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Black Ceremony

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Black Ceremony
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General information
Release dates: Jp.png August 21, 2001
Us.png March 26, 2002
Written by: Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by: Kazuyuki Honda
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Series: La Noche de Walpurgis
School of Black Magic
Black Sacrifice

Black Ceremony (Kuro no Gishiki - 黒の儀式) is the second episode of the anime adaptation of the Bible Black game and the second episode of the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis series.

It was first released in Japan on the 21st of August, 2001[1] and in the United States on the 26th of March, 2002 under the name Bible Black in a double feature containing both this episode and the first episode School of Black Magic.[2]

Kurumi Imari is distressed after she catches her friend and neighbor Taki Minase having sex with a bewitched Rika Shiraki. Minase is tempted by the evil school nurse Reika Kitami who reveals her true nature. And Kaori Saeki meets up with her magic club friends Jun and Maki before being subjected by witch Kitami as well.


Saeki's request to borrow the Bible Black is harshly rejected. (Animated)

Act One

On a quiet evening, Taki Minase is walking home from his visit to his classmate Kaori Saeki's house. Moments before, he violently hit her and said she is too insistent about borrowing the magic book he brought with him. He tells her he would only show it to her, not lend it out. Rubbing her cheek, Saeki warns Minase to watch out, as she claims he has already been entranced by a demon.

Imari receives a relieving phone call from Minase's cousin Yukiko.

When Minase arrives at his seemingly empty house, he wonders if his housemate and older female cousin Yukiko (whom he refers to as his sister), is out again.

Minase's neighbor Kurumi Imari, still sitting on her bed in the house next door to Minase, gets a call from Yukiko. She asks if Imari can cook dinner for her 'brother'. Delighted, Imari sees the light next door turn on: her friend came home.

The infatuated Shiraki pays Minase an unexpected visit at his house.

As Minase stands in his room, with Saeki's warning echoing in his mind, the doorbell rings. Minase opens the door for Rika Shiraki, the attractive president of the student council he put under a love spell the day before. When Minase asks her why she came by his house so late she falls into his arms and kisses him desperately.

Imari catches Minase in the act.

Meanwhile, Imari is walking to Minase's house, holding a bag of groceries. She muses that all she can cook is curry and that Minase loves it.

Back in his room, Minase is wildly having sex with Shiraki. In their crazed excitement, they do not notice Imari ringing the doorbell. She makes her way inside the house and walks up the stairs, wondering if Minase might have already gone to bed. Her face freezes in shock when she opens the door to his bedroom, just as Minase climaxes.

Kitami with her second victim: the talented swim team member Nonogusa.

Act Two

The next morning at school, nurse Reika Kitami is having sex with yet another student. This time with swim team member Miyuki Nonogusa. Kitami scolds her for not protecting her virginity as she abuses her body.

On the roof of the school building, Minase and Shiraki are discussing Imari catching them in the act the night before. Minase denies he is dating Imari and says she is just his childhood friend, despite Shiraki claiming the girl was quite upset and ran out of his house crying.

Shiraki about to jump off the roof of the school in a fit of desperation.

Minase then tries to make Shiraki understand how strange it is that she suddenly fell in love with him, suggesting that her feelings for him are perhaps not genuine. However, this greatly upsets the girl, leading her to believe Minase loves Imari instead of her after all. In a crying act of desperation, she runs to the edge of the roof and jumps off. Minase is left in shock when he hears her body slam into the ground below.

Minase confers with Kitami.

Soon after, Shiraki is brought into the nurse's office. Kitami tells Minase she merely fainted. Amazed, Minase notices that she does not even have a scratch on her. The nurse remarks that Minase must have helped her using his magic, as she has heard rumors about his exploits.

Act Three

Minase contemplates giving up on magic to classmate Saeki.

Later that day in an empty classroom, Saeki sees Minase ponder over the Bible Black in his hand. The girl assures him she will never ask to borrow it again, but that she needs a favor. She says she started a new magic club with other students, similar to the one that existed twelve years prior. She asks Minase to join her and her friends at their meeting that same night. Minase declines and walks off, saying he does not want to think about magic anymore.

A word of warning from Takashiro.

