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Nami Kozono

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Nami Kozono
Nami kozono1.png
The devious student council president.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Violet
Eye color: Amber
Affiliations: Academy
Student council
Rose Cross
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Kaori Sanada
Us.png Christie Tibodeaux

Nami Kozono (小園 ナミ Kozono Nami) is a major character primarily featured as the antagonist in the Bible Black: Origins prequel anime series. She is briefly seen in flashbacks in the first and third episodes of the first anime, and also makes a brief flashback appearance in the first game (see below).

As a student, Kozono becomes both the victim and perpetrator of dark magic rituals. She is magically seduced by the unpopular Academy student Hiratani. When released from the spell, she unsuccessfully attempts to gain the Devil's power herself by joining Hiroko Takashiro's witchcraft club and kidnapping Reika Kitami, the newly transferred student she develops a crush on.


The elite Kozono-san arrives at school, chauffeured in a luxurious car.

Kozono is a student of the Academy and the president of the student council there. She appears to come from a wealthy family, as she is driven to school every day by a chauffeur in a white limousine. She also has several thugs at her disposal who apparently are at her beck and call.

She is openly lesbian and has a relationship with her fellow council member Junko Mochida. The exact nature and origin of their affections is unknown however.


Wearing her posh red outfit while ordering her thugs around.

Kozono is quite tall,[1] has distinctive amber colored eyes and noticeably long purple hair that is tied with a pink bow-tie in a tall ponytail and extends along the length of her back.

At school, she wears the Academy uniform like her fellow students, and is also seen dressed in a black robe when participating in witchcraft club rituals.

In her free time, Kozono dresses in a radically more elaborate garment, likely due to her wealth and somewhat posh lifestyle. It consists of a flaming red jacket with a large fur collar and fur sleeves worn over a purple top with a thin yellow almost rope-like belt. She also wears a pair of dark boots with a yellow rim. She accessorizes her outfit with gold pearl-shaped earrings, a crucifix necklace, and pink lipstick - which she later replaces with a darker shade of purple.


Kozono picks The Fool from Takashiro's tarot game.

First glimpse of magic

After making love with her lover and fellow student council member Junko Mochida at school, Kozono catches student Hiroko Takashiro and her friends Rie Morita and Saki Shindou playing tarot in an empty classroom. She seems interested in their magical exploits for a moment, but then coldly dismisses it as ridiculous. She even turns down Takashiro's offer to lend her a book and subsequently rebukes their attempts to start an official witchcraft club.

Wondering about Mochida's behavior at the student council presentation.

Unbeknownst to Kozono, however, the girls have found a mysterious grimoire and use a spell to force her girlfriend Mochida to masturbate in front of the school during assembly, leaving Kozono horrified. Afterwards, Saki threatens they might do the same to her. Kozono is surprised and wonders if their magic was responsible for Mochida's sudden behavior, but dismisses the idea.

Attempting to seduce Kitami.

Seducing and seduced

Kozono has meanwhile started to develop a crush on the newly transferred student Reika Kitami. She introduces herself to her and emphatically offers to help with any questions. Later that day, she assists the blond girl with her school work and attempts to seduce her afterwards. But Kitami refuses her advances and pushes her away. The next day, Kozono apologizes for her behavior, but is still interested in her.

Hopelessly infatuated by Hiratani.

Later, however, Kozono completely loses romantic interest in both Kitami and her lover Mochida when she is unknowingly put under a love curse by Takashiro and her magic club. She instead becomes hopelessly infatuated with her male admirer Hiratani, the same boy whose advances she harshly rejected earlier when he tried to flirt with her. Kozono now allows him to make love to her in the council room any way he wants.

Takashiro releases her from the curse she put her under before.

As she starts neglecting her council duties and becomes more and more desperate for Hiratani's attention, Kozono begs Takashiro to put him under a spell to make the boy care about her more. She agrees, on the condition that Kozono finds a room in which they can practice their witchcraft. Kozono arranges the only available room: the school's basement. Then, instead of doing what she asked, Takashiro releases the love curse she placed on her earlier.

