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General information
Release dates: Jp.png December 25, 2007
Us.png July 28, 2009
Written by: Sousuke Kokubunji
Directed by: Yuki Shinomiya
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Series: New Testament

Reproduction (Saisei - 再生) is the sixth and final episode of the Bible Black: New Testament series and the fourteenth anime episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of December, 2007[1], a year after the previous episode. It was released in the United States on the 28th of July, 2009 under the names Third Scripture and Third Psalm in a double feature containing both Reproduction and the fifth episode Rejection.[2]

The final ritual night commences and Imari/Kitami gets ready to use Aki Ichikawa to resurrect the Bible Black. But the powerful Jody Crowley interrupts the ritual, overpowering Kitami after taking control of her closest ally Kaori Saeki. Jody attempts to impregnate Aki to give birth to a powerful being, fulfilling her grandfather's prophecy. Hiroko Takashiro and Tokken chief Toru Yuge meanwhile try to stop her at all cost.


A crazed Yamanishi attacks Aki.


After sneaking up behind her, former police investigator Naoto Yamanishi strangles Tokken-agent Aki Ichikawa in her organization's headquarters. Possessed by a demonic influence, he starts to grope her body after she loses consciousness. He then licks and kisses her, but is blocked by a strange blinding light when he tries to penetrate her body.

The evil witch Imari/Kitami with her loyal subject Kaori Saeki.

Act One

In the basement of the Academy, Kurumi Imari, possessed by the soul of the evil Reika Kitami, is letting her followers have sex with several of her captives, including student Yuki Toudou and teacher Rika Shiraki. The large pentacle drawing on the stone floor starts to glow in an eerie blue light. In the center of it sits Imari/Kitami , being given oral sex by Kaori Saeki, her closest devotee. She complains about the late arrival of Yamanishi and directs Saeki to pick him up.

Yuge and Takashiroo discuss their plan.

Meanwhile, Tokken-chief Toru Yuge is driving in his car with Hiroko Takashiro, on their way to face Kitami. Holding a mysterious rolled up cloth, Takashiro tells Yuge that this has to be the final battle, the fight for possession of the Bible Black, the dark book of magic. She ponders that she is responsible for all of it, and quickly flashbacks to when she had her own witchcraft club when she was a student.

Saeki orders her lackeys to retrieve retrieve Yamanishi and Aki at Tokken.

Yuge suggests they return to the Tokken headquarters first to check on Yamanishi, but Takashiro implores him to go to the school instead, arguing that if something did happen to Yamanishi or Aki, it would already be too late to stop them. But Yuge, being an investigator, says he will need some data, and weapons.

Saeki is subjected by Jody.

However, Saeki arrives at the Tokken headquarters moments before them in a large van. She orders the group of robed male followers accompanying her to retrieve Yamanishi and Aki. Before they enter the building, however, they notice several Tokken agents laying knocked out on the porch, indicating someone might have been here before them.

Saeki meanwhile waits by the van when the mysterious Jody Crowley suddenly appears next to her. She grabs Saeki by her head as her eyes start to glow red, causing Saeki to lose control over her body and mind, corrupting them to Jody's command.

Jody's guard chokes Takashiro until the woman loses conciousness.

Next, Saeki willingly gives her new mistress oral sex while Takashiro and Yuge arrive at the building. Jody immediately casts a powerful spell, disorienting them both. She fires a bolt at Takashiro, but she deflects the attack by holding the wrapped object in front of her.

Takashiro struggles to undo Jody's disorienting spell but is overwhelmed and caught by Yuge, who apologizes for not being of more help before collapsing again from the spell's effects. Jody fires another powerful jolt at Takashiro when her two female guards suddenly intervene. One of them chokes Takashiro until she loses consciousness, the other kisses Yuge before he too passes out from Jody's magic.

Aki, the woman in red, prepared for the ritual in the Academy basement.

