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Miyuki Nonogusa

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Miyuki Nonogusa
Miyuki nonogusa.png
Helpless victim of her swim team bullies.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Affiliations: Academy
Swim team
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Saeko Kitamura
Us.png Misty Prince

Miyuki Nonogusa (野々草 美由紀 Nonogusa Miyuki) is a minor character featured in the first and second Bible Black games and briefly in the second episode of the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis. She is also featured in one scene of Bible Black: Only.

Nonogusa is a member of the swim team at school, having joined in her sophomore year.[1] She is quite a talented swimmer, and the envy of some of her fellow members, notably the arrogant swim team captain Shinobu Kobayashi.[2]

She used to be in the same high school class as Taki Minase, who bullied her by calling her Nogusa (someone who defecates outside).[3]


Harassed by her fellow swim team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto.

One day, Nonogusa is cornered in the locker room of the school's swimming pool by swim team captain Shinobu Kobayashi and her lackey Mikimoto. They tie her up and put duct tape over her mouth. The girls then start to harass her body and rip apart her swimsuit with a knife.

Moments later, the green-haired student Mika Ito joins them along with her boyfriend. She undoes Nonogusa's gag and compliments her on her body. Mikimoto then grabs her head and forces Nonogusa to give the boy oral sex. He then takes her virginity and proceeds to have sex with all the other girls. Nonogusa eventually stops resisting and succumbs to lust.

Later, Nonogusa is seen in the nurse's office and is repeatedly raped by nurse Reika Kitami who scolds her for not protecting her virginity.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Miyuki Nonogusa as seen in the games.

Cornered by her team members

The player (Taki Minase) first sees Nonogusa either when trying to hide a paper doll in Rika Shiraki's bag or when he is on his way home from school. She is being shoved into an empty classroom by her fellow swim team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto, also in swimsuits. Kobayashi scolds her for being chosen to represent the school at an upcoming swim meet over herself. Nonogusa denies gloating over this achievement, which angers Kobayashi even more. She starts to kick the girl repeatedly, pressuring her to quit the team. Nonogusa refuses, and Kobayashi orders Mikimoto to tie her hands and feet together with tape. Nonogusa screams when Mikimoto takes out a vibrator, causing Kobayashi to gag her using one of her socks. She then starts to strip off her swimsuit and the girls violate her.

Tied up by her team members.

The player decides to keep watching, and the girls take Nonogusa's virginity with the vibrator. Per Kobayashi's order, Mikimoto takes out a Polaroid camera and snaps several pictures of the spectacle. She then forces a small bottle of deodorant spray inside Nonogusa's anus. They blackmail her and threaten to release the pictures if she does not quit the swim team. They then loosen her restraints and leave.

Minase offers to help

  • If the player decides to take advantage of the situation, Minase sees a crying Nonogusa spitting out the sock, undoing her restraints and removing the vibrator and bottle. In shock, she suddenly notices the player watching her. Sobbing over her abuse, she admits that if she had known this would happen, she would have never joined the team. The player suggests taking revenge, but Nonogusa is afraid they will release the pictures and do something even worse to her. The player offers to help in exchange for a sexual favor. Nonogusa agrees, not caring about what happens to her anymore. After they have sex, Minase leaves her in the classroom, promising to take revenge on the girls. Soon after, Minase returns and gives her some of the photos he has retrieved. Nonogusa suspects that some of them are missing, but takes them with her and leaves for home.
  • If the player decides to save her, Minase leaves the room immediately to retrieve the pictures and does not see Nonogusa again until he gives her all of the photos soon after. He tells her that he warned Kobayashi and Mikimoto not to come near her again. Confused but overjoyed, Nonogusa thanks him with tears in her eyes. She cheerfully thanks the player again a few days later after she is being made the new swim team captain.
Nonogusa gloating over Minase.

Revenge or rescue

In a possible future storyline where the player has taken advantage of Nonogusa, she is put under school nurse Reika Kitami's control and takes revenge on the player in the swimming pool locker room, where Kobayashi and Mikimoto have been having sex with him. She ridicules Minase, saying that she knew from the start that he did not give her all the photos. She then sodomizes him with a double headed vibrator and injects him with a hypodermic needle filled with an aphrodisiac, sending Minase into an uncontrollable arousal. The girls proceed to take turns having sex with him for hours, continually administering more injections until he collapses from exhaustion and dies.

If the player helped Nonogusa instead, she follows Kobayashi and Mikimoto to the locker room when they drag him there (see above). She knocks them out with a kickboard and rescues Minase. Embarrassed at seeing him naked, she helps him put on his clothes and promises to keep the incident a secret. She remains behind to watch over the two girls as Minase leaves.

Falling into a trap

Cornered with Mikimoto.

In another storyline where the player takes advantage of Nonogusa, he has Kaori Saeki call her, Kobayashi, and Mikimoto to the art room through the school's PA system. The girls are shocked to see an orgy going on in the classroom and Minase threatens to release the pictures he took of them if they do not do what he wants.

After Minase violates Kobayashi with a wine bottle for insulting him, he turns his attention to a shocked Mikimoto and Nonogusa who both desperately plead with Minase that they will do anything to avoid the sane fate. He and school bully Inoue cut apart the girls' swimsuits, and Minase rapes Nonogusa, even making her thank him for not letting Inoue violate her instead. Nonogusa enjoys herself, but begs the player not to climax inside her. Whatever he chooses, he leaves afterward and Nonogusa and Mikimoto revive Kobayashi.

Bible Black: The Infection

Personality and traits

She has a delicate and submissive personality, causing her to often become the target of bullies at school.



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