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New Testament
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General information
Release: Jp.png Apr 25, 2004 – Dec 25, 2008
Us.png Nov 15, 2005 – Jul 28, 2009
Episodes: 6
Runtime: 28-30 minutes (per episode)
120 minutes (complete edition)
Production information
Animation: Milky Studio
Direction: Hamuo
Production: MS Pictures
Distribution: Us.png Kitty Media
Episode guide
Episode 1 Revival
Episode 2 Reunion
Episode 3 Rule
Episode 4 Recollection
Episode 5 Rejection
Episode 6 Reproduction

Bible Black: New Testament (Shin Baiburuburakku 新バイブルブラック New Bible Black), also known under its subtitle Bible Black: La Lanza de Longinus (Spanish: The Lance of Longinus) or Shin Bible Black, is the third entry in the Bible Black anime.

The series consists of six episodes set several years after the events of the first anime series and game. Like its predecessor, it was animated by Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures). The first episode debuted on the 25th of April, 2004 in Japan. Like before, the series was later adapted and dubbed to English, French and Spanish.

Similar to the first anime, a re-cut of the entire series was later released in Japan as a single 120-minute movie (see below).

Unlike the preceding anime series, New Testament is not based on the storyline of the first Bible Black game, but instead follows the lives of some main characters from the game and anime sometime in the future. It also introduces several new characters unique to this series.

Furthermore, many of the scenes do not take place around the Japanese academy seen in previous Bible Black productions. It instead features numerous other locations, like the Tokken headquarters, a bank and a hospital. The school does not even appear in the fourth and fifth episodes.

Despite the overall dark and malevolent tone of the Bible Black series in general, New Testament in particular has considerably more violent themes than previous installments. In contains a large amount of explicit erotic scenes (see below), most of which depict non-consensual sex and torture, including more graphic details like blood.


The final chapter begins.

Years have passed since Walpurgis Night, and the students and teachers of the Academy have all made their way into the world. Rika Shiraki and Kaori Saeki become teachers at their former school, while art professor Hiroko Takashiro becomes a nun. Kurumi Imari has become a member of Tokken, a psychic investigation agency lead by Toru Yuge. Her team is looking into a series of gruesome murders that all happened during sexual intercourse. Witnesses report having seen a ghostly figure near the crime scenes.

Saeki restarts her witchcraft club with a new crop of girls, trying to pursue her former master Reika Kitami's goals and revive the Bible Black spell book. Meanwhile, Imari and her Tokken subordinate, Aki Ichikawa, are caught up in a bank robbery conducted by occult robbers. An impromptu ceremony performed at the scene causes Kitami to again take control over Imari's body. In the aftermath, she steals the Spear of Longinus from the bank vault.

Imari/Kitami then looks for the so called Scarlet Woman to gain the Devil's powers. She identifies Aki to be that woman and captures her for a ceremony, lodging the ancient Spear of Longinus artifact inside her body. The ghostly figure, now identified as Jody Crowley, tries to disrupt her ceremony, and makes a pact with Saeki's follower Yuki Toudou to be her eyes and ears.

All the while, young police investigator Naoto Yamanishi tries to investigate the mysterious events before he becomes a victim himself.

The final ceremony climaxes with both Imari/Kitami and Jody Crowley competing over Aki. Takashiro and Tokken chief Toru Yuge struggle to defeat both of them and end the dark ceremony.



A number of characters from the first Bible Black series make their return. Several new ones make their debut.

Major Characters

Mug imari-kitami.gif
Kurumi Imari (伊万里 胡桃)
The psychically gifted and chief investigator of Tokken, a paranormal investigation agency. Imari carries with her the soul of former school nurse Reika Kitami. Following a sinister ritual, the witch resurfaces and once again takes control of her body and mind.
Mug jody.jpg
Jody Crowley (ジョディ・クロウリー)
The granddaughter of famous occultist Aleister Crowley. She uses her powerful magic in her quest for the so called Scarlet Woman mentioned in her grandfather's writings. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, and even takes control of her enemies' followers.
Mug takashiro old.jpg
Hiroko Takashiro (高城 寛子)
After sealing Kitami inside Imari's body, the former Academy art teacher has adapted a secluded life as a nun. With the help of Tokken chief Toru Yuge she again combats the powers of evil when the nurse is revived and Jody Crowley reveals her intentions.
Mug yuge.jpg
Toru Yuge (弓削徹)
The director of Tokken, an agency that investigates crime cases involving paranormal phenomena. He attempts to solve several puzzling murders and eventually unravels the dark plot surrounding them, discovering the true nature of his colleagues Aki and Imari.
Mug yamanishi.jpg
Naoto Yamanishi (山西直人)
A young police investigator who is called to a mysterious murder case on the roof of the Academy building with his partner. He is reminded of his close relationship with nurse Kitami during his time at school and eventually succumbs to the powers of darkness.
Mug aki.jpg
Aki Ichikawa (安芸市川)
A young Tokken agent and Imari's subordinate colleague. Although inexperienced, she is quite knowledgeable and devoted to her research on various criminal cases. However, she is captured by evil forces and her body is used as a vessel for a mysterious purpose.
Mug saeki old.jpg
Kaori Saeki (佐伯 香織)
A former student of the Academy with a deep fascination for the occult. She has continued to work at her old school as a teacher. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, however, she is still loyal to Kitami and tries to restore the Bible Black with her new coven.
Mug yuki.png
Yuki Toudou (ユキ藤堂)
A young and seductive Academy student. She has allied herself with Saeki's group, using her body to serve her teacher. Her mind is eventually corrupted by Jody Crowley, and she is forced to spy on her mistress Saeki, something for which she is brutally punished.
Mug shiraki old.jpg
Rika Shiraki (白木 里香)
Another former Academy student. She has also pursued a career in teaching, having been hired as a substitute teacher after looking up her old professor Takashiro. Like during her college years, she becomes a victim of evil when some of her students turn against her.