Act Two

In the school basement, Aki Ichikawa - the woman in red - is shackled to the stone floor in the middle of a painted white circle with a pentagram and several other occult symbols drawn on it. An abundant orgy is taking place in the room, with Yuki, Shiraki and Takashiro all being assaulted. Presiding over the scene is Imari/Kitami with Saeki, who pretends to still follow her former mistress' lead.

Outside, chief Yuge slowly recovers to discover Takashiro has been taken. He finds her wrapped package on the ground and recalls the woman telling him they needed to get to the school to stop Kitami.

There, Imari/Kitami cuts off Aki's underwear with a small dagger, then undoes her own robe as well. One of her followers, student council president Saki Kiriya, pours out the contents of a golden chalice filled with semen over her and Aki's body.

Takashiro's front row orgy seat during ImariKitami's basement ritual.

Meanwhile, Yamanishi, still possessed, proceeds to rape Takashiro, who is firmly tied to a post. Numerous others also give in to their urges, either willingly or forcibly, resulting in a twisted and frenzied orgy.

As Imari/Kitami is standing over Aki, who is slowly regaining consciousness in confusion, she commands her to use her blood to show where the Bible Black is. She plunges the dagger down into her abdomen, but a bright light blocks the blade, snapping it off at the hilt.

Jody suffers ImariKitami's spell.

Imari/Kitami is dumbfounded, until she sees Jody Crowley reveal herself from under one of the black robes. The girl laughs maliciously, and Imari/Kitami curses her for interrupting her ritual. Jody coldly tells her that she is a fool and should be glad to still be alive for her attempt to control the power of evil. She undoes her robe and informs Imari/Kitami she is nothing but another sacrificial lamb for her ritual. Jody immediately casts her disorienting spell, but Imari/Kitami is unimpressed and unleashes her own magic, causing Jody's veins to bulge.

Imari/Kitami betrayed by her ally Saeki when the girl is corrupted by Jody.

Then, the two robed women behind Imari/Kitami reveal themselves to be Jody's guards. They cast a spell, forcing Imari/Kitami to her knees. In desperation, Imari/Kitami plunges the sharp edge of the broken dagger in her hand, attempting to cast another spell from the wound. Then, her former ally Saeki suddenly grabs and holds her from behind, revealing her defection and allowing Jody to stun her.

Act Three

Jody humiliates Imari/Kitami when she takes over her ritual.

Now in complete control of Kitami's followers, Jody has her guards penetrate Takashiro, Shiraki, Kiriya, Saeki and even her loyal subject Yuki with strange metal devices, resembling a sort of speculumWP. She starts pleasuring Imari's body, causing her demonic penis to emerge from her groin. Jody has sex with her, telling her to show her humiliation and that it will be the last flesh she will ever taste.

Imari's soul briefly resurfaces.

Meanwhile, Yamanishi and other male followers have sex with Saeki, Kiriya and the other girls in the room. Jody proceeds to have anal sex with Imari/Kitami, causing the the soul of Imari to re-emerge for a brief moment. Jody then has Imari have sex with her until they both come to a screaming climax.

Act Four

Jody now turns her attention back to Aki, who is still shackled to the floor. Takashiro exclaims in amazement that she is witnessing the Ritual of Coronzon as a mysterious black energy emerges from the pentacle on the floor, penetrating the girls wearing the metal devices.

The spear fragment slices through Aki.

Jody magically undoes Aki's restraints and uses her magic to life the girl. She tells her she will impregnate her, and that she will give birth to the one who will rule the world. However, a bright white flash suddenly flares out of Aki's abdomen, and the Spear of Longinus fragment emerges from within her body, slicing through her skin.

Toru Yuge suddenly enters the room, but Jody tells him he is too late to stop the ritual. Yuge undoes Takashiro's restraints and reveals several magic arrows from the wrapped package he brought with him. The chief is grabbed by Yamanishi from behind who holds him down. Takashiro quickly casts a spell to enchant the arrows.