Rejected by Kitami again. This time by being slapped in the face.

Kozono, now disgusted at the idea of having been with Hiratani sexually, takes him to a warehouse to have her thugs beat him up.

Soon after, Kozono once again tries to seduce Kitami into purifying her from Hiratani's influence. But the girl again denies her, slapping her after she feels her up.

Joining Rose Cross.

Turn to darkness and death

Next, Kozono joins Takashiro's club, now called Rose Cross. She participates in a try-out summoning ritual in which Takashiro is brutally raped and incapacitated by a demon.

Impressed by the powers of darkness, Kozono assumes leadership of the club. She proceeds with their plans to summon the Devil on Walpurgis Night, ignoring her fellow members' words of caution.

Cruelly leaving Kitami to be raped by her immoral thugs in the warehouse.

Kozono again uses her thugs to lure and capture the virgin Kitami required for the summoning ritual. She allows her lackeys to have sex with the girl as revenge for rejecting her, so long as they do not do so vaginally. However, one of the thugs ignores her order and takes the girl's virginity without Kozono's knowledge.

Sacrificing Kitami with the ritual sword.

On the eve of Walpurgis Night, Takashiro tries to persuade Kozono and the other club members to abandon their occult exploits, saying they are too dangerous in the hands of amateurs. But Kozono pushes her away using a spell and orders Rie and Saki to escort her out and tie her up.

When the summoning ceremony commences, Kozono stabs Kitami with a black metal sword to sacrifice her life to the Devil. But the ritual fails, causing her fellow club members to panic. In a fit of insanity, Kozono murders all of them with the sword. She exclaims that they had all lost their sanity anyway when they started using magic.

Mortally wounded by Kitami.

With the gates of hell now slowly opening to her, Kozono reaches out her arms to embrace the power of the Devil, but she is unexpectedly stabbed through the back and bludgeoned by Kitami. Mortally wounded, she dies soon after, never achieving the power she longed for.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

The blond priestess called Nami seen and heard in the first game.

Kozono makes a very brief appearance in the first game as the person seen presiding over Kitami's sacrificing ritual. However, in the game, she is seen as a blond woman dressed in red robes, a radically different look than Kozono's dark hair and black robes in the anime. She is referred to as Priest in the game, but is called Nami by one of her fellow club members later.

Like in the anime, Nami murders all the members of the Rose Cross witchcraft club after their ritual to open the Devil's gate fails. The club's members include Saki and a girl named Sanae, who most likely represents Rie Morita in the anime. Nami is then stabbed to death by the vengeful Kitami.

Personality and traits

Arrogantly scolding student Hiratani when he comes on to her.

Kozono is a spoiled, arrogant, cruel and seductive girl. Though intelligent, her position as student council president and wealth give her an apparent feeling of privilege and superiority over her fellow students. She is used to getting what she wants most of the time, takes revenge on those who cross her and has no qualms about using other people to further her own interests.

When she violates Reika Kitami in her attempt to seduce her, she arrogantly remarks that nobody has ever rejected her before and when her classmate Hiratani tries to ask her out she casually and harshly dismisses him, saying that even if she liked men he would be totally out of question, showing no sympathy or consideration at all with their feelings.

Groveling at Takashiro's feet after falling in love with Hiratani.

While under the love curse, Kozono becomes completely obsessed with her boyfriend Hiratani and loses most of her negative qualities, growing considerably softer and submissive. She even grovels at Rose Cross leader Hiroko Takashiro and desperately begs the girl to help her with her love life.

Basking in the power of evil when attempting to summon the Devil.

After Kozono is freed from the curse and joins the Rose Cross magic club herself, her personality darkens even further, becoming vengeful and power hungry. She looks on in awe and admiration when leader Takashiro is viciously raped by a demon. Her initial interest in Kitami turns into resentment after the girl repeatedly rejects her advances. She has her kidnapped and raped by thugs without any sign of remorse and also uses her as a human sacrifice without hesitation. She still holds a grudge against Rie, Saki and Takashiro for putting a spell on her and swears to take revenge on them eventually. She ultimately kills all her fellow club members for her own personal gain.