Minor Characters

Mug oshima.jpg
Takeshi Oshima (大島武)
The vice-principal of the Academy. He is seduced by Saeki and her followers and corrupted by evil.
Mug kiriya.jpg
Saki Kiriya (咲桐谷)
A malicious follower of Saeki's club and student council president. A position she abuses to help Saeki.
Mug guards.jpg
Crowley's guards
Two of Jody's female disciples. These powerful magic users follow their mistress without question.
Mug harada.jpg
Eri Harada (えり原田)
A nurse working in the hospital. Her care for vice-principal Oshima takes a turn for the worse.
Mug robbers.jpg
Occultist bank robber
A group that presumably works for Jody Crowley. They break into a bank to steal a rare artifact.
Mug yoshitani.jpg
Yoshitani (吉谷)
A young male professor at the Academy and son of famous archaeologist Souji Yoshitani.

Unseen Characters

Unnamed Characters

A list of background and nameless characters from the series in order of appearance.

Main article: Unnamed Characters in New Testament

Erotic scenes

Below is a list of all significant erotic scenes and the episode(s) in which they appear. See their respective pages for more information.

Complete Version

Complete Version box-art.

A re-cut of the entire series, titled New Bible Black Complete Version: Restored ~Rinne~ (新・バイブルブラック完全版 Restored ~輪廻~), was later released in Japan as a single 120-minute movie containing (parts of) all six episodes.

This version includes several extra scenes that detail the backgrounds of Hiroko Takashiro, Kurumi Imari, Kaori Saeki and Jody Crowley prior to the events of the series. It also abridges or shortens several parts seen in the episodic version, such as the bank robbery scene. Nurse Eri Harada's encounter with Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima in the hospital has been removed completely, as is the erotic scene with Jody Crowley and Yuki Toudou on a roof.

This special edition has not officially made it to Europe or the Americas and remains a Japanese exclusive (censored) release.

Additional scenes

Shot S3 takashiro climb.jpg

Takashiro's Path to Light

This scene appears right after Shiraki visits her former teacher Takashiro in her cabin. It briefly details some history on Imari and Kitami at the Academy following the events of the first anime series. It then depicts how Takashiro is assaulted by two thugs in a downtown area before joining a monastery of sorts, where she also appears to have sex with a monk. The scene ends with her studying ancient texts and climbing a mountain.

Saeki's soul transfer to Imari

Shot S3 saeki imari soul transfer.jpg

When Toru Yuge and Imari visit the Academy basement during their investigation, Imari flashes back to her time as a student. While outside the school building, student Imari hears a familiar ritual chant and is compelled to make her way to the basement. There, Kaori Saeki, having killed three pigeons as a sacrifice, engages in a ritual. She has sex with the girl using a strap-on dildo, during which her appearance switches between Saeki's and Kitami's. She appears to transfer the evil witch's soul into Imari's body through her mouth.

Shot S3 imari as police.jpg

Imari's psychic police arrest

Just after Imari leaves following a meeting in the Tokken headquarters, boss Toru Yuge reminisces about their first encounter. He is on the street investigating the murder of a young woman, when he sees police officer Imari using some sort of psychic premonition. Shots of the murdered girl being raped and ultimately stabbed by a rough looking thug flash through his mind, before Imari points out the killer from the crowd. Yuge quickly rushes at the man and grabs him, flabbergasted by Imari's powers.

Jody Crowley's history

Shot S3 jody holding candle.jpg

After Imari/Kitami's ritual is disturbed by Yuki Toudou, who is serving as Jody Crowley's spy, the scene switches to Jody attending a school. It then depicts her at a nightly ritual, where she watches a couple having sex in a circle of candles while masturbating with a dildo. It causes a ghost of her grandfather Aleister Crowley to appear. The next scene shows several men and women having sex while Jody looks on from afar; one in a Middle-Eastern looking building, the other in an outside panoramic elevator. The scene ends with Jody in front of Saeki's Academy class with students Kiriya and Yuki smiling.

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Staff credits

Japanese version


Kaori Nishijima
Michiru Jyozaki
Rika Koyama
Nagisa Futami
Haruna Kanbayashi
Akemi Minashi
Genji Shigaki
Satoshi Takemura
Yoshio Kida

Active Software

Sousuke Kokubunji

Kazuhiko Yagami
Taketo Watarai


Kaito Asakura

Yuki Shinomiya


Koji Azuma

Kanamu Kobayashi

Digital Gear (E5+E6)


Ichiro Ishigami

Studio Jam

Image House

English version


Jarrod Hander
Doc Walthers
Boz Smith
Derek Smalls
Cedric Graciano
Lina Parador
Susan Josephs
Julie Kroener
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The Lactose Avenger

Milki Tanakas

Brock Landers

Bible Black Production Committee



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