Takashiro throws her arrows at Jody.
"Vam. Hum. Trah. Hrih."

She throws four of them towards Jody before they fly off and land on either side of her. Then, a drop of blood drooping from the spear lands on the floor, causing the fragment to reconstruct the original Bible Black spell book. The tome emerges from the floor, astonishing both Takashiro and Jody.

Tokken-chief Yuge grabbed by a possessed Yamanishi.

Takashiro quickly throws her last arrow at it, but it is easily deflected and falls to the floor. She tells Yuge they need to break the metal seal around the book to undo its magic. Yuge escapes from Yamanishi's grip and pulls out a pistol, adding that he never expected a poison like it would come in handy. He takes aim at the book, but Jody's guards suddenly appear and jump him, also holding down Takashiro.

The Bible Black's seal breaks.

Yuge struggles with his gun, but eventually manages to fire off a single bullet, successfully hitting the metal pentagram on the book. Metal shards shoot out from all sides, wounding or killing the two guards. The book opens, and Takashiro starts reciting:

"Defend against evil spirits, drive away my bitter enemy. End the Seven Misfortunes and bring forth good fortune."

The purple Devil arms from the book grab the souls of Jody and Kitami.

The arrows shoot straight up into the air, one of them piercing Jody's foot. Large floating purple arms emerge from the pages and grab on to Jody and Kitami's souls. The Devil's voice resonates within the room, offering them a contract in exchange for their souls. In terror, Takashiro flashbacks to her time as a student where she was brutally raped by a demon herself.

Kitami's soul reaches out to Yamanishi when she is dragged into the book.

Yamanishi meanwhile awakens on the floor to see the soul of his former lover Kitami being pulled away by the arms as Jody agrees to bind a contract. Yamanishi tries to grab Kitami's hand but instead lands on Jody's lifeless body. Bright light pillars illuminate the room and Takashiro repeats her spell, adding:

"Rin, Byo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen"

Yuge helps up Takashiro after the ritual concludes.

She takes out her talisman and the beads magically spread across the room. Suddenly, Jody's soul cries out that this is not her and tries to escape from the arms' clutches, but the book drags her in and closes shut, darkening the room. Takashiro magically seals the book and it disappears into the floor. Exhausted, she is helped up by Yuge, who jokes that it will be difficult to file a report on the events.

Everyone's lives return to normal...


Later, life around the Academy seems to return to normal. Teachers Saeki and Shiraki walk side by side and are - along with students Kiriya and Yuki - seemingly unaware of what has happened. Even Jody is seen back in a school uniform happily reading a booklet.

Takashiro and Yuge meet again at a greenhouse which has since been repaired. Yamanishi runs towards them after ordering ice cream for them at a nearby vendor.

...or do they?

Down in the park, Aki is back in Tokken uniform, again dozing off on one of the benches. She jumps when Imari walks up to her and asks if she has finished her report. Imari calms her down and tells her not to panic and that she can finish it later today. For a split second, Kitami's face flashes on Aki's computer screen, and Aki lets off a joyful smile.

The End...?


  • The title of this episode refers to Jody Crowley's goal to impregnate Aki Ichikawa in order to fulfill her grandfather's prophecy of the Scarlet Woman.
  • The Japanese box art of this episode is the only one in the series to feature full frontal nudity. The alternative US / European box has a censored image.
  • An open page of the Bible Black is visible near the end of the episode, (screenshot). The page contains an excerpt from The Formation Of The Tree Of Life Being A Qabalistic Conception Of The Creative Process, the first chapter of the book Q.B.L by occultist Charles Stansfeld JonesWP, a member of Aleister Crowley's cult. This would seem to imply that Crowley or his followers were also once in possession of the book and made their own additions.
  • The purple arms grabbing hold of Jody and Imari/Kitami are identical to the ones seen earlier in the episode when Jody corrupts the mind of Saeki.
  • With 35 minutes, the run time of this episode is around 5 minutes longer than previous episodes in the New Testament series.




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