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The library in the games.

The library is a location featured only in the first and second Bible Black games.

It is a public library and not part of the Academy[1], though the school also has its own library for textbooks. A library card is required to borrow material from the former.[2] The library building closes at 5 PM. [3]

Student and black magic enthusiast Kaori Saeki often requests expensive magic books from the library.[4] As a result, there is a somewhat unusually large collection of them.[5]


Academy student Taki Minase visits the library to look up information on Walpurgis Night. He consults several dictionaries, but does not know exactly how to spell the word in English. He gets assistance from his fellow student Rika Shiraki, who is also visiting the library after school. She gives her a pamphlet of the Music Appreciation concert she participated in which features the word. Minase then looks it up in an encyclopedia.

Student Kaori Saeki later interrupts Minase and informs him of her magic book reading hobby. After she leaves, Minase takes home a book on Latin and several about magic, covering topics such as demonism and Black Magic.

At home, Minase uses the books to diligently research his own magic book he discovered at his school. He notices remarkable similarities between graphics and ceremonies seen in both.


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