Kozono's thugs

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Kozono's thugs
Kozono's thugs.png
Evil men at their mistress' beck and call.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Various
Eye color: Various
Affiliations: Nami Kozono
Production information
Voiced by: Us.png Joe Queens (leader)

Kozono's thugs is a group of four male minor characters featured in the second episode of the Bible Black: Origins anime series.

They work for the wealthy student council president Nami Kozono and follow her unlawful orders without hesitation.


Hiratani is dragged out and roughed up in the warehouse.

Beating up Hiratani

In an abandoned warehouse, they ambush and beat up Kozono's ex-boyfriend Hiratani for putting a love spell on her. Kozono tells them not to kill him.

The men grab Kitami.

Violently assaulting Kitami

Later, the leader of the thugs lures the young Academy student Reika Kitami into a trap by pretending the puppy dog she has been occasionally feeding near her school is hurt.

He brings her to the same warehouse where Kozono meets with them. She allows the group to rape the girl as long as they do not take her virginity. The thugs eagerly assault the powerless Kitami and brutally abuse her without hesitation.

Their leader even disregards Kozono's order and takes Kitami's virginity anyway, claiming Kozono won't find out about it. Afterwards, the thugs drug her to sleep and bring her to the school.

Their employer Kozono is killed soon after during the events of Walpurgis Night.


  • Even though the Origins series is not based on the plot of the first Bible Black video game, there are similarities between Kozono's thugs and the game characters of Inoue and his gang. They also act as immoral cronies that do not shy away from rape and abuse.


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