns Minase with a choke.

Kitami says she will let Minase go because she needs to save her powers for the ritual, but reminds him that if he gets in her way she will kill him. She then brutally chokes him using a magic spell and tells him to go home and inform Hiroko Takashiro to leave her be. She threatens that she will show them no mercy if they do otherwise.

Minase is thrown out of the apartment half-naked by Saeki and her bewitched coven members Jun and Maki. The blond girl laughs and calls him pitiful before slamming the door.

Act Three

Professor Takashiro is working behind the computer in Minase's room, referencing the Bible Black on the desk and the calendar on the wall. She suddenly feels a wave of arousal coursing through her body.

As she is about to give in to her feelings, Minase walks in the room. Startled, Takashiro says he looks pale and thanks him for helping her escape earlier that day.

Takashiro listens to Minase vent his guilt over his magical exploits.

Minase admits that everything is his fault and that he has now severed his alliance with Kitami. Takashiro believes the magic book is to blame and that it holds power he should not have meddled with.

Minase says that he realized right away that the book's magic was genuine when he managed to sexually manipulate the minds of his fellow students, particularly the attractive student council president Rika Shiraki. He says he could not turn back.

Plot exposition from Takashiro.

Takashiro comforts him and tells him he came to his senses at the right time, just as she did twelve years ago when she headed her own witchcraft club. She explains that Kitami was the girl that was supposed to be sacrificed on Walpurgis Night over a decade ago. But when the ritual failed she made a deal with the Devil to save her life. The contract is about to run out and Kitami plans to use Imari's virgin body as a vessel for her soul to trick the Devil.

Takashiro loses her composure.

Shocked, Minase realizes what Kitami meant when she said she needs Imari's body unspoiled. He tells Takashiro the ritual will take place tomorrow, but that Kitami said she will kill them if they try to interfere. The art professor argues that they might be able to stop her if they have enough time.

Suddenly, the professor again shivers and clutches her body. She tells Minase that Kitami fed her a lot of aphrodisiac pills earlier. Minase suggests a hot shower, but Takashiro blushes and begs him to have sex with her instead.

Kitami gloats over Imari.

After Minase passionately relieves his teacher, she thanks him and falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Kitami and her gang enter the abandoned basement of the Academy with an unconscious Imari. The witch kisses the girl and says the ritual will take place tonight when the powers of darkness are strongest: Walpurgis Night.

To be continued...

Deviations from game

  • The player Minase makes love to his teacher Takashiro in much the same way in the game. However, the woman sleeps for a while, during which Minase takes off part of her clothes to make her more comfortable. Takashiro, sweating from a high dose of aphrodisiacs, then asks the boy to have sex with her. Unlike the anime, they do not have another love making session the next morning.
  • In the alternative Deceivers ending of the game, after Minase has sex with Imari, Kitami puts the chastity belt on her and Imari immediately urinates and loses her consciousness. After Imari passes out, Kitami decides to jump on top of Minase, and starts having sex with him by saying that the night is just beginning and she can be Minase's new partner.


  • The title of this episode likely references both Kitami caressing Imari by making her experience sex and 'romance', and Takashiro comforting her student Minase and having sex with him.
  • Apart from a brief flashback from Minase, fellow major character Rika Shiraki does not appear in this episode.




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