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Occultist bank robbers

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Occultist bank robbers
Occultist bank robbers.png
Masked criminals into robbery and rape.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Various
Eye color: Unknown
Affiliations: Jody Crowley
Production information
Voiced by: Us.png Grant George

The occultist bank robbers are a group of five masked male minor characters featured in the first and second episode of the Bible Black: New Testament anime series. They are only briefly heard screaming and not seen on-screen in the second episode apart from a flashback.

They presumably work for or are controlled by the mysterious occultist and witch Jody Crowley. The men are presumably directed by her to rob a bank.


Taking Imari and Aki hostage when they enter the bank.

Wearing yellow masks and carrying firearms, the group enters a bank to steal an artifact from a safety deposit box and to perform an occult ceremony. They take the bank staff and customers hostage and also capture the Tokken-investigators Aki Ichikawa and Kurumi Imari when they enter the building.

The clerk is brutally raped by the robber leader in the bathroom.

The leader gropes Imari by her breasts, taunting her. He then orders his men to force the bound and blindfolded customers and staff to have sex with each other. He then brings Aki, Imari and two female bank clerks to the ladies bathroom at gunpoint.

Here he knocks Aki unconscious when she tries to fight him, and has Imari wrists tied to one of the stalls. He proceeds to violate the two clerks, murdering one of them with his shotgun in his excitement.

The leader makes a cut in Imari's neck.

He then starts to pleasure Imari by massaging her body and giving her oral sex. He makes a small cut in her neck and licks up the blood. As he starts chanting, it causes the woman to suddenly rip apart her restraints, and in one swift motion break the leader's neck - killing him.

Moments later, police storm the building, presumably killing the four remaining robbers as well.[1]


The occult symbol seen on the leader.
  • The robbers, or at least the leader, was presumably aware that Kurumi Imari would arrive at the bank and instructed to perform the ceremony on her, since Jody Crowley wanted to revive the soul of Reika Kitami within her to find the woman in red.
  • The leader's body shows a similar symbol as vice-principal Takeshi Oshima after he is cursed. The robbers may have been similarly compelled to carry out their actions (becoming evil and lecherous in the process) by Jody Crowley's magic.
  • When captured, Imari notes that the robbers have not secured any escape routes. It is therefore possible they were on a suicide mission, themselves controlled, or simply incompetent criminals.
  • The half masks worn by the robbers resemble Venetian masks worn at festivals like the Carnival of VeniceWP.


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  1. S3E2 | Yuge: "If the assailants were all dead, then would it be safe to assume that the spear was given to someone else before you and Imari-kun were captured?"