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General information
Release dates: Jp.png March 25, 2004
Us.png June 13, 2006
Written by: Sousuke Kokubunji
Directed by: Yuki Shinomiya
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Series: New Testament

Rule (Shihai - 支配) is the third episode of the Bible Black: New Testament series and the eleventh anime episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of March, 2005[1] and in the United States on the 13th of June, 2006 under the name Second Scripture and Second Sacrament in a double feature containing both Rule and the fourth episode Recollection.[2]

With the help of Rika Shiraki, nun Hiroko Takashiro manages to protect Aki Ichikawa after battling Jody Crowley, Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima's corrupted mind causes him to assault a hospital nurse, substitute teacher Shiraki is abducted by Kaori Saeki's followers, and Takashiro confronts the evil Reika Kitami, who is still in control of Kurumi Imari's body.


Yuge researching Jody Crowley at his Tokken office.

Act One

At Tokken headquarters, the psychic investigation agency, Chief Toru Yuge is researching the history of Jody Crowley, a descendant of the English occultist Aleister Crowley.

Jody uses her powerful magic to launch a lightning strike at Takashiro.

Meanwhile, Hiroko Takashiro is facing off against Jody, who is standing on a walkway above her, summoning a powerful lighting strike from the distorted sky. In her mind, Takashiro sees the events taking place that very moment in the basement of the Academy.

Here, Tokken agent Aki Ichikawa is still shackled naked to a stone pedestal surrounded by a group of students and her former colleague Kurumi Imari, whose body has been taken over by the evil witch Reika Kitami. The woman inserts the Spear of Longinus tip inside her vagina and Aki screams and cries in pain. All the while, the girls continue chanting:

The evil witch Imari/Kitami prepares to invade Aki in the Academy basement.
"Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas"

Imari/Kitami tells Aki she will make her feel more comfortable, and proceeds to rub her body before having anal intercourse.

Takashiro prepares a spell.

Back outside, the robed nun Takashiro now fully realizes Reika Kitami has awakened inside Imari's body. Using her necklace talisman, she then attempts to recite a spell.

"Drive out the evil spirits, destroy my bitter enemy. Provide me with the powers of the seven forces of nature"

However, Jody uses a powerful lightning spell of her own and completely negates Takashiro's magic. The former teacher quickly responds with another incantation:

"Rin, Byo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen"
The ritual is interrupted.

The spell shakes the school basement and the girls scream. Kaori Saeki, a close devotee of Kitami, complains about yet another interference of the ritual. Her mistress wonders if it is because of Jody Crowley, but then notices Aki's body is suddenly protected by a magic barrier, causing her to suspect Takashiro is behind it. Next, a powerful lightning bolt strikes from the ceiling and hits Aki in the chest, but the girl is safely protected by the barrier.

Takashiro and Shiraki in the basement.

Act Two

Sometime later, Takahsiro is awakened by Rika Shiraki. As she opens her eyes, she looks up at the walkway to discover Jody has disappeared. When asked what she is doing here, Shiraki explains that today is her first day as a substitute teacher at the Academy. Takashiro request she joins her in a trip to the school's basement.

Takashiro reads Aki's mind and learns of the new magic cirlce.

They arrive sometime later to find unconscious Aki still shackled to the stone altar in the abandoned room. Takashiro declines Shiraki's offer to call an ambulance, and instead holds her hand over Aki's head while casting some sort in mind-reading spell. She muses that she must be the woman in red, and explains to Shiraki that the girl is the Devil's partner, the one occultist Aleister Crowley is looking for.

Yuge reads up about the Crowley's.

Back at the Tokken headquarters, chief Toru Yuge reads up about the woman in red, discovering that Devil worshipers admire her as their leader. He also notes that, as a descendant, the now missing Jody Crowley has inherited the powerful abilities of her grandfather Aleister Crowley. In order to fulfill the prophecy laid out for her, she went in search for the woman in red, who is mentioned in Chapter 17 of the Book of RevelationWP, and is said to give birth to a child stronger than any king in the world.

Takashiro explains the plot of the series to Shiraki.

Meanwhile, Takashiro and Shiraki secure the still unconscious Aki in a taxi. The nun explains that she was preparing to seal Reika Kitami back inside Imari's body, but was interrupted by Jody's sudden appearance. She tells her she was only able to use a barrier to protect Aki and could not figure out how Kitami and Jody are related.

Before leaving with Aki in the cab, Takashiro implores Shiraki not to tell anyone about this information. In the car, she vows to get Kitami this time. She drives off, leaving Shiraki behind at the Academy, where, on the roof, Imari/Kitami is maliciously looking down on her.