Dominating her lover Mochida in the student council room.


Kozono is lesbian and has a relationship with female student council member Junko Mochida. She does not seem secretive about her sexual orientation or relationship, as she blatantly tells male student Hiratani that she is not interested in men and makes love to Mochida in the student council classroom at school. During these sexual escapades, Kozono takes a dominant posture and enjoys playfully embarrassing her girlfriend.

Becoming Hiratani's love slave.

However, despite apparently being in a relationship, she has no problems flirting with other girls she finds attractive, namely Reika Kitami, whom she repeatedly tries to seduce by touching her body, even after the girl rejects her.

After being charmed by Hiratani, Kozono becomes sexually obsessed with him, completely overriding her lack of interest in men, but not necessarily changing her sexual orientation - as her interest is purely focused on Hiratani rather than men in general. Eagerly, she allows the boy to use her body any way he wants.

Powers and abilities

Trying her hand at a spell to blast Takashiro away.

Though not affiliated or interested in the occult at first, Kozono's hunger for power makes her study the writings in the Bible Black. She learns the chants and steps of the Devil summoning ritual and even a rudimentary magic spell, which she uses to blow away Takashiro when she begs her and the other girls to stop.

Memorable quotes

"You shouldn't be here if you don't belong to any club."
- "Kozono-san, what were you doing staying so late?"
"I don't need to answer that, Takashiro-san."

Kozono arrogantly dismisses Takashiro when she catches her club after hours.
(Origins: Black Brand)

- "Um...Uh, this..."
"I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in men. And even if I were, you would be out of the question. Waiting for a girl in front of the women's bathroom...what the hell were you thinking?"

Hiratani unsuccessfully tries to make a move on Kozono before she harshly rejects him.
(Origins: Black Brand)

- "K-Kozono-san, stop it!"
"Well, I think your body has a different opinion."
- "Please stop it..."
"You sure? Doesn't this feel good?"

The embarrassed girl Kitami begs Kozono to stop touching her body.
(Origins: Black Brand)

- "Nami, can I put in your ass?"
"Of course, wherever you want "

Kozono agreeing to give Hiratani her anal virginity.
(Origins: Black Brand)

"Please, I need your help. Hiratani-kun has been cold to me recently. I want him to want me. I think about him all day. It makes me feel so hot. I'm going crazy thinking about making love to him! Please, make him love only me! I want you to use your magic to help me! Please! Please!"

Kozono begs Takashiro to help her after being seduced by a magic charm.
(Origins: Black Altar)

"Please Kitami-san...please purify me."
- "K-Kozono-san, stop it."
"I want to take that man's disgusting smell out of me. I want you to purify me!"

Kozono again tries to seduce Kitami.
(Origins: Black Altar)

"Not enough...There's not enough...There's not enough blood."

Kozono moments before slaughtering the members of Rose Cross in her attempt to summon the Devil.
(Origins: Black Altar)


  • Kozono is the first character whose voice is heard in the series. She can be heard during the teaser of the first episode of the anime and the intro scene of the first Bible Black game, although her identity is not made clear until Kitami explains her fate to Takashiro.
  • Kozono is the only confirmed lesbian character in the series. She discloses her orientation to Hiratani when he tries to give her a note.
Kozono seen in the Visual Art Works wearing her hair down.
  • In the Bible Black Visual Art Works, Kozono can be seen in a somewhat different look. She has what appears to be blood running down her mouth and wears her long hair down. She only lets her hair down in the anime during a brief moment in the final basement ritual (screenshot).
  • She is the tallest female character in the Origins series according to the size chart from the Bible Black Visual Art Works art book.
  • Chronologically, Kozono and her lover Junko Mochida are the first characters to be seen having sex in the original Bible Black storyline, not counting the flashbacks seen in the New Testament's Complete Version, a single movie re-cut of the third series that alters and adds several scenes.
  • Kozono bears a striking visual resemblance to the character of Miko Midō, the female protagonist of the earlier produced La Blue GirlWP hentai series. Both characters have the same eye color and wear their long purple hair in a ponytail with pink bow-ties.


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