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Junko Mochida

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Junko Mochida
Junko mochida2.jpg
The smug council girl that got put down.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Turquoise
Eye color: Dark Blue
Affiliations: Academy
Student council
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Midori Sakioka
Us.png Cynthia Gough
Fr.png ?
Sp.png Eba María Ojanguren

Junko Mochida (持田 潤子 Mochida Junko) is a minor character featured in the Bible Black: Origins anime series.

She is a student of the Academy, a member of the school's student council and lesbian lover of Nami Kozono, also a member of the council. The girls do not seem particularly secretive about their relationship, as they have sex at school.


Mochida is commonly seen dressed in her Academy uniform, under which she wears pink panties and bra decorated with small dark pink bows. She also wears a pair of large round glasses over her dark blue eyes and a black hairband in her long turquoise-colored hair.


Denying Rose Cross their club bid.

Mochida has sex with her lover Nami Kozono in the student council classroom at school. She is playfully dominated by the council president.

Later, Mochida informs student Hiroko Takashiro and her friends Rie Morita and Saki Shindou that their bid for a witchcraft club has been rejected by the council, and then proceeds to scoff at them for even suggesting it.

Compelled to strip naked.

As revenge, the girls use a magic book to cast a spell on her, which is supposed to make a woman 'dance naked' and make everyone pity her.

The next day, when Mochida goes to present budget announcements from the student council onstage during assembly in the gymnasium, she becomes sexually aroused due to the spell's effects and strips off her uniform. She playfully teases the crowd and shows off her naked body, and then proceeds to masturbate vigorously in front of the entire faculty and student body. The students and teachers are shocked, but do not stop her as she brings herself to orgasm.

Her fellow students ridicule her.

Mochida passes out after her ordeal and is brought to the school's infirmary to recover. Kozono later pays her a visit to check up on her.

Following her public humiliation, Mochida is vilified by most of the students, who think she has gone completely crazy. She attempts suicide by jumping in front of a car, but fails. She is helped up by her fellow student Reika Kitami. But then, to compound her despair, she finds out that her lover Kozono has started dating the unpopular male student Hiratani, also due to a spell.

Personality and traits

Dismissing the witchcraft club.

Before she has a spell put on her, Mochida's attitude seems to be similar to her lover and fellow council member Nami Kozono: arrogant and self-righteous. She smugly rejects the bid of the witchcraft club and scolds its members, calling their ideas silly.

After she publicly humiliates herself in front of her fellow students she becomes depressed and loses the will to live.

Taking a submissive posture.


Mochida is most likely bisexual or lesbian, evidenced by her relationship with Kozono. Unlike her regular arrogant demeanor, she is quite submissive and shy during their sexual escapade, calling her lover onee-sama, an idolizing Japanese term for big sister.

She obviously loses most of her sexual inhibitions while being forced to masturbate in front of her classmates. Even though mostly attracting the boys' attention, she aims her dazed sexual stupor at everyone as this is part of the spell's function.


  • Though not explicitly stated, Mochida is likely one of the few exclusively lesbian characters in the series.
  • Mochida publicly exposing herself under influence of a spell is reminiscent of student Mika Ito doing the same thing in the first Bible Black game. She masturbates in front of her class after being charmed by the player Taki Minase.
  • She is one of the few female characters in the anime series that does not have sex with any males.
  • Coincidentally, Mochida and her lover Nami Kozono are also chronologically the first characters to be seen having sex in the Bible Black storyline, not counting the flashbacks seen in the New Testament's Complete Version, a single movie re-cut of the third series that alters and adds several scenes.


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