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Takeshi Oshima

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Takeshi Oshima
Takeshi Oshima.png
The athletic VP corrupted by evil.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Copper
Affiliations: Academy
Jody Crowley
Production information
Voiced by: Us.png Cedric Graciano

Takeshi Oshima (大島武 Oshima Takeshi) is a minor character in the Bible Black: New Testament series.

He is the athletically built and muscular vice-principal of the Academy.


The vice-principal's toned body.

Oshima is handsome, tall and muscular. He has a somewhat square-shaped head and copper-colored eyes. His his dark blue hair is combed back and worn long at the back. He also have somewhat thick eyebrows.

As a vice-principal he is commonly dressed in a formal beige suit with a red tie and brown waistcoat over a white undershirt.


Drinking the dubious tea laced with a chemical by Saeki.

Secuded by little devils

On an early morning of a new semester, Oshima is summoned by teacher Kaori Saeki to a small cabin on the Academy grounds. She offers him tea, secretly mixed with several drops of a potent drug. Oshima remarks that the drink tastes more bitter than usual, but takes no notice of the chemical.

Saeki and Oshima make their way through the passage underneath the Academy grounds.

Saeki then asks the vice-principal to follow her along a dark underground passage that leads into the school. As they make their way through the tunnel, they discuss Saeki's past as a student. Oshima tells her that the newly appointed professor Rika Shiraki also graduated from the Academy.

Saeki makes a request.

Next, Saeki probes him about a mysterious incident that took place during break, where teacher Yoshitani allegedly raped his student Yuki Toudou and then burned himself to death out of guilt.

They arrive at the school's basement storage room, and to Oshima's shock a group of female students have gathered there, including Yuki and student council president Saki Kiriya.

Pleasured by the coven girls. Not the worst that could happen...

The drug has meanwhile started to kick in, and the girls grab Oshima as he starts to feel faint. They sit him down on a stone altar as Saeki, the leader of the girls, compliments the man's appearance and makes a request to him. Student Yuki then starts kissing him and gives him oral sex.

Witnessing the ritual in the corner.

The other girls join in and Saeki also starts having sex with him. Oshima says he has always liked her as he passionately makes love to the teacher. After Oshima climaxes, Saeki collects his semen in a golden chalice.

Oshima then witnesses how a mysterious woman joins the group of girls and, during some kind of ritual, inserts a black metal object into a violet-haired girl's vagina before dipping it in the chalice.

About to be hit by a truck outside the school.

Corrupted by evil

The vice-principal eventually makes his way out of the basement, still half-drugged and stumbling about outside the school. A strange occult symbol appears on his forehead, corrupting his mind. He staggers onto the road in front of the school gates and lets off a devious smile just before a truck smashes into him.

Oshima about to have sex with nurse Harada in the hospital.

Oshima wakes up in the hospital, greeted by nurse Eri Harada. They flirt and kiss each other, and Oshima starts to undress her. Taken aback at first, Harada eventually returns his affections. However, the occult symbol again flashes on Oshima's forehead and he roughly grabs Harada by her crotch. In an animalistic rage, he proceeds to violently have sex with the nurse despite her protests.

Attempting to stab Aki.

Soon after, Oshima is stumbling across the hospital hallways at night carrying a blade and a metal drip stand. He enters the room of patient Aki Ichikawa and asks her about the Spear of Longinus. Just when he is about to strike her with the metal stand he notices blood between Aki's legs. He starts giving her oral sex and caresses her body. He proceeds to have anal sex with her and then stabs her with the blade to find the spear inside her body.

Another patient, Naoto Yamanishi, suddenly intervenes and hits Oshima on the head with a drinking can. The young police officer then knocks him out with the metal stand, causing the mysterious symbols on his forehead to disappear.



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