Saeki presents substitute teacher Shiraki to her Academy class.

Act Three

Later, Kaori Saeki, back in her regular teacher clothes, introduces Shiraki to her new Academy class. With a mischievous smile, she wishes the substitute teacher good luck. Several of her student followers, Yuki Toudou and school council president Saki Kiriya, stare their new teacher down with a wicked intent.

Jody spies on vice-principal Oshima.

Just outside the window, Jody Crowley is standing up tree, secretly peering into the classroom. She looks down and notices the Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima stumbling along the school grounds. A mysterious occult symbol appears on his forehead and he collapses on the road, not noticing a truck coming past. He lets off a devious smile just before the vehicle slams into him.

Chief Yuge visits his Tokken-colleague Aki recovering in the hospital.

In the city hospital, Chief Yuge checks up on his still unconscious Tokken-colleague Aki. A nurse informs him that she will be asleep until the next morning and mistakes Yuge for her father. She explains that a nun brought the girl in and stayed with her. She suggests looking in the hospital records to find out where the woman went.

Oshima woos nurse Harada.

Meanwhile, vice-principal Oshima wakes up in another room. The friendly nurse Eri Harada tells him he was hit by a car, but the vice-principal claims to not remember anything.

Then, as the nurse is helping him recover, he suddenly kisses her passionately. Without explaining himself, he proceeds to touch her body and removes her uniform, complimenting her distinct red bra. She returns his affections, but the mood suddenly changes when the occult symbol on Oshima's forehead resonates. In a crazed frenzy, the man grabs Harada and rips off his clothes. He forces her into giving him oral sex and proceeds to violate her body. The nurse begs him to stop, but he viciously rapes her multiple times.

Takashiro again confronts her nemesis.

Act Four

At night, Takashiro confronts Imari/Kitami in a broken greenhouse. She reveals that she knows the girl is really Reika Kitami and that she could sense her evil aura from afar. Unfazed, Imari laughs, and tells the nun she saved her the trouble of looking for her. Takashiro holds up her talisman and threatens Kitami to keep quiet inside her host body. The evil woman assures her she will not defeat her as easily as last time.

Poor Shiraki just can not catch a break.

Meanwhile at the dark Academy building, Shiraki notices the lights of the small garden building on the school grounds are lit and goes outside to investigate. She runs into several students, among them student council president Saki Kiriya. The teacher asks them what they are doing there so late at night, when Saeki suddenly appears behind her. By her command, her student followers grab Shiraki and knock her out with a chemically treated rag.

Yuki following her mistress' command by helping her ambush Takashiro.

Back in the greenhouse, Takashiro attempts to cast a spell but is interrupted when a glowing pentagram appears below her and some of Imari's/Kitami's robed followers appear from the darkness, among them Yuki Toudou. The girls start to chant a familiar line:

Imari/Kitami overpowers Takashiro.
"Heikas Heikas Estei Biberoi"

Imari/Kitami continues:

"El, Elohim, Elohei, Elohim, El, Elohim, Elohei, Elohim, Sabaoth, Elion"

The other girls repeat her spell and Takashiro collapses to the stone floor, her talisman rendered useless. Imar/Kitami grabs the woman's robe and rips it off, then starts to grope and violate her body. She tells her that she took her Minase away from her, and proceeds to ruthlessly anally rape her. All the while, Imari's mind and voice seemingly alternate between Imari and Kitami. The latter remains in control, however.

Finally, the witch forces Takashiro into oral sex, ominously saying it is not over yet.

To be continued...


  • It is unclear what Imari/Kitami means with the line With this ass, my Minase-kun...You took away my Minase said near the end of the episode while violating Takashiro. What became of the first anime character Taki Minase, Imari's childhood friend, remains ambiguous. It is possible that the witch is referring to Minase's betrayal and collaboration with Takashiro in the fourth episode of the first anime. It could also refer to an unknown action Takashiro undertook in between the two series.
  • There is a noticeable change in art quality in this episode, particularly in the last act. In some scenes the art style is considerably less detailed and more crudely animated. Coincidentally, the art style in third episode of the first anime was also inferior before it was remastered. The New Testament Complete Version maintains the same sub-par animation, however.
  • Despite being a major character, Naoto Yamanishi does not feature in this episode. It is the only episode in the New Testament series in which he is not seen.
  • Takashiro confronts Imari/Kitami in a broken greenhouse, the same one seen in the first episode of the series. The significance of this location remains unknown.
  • The incantation Takashiro uses to protect Aki is a common Kuji-inWP mantra found in Buddhism. In popular culture it is often associated with meditation or martial arts.




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