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The exterior of the gym.

The gymnasium or gym is the sports building for students of the Academy. The location is featured in the first and second Bible Black games, and the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis, Bible Black: Origins and possibly Bible Black: Only (see Trivia).

The building is next to the school's swimming pool[1] and is used for physical education classes. It was also used by the student council at some point to present their plans and reports during school assembly.

Storage room

There is a steel-doored storage room to the side of the gym used to keep many of the sports equipment, such as balls, mats and vaults.[2]


The student council gives a presentation.

During school assembly in the gym, student council president Nami Kozono gives a presentation on school regulations. Her colleague Junko Mochida takes over, but the girl quickly loses her composure and strips off her school uniform due to a magic influence. As if entranced by perversion, she proceeds to masturbate in front of everyone. Horrified, students and teachers watch the spectacle until the girl climaxes and collapses.

Minase with Shiraki in the store room after he seduces her with a spell.

Twelve years later, Rika Shiraki, the student council president at that time, writes her fellow student Taki Minase a message to meet her near the gym. Upon seeing the boy she falls into his arms and confesses her love to him, again after being compelled to by magic. The pair make their way to the gym's storage room and passionately have sex.

Later, student Kurumi Imari is sexually assaulted by a male student at school. She is dragged into a room used to store sports equipment, likely part of the gymnasium.

In the games

Shiraki eagerly asks Minase to have sex with her after being cursed.

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Like in the anime, the player Taki Minase and his classmate Rika Shiraki meet near the gym in the first game after he charms her with a paper doll love curse. They have sex together in the store room. The player has a choice to either ejaculate inside her bodyor not. He can then either have anal intercourse with her straight away, or lewdly make her beg for it first.

Later, when Minase is confronted by school bully Inoue, the boy reveals he heard them go into the storage room in the gym. He and his cronies beat him up, and Inoue kidnaps Kurumi Imari when the girl tries to step in and fight him.

He brings her to the gym storage room where he partly undresses her and forces her to smoke marijuana cigarettes. He then violates her body before he is stopped either by Minase casting a spell on him, or professor Hiroko Takashiro intervening by beating the boys up.


  • Though not specifically shown to take place in the gymnasium, the Imari Rape Scene in the Only series depicts a boy dragging student Imari into a room that stores gym equipment. This is likely a nod to the similar scene in the first Bible Black game, wherein Imari is assaulted in the gym storage room by school bully Inoue and his gang.



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