Down the hall, Minase runs into art professor Hiroko Takashiro, who asks him if he will come to the art club today. Minase sighs that his model Imari did not show up at school today. Takashiro then quietly implores him to beware of nurse Kitami.

Intent on returning the magic book where he found it several days ago, Minase makes his way down the steps of the abandoned school basement. Using his pocket lighter he illuminates the blood stained room.

Kitami confronts Minase.

He jumps when he suddenly hears Kitami's voice behind him saying that this is the room where a group of girls once summoned a demon. When asked how he got the key for the basement, Minase admits he took it one day when returning the art room key. Kitami shows him she has her own key and claims she is the only one who knows what really happened on Walpurgis Night twelve years ago. She reveals that she made a contract with the Devil that night and invites Minase into sharing in her godlike powers.

Minase is tempted by evil by the corrupt Academy nurse Kitami.

Kitami lunges forward and pushes her tongue into Minase's mouth, saying he cannot refuse her, because once people begin using magic they can never again escape temptation. Massaging his groin, Kitami tells him all he has to do is obey her.

Not long after, Minase is standing stripped down while Kitami gives him oral sex. Minase climaxes and asks to take a rest, but the nurse tells him not to worry. Minase quickly becomes aroused again when Kitami lets off a stream of drool from her mouth and casts a spell:

Minase going crazy with lust.
"Amor venus astaros."

Next, Kitami is aggressively having sex with Minase on the stone pedestal. As the circle on the floor begins to glow, she tells him that she is in control of his passion and prevents him from reaching orgasm. When Minase is about to go completely mad with pleasure she ends his torture and allows him to climax.

Standing over Minase's depleted body, Kitami says she will give him a lesser demon and offers him a contract to pledge his loyalty.

Yukiko's body and mind feel numb with arousal from her cousin's touch.

Act Four

Minase arrives home and is greeted by his cousin Yukiko, who wonders what happened to Imari after she heard the girl has locked herself in her room. As if possessed, Minase suddenly starts rubbing his cousin's nipples and breast, calling them eyesores and saying she should wear a bra. Shocked and surprised at first, Yukiko suddenly feels dazed from the boy's touch and stumbles off to her room. Minase is left wondering to himself why he just harassed his own cousin.

Minase baffled by his powers.

When Minase checks up on her he sees her wildly masturbating naked on her bed, leaving Minase baffled at what Kitami has done to him.

Next, the phone rings and Minase answers. Once again Saeki is inviting him to her magic club meeting. This time, however, Minase agrees to come over, but not before making a call himself to Kitami.

Kitami barges into Saeki's apartment with Minase in her wake.

Minase and Kitami arrive at the modern apartment building where Saeki and her friends meet. When Saeki opens the door and sees Kitami she demands an explanation for the unexpected visitor. The witch violently pushes her aside and marches into the apartment, flanked by two of Saeki's followers Maki Kurimoto and Jun Amatsuki. Maki tries to stop her, but Kitami also pushes her away effortlessly. The girls then attempt to cast a spell using paper talismans:

Jun and Maki's talismans are negated.
"Senapos. Terfita. Estamos.
Paranthes. Histanos."

Kitami quickly turns and gives them a sharp look. Instantly, the charms burst into a purple flame and the girls hastily drop them on the floor. Now Saeki jumps in front of Kitami and draws an invisible pentagram with her fingers while reciting a spell:

Witch Kitami easily overpowers Saeki and her group of followers.
"Rafael. Gabriel. Michael. Uriel."

A glowing blue pentagram shoots out from her hands, but Kitami quickly rushes forward and slaps Saeki in her face at full strength, completely negating the spell. As Jun and Maki rush to their injured master, Kitami sneers at the three girls and tells them she will show them some real magic:

The witchcraft club is subjected.

Upon hearing the spell, the three girls start trembling as their bodies become mad with pleasure. Not long after, Jun and Maki are masturbating naked on the floor. Saeki tells her friends to get a grip and pleads with Minase for help, but Kitami coldly tells her he is there to rape them instead. Saeki affirms that Minase has truly been possessed by a demon and looks on in horror when he and Kitami take their clothes off. She is even more shocked when she sees Kitami's erect penis pop out from between her legs.

Saeki's trio domination is complete.

The nurse suggests Saeki gives up her struggle and tells the girls that their sexual stimulation will not reside until they have sex many times. With that, Saeki and the other girls give in to being assaulted repeatedly by both Kitami and Minase.

Act Five

A few days later at school, late in the afternoon, Minase is sitting in the art club room. As he is lost in thought, staring at the sketch he made of Imari until he is interrupted by Takashiro.

Takashiro is tased by Saeki to be kidnapped and tortured.

The art professor notices he is not drawing and tells him to go home. She then inquires why his friend Imari has not been at school for the last three days and if his magic exploits have anything to do with it. Minase pretends not to know what his professor is talking about.

Saeki suddenly appears behind them and zaps Takashiro with a stun gun. As the shocked professor falls to the ground, Kitami walks in and praises the duo for taking her out. She then compliments Minase's drawing of Imari.

Minase calls out to Imari.

When the evening falls sometime later, Imari is again sitting on her bed, despairing over Minase. Suddenly she hears him calling her name from down the street. He appeals to her that if he could only see her face and hear her voice he feels like he can turn back. But Imari ignores him.

In Saeki's meeting place later that night, Takashiro is being water tortured by Saeki, Jun and Maki. Stuck in her mouth is a rubber hose that is filling up her insides with water. Minase walks in and apologizes to Kitami for being late. Now in control of both him and the three girls, the blond witch lets off a fiendish smile.

To be continued...

Deviations from game

  • The scene of Minase slapping Saeki does not take place in the game, since he either willingly gives the black book to Saeki or outright refuses. Also, Minase visits the coven's lair once before in the game prior to Kitami taking over.
  • There is an instance in the game where Imari also catches Minase having sex with Shiraki in a similar fashion at his home, but it happens much later in the story and in the morning. Additionally, Imari brings Minase lunch instead of dinner in the game.
  • The scene of Kitami raping Nonogusa in the nurse's office also does not happen in the game, since Kitami only considers Shiraki and Imari as a possible vessel for her soul. She does, however, have oral sex there with an effeminate male student, and if Minase chooses to go to the infirmary early, the player may join in on this oral sex.
  • Before Kitami and Minase have sex in the school's basement, Kitami forces Minase to drink her pee in the game. This was either skipped in the anime or it never happened.
  • In the game, before Minase and Kitami go to Saeki's apartment together, it is mentioned they have sex after school until the time of Minase's appointment with Saeki, which in the game is several hours. This was either skipped or did not happen in the anime.
  • Right before having sex with Saeki, Kurimoto and Amatsuki, it was mentioned that Kitami gives Minase a handjob in the game, although without showing any visuals. This was either skipped in the anime or it never happened.
  • The scene in which Shiraki jumps off the Academy roof does not take place in the game. Instead, Minase is confronted by Inoue and his gang on the roof shortly before Kitami reveals her suspicions about him in the infirmary. In one game storyline he instead magically coerces bully Shinjou to leap off the roof.
  • In another possible storyline in the game, it is professor Takashiro who arms herself with a stun gun instead of Saeki when first facing Saeki's coven and nurse Kitami.
  • In the game, Saeki does not take part in abducting Takashiro. Instead it is Shiraki who stabs the art teacher with a hypodermic needle filled with a sleeping drug or Imari, who uses a martial art technique on her.


  • It is likely that nurse Kitami herself healed Shiraki with her magic after the girl jumped from the Academy roof, since Kitami was still considering Shiraki as one of the possible host bodies for her soul.
  • The ceremony in the episode's title refers to both Kitami using her magic to compel Minase to join her cause, and her disruption and takeover of Saeki's witchcraft club ceremony.
  • With seven distinct instances, this episode contains the highest amount of erotic scenes in the La Noche de Walpurgis anime series. Some of them overlap with the previous and following episode, however.
  • Nurse Kitami has sex with Nonogusa with the window open and a clear view of the roof where Shiraki and Minase are standing, suggesting they could easily spot them. They take no notice, however. It is surprising that Kitami seemingly does not care about being spied on, though she makes an effort to close the curtains when she seduced student Mika Ito earlier.




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