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Bible Black: The Infection

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The Infection
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General information
Release: Us.png Jp.png July 25, 2008
Platform: Windows.png Microsoft Windows
Icon: ICON Game The Infection.jpg
Production information
Developed by: Kururi Active
Published by: Kitty Media

Bible Black: The Infection (Baiburuburakku - バイブルブラック The Infection) is the second computer game and the most recent addition to the Bible Black series.

Unlike its predecessor, the game was developed by the Japanese company Kururi Active and released on the 25th of July, 2008. It was translated to English and distributed by the American company Kitty Media.

The game recycles most of the art and sound from the first game, but also adds several new images in a considerably different and slightly cruder art style. The voice actors have also changed from the original game and anime.


The gameplay is the same as the first one and is a visual novel, with few interactive elements. The player is occasionally presented with a few clickable multiple-choice decision points, not all of which are relevant to the general plotline (see the Endings section below). There are five different possible endings to the story, considerably less than the original game, which has twelve.

The story takes place over three days, but unlike the first game, this information is not seen in the corner of the screen. The day the player is on can only be seen when saving and loading the game.

Like other visual novels, the player is given the option to fast forward or rewind through dialogue. He can also save and load the game at any point. In the game's Extras menu, one can access previously unlocked erotic scenes, background music and art. Additionally, the player can check which endings have already been played out.

The game is completely voiced and has some sound effects and music (see Soundtrack below). However, the voice actors differ from the previous game and anime. Like much of the art, the music is recycled from the first game.


Kitami appears in Minase's dream.

The story takes place one month after the incident of the first game. The spirit of evil witch Reika Kitami who perished in the first game still lingers around the Academy, influencing students with sexual devotion like an infection.

The player again takes the role of student Taki Minase, who is now in a relationship with his friend and neighbor Kurumi Imari. He wants nothing more than to put his evil past with the Bible Black spell book behind him. But when he wakes up screaming from a strange occult dream about Kitami, he knows that dark magic will never leave his life for good.

Mysterious events again start happening around the school, and the girls once involved with the ritual start behaving strangely. It is up to Minase and his trusted art professor Hiroko Takashiro to stop the spirit of Kitami and to figure out what the witch's former devotee Kaori Saeki has to do with it.


The characters featured in the second game. For a more in-depth look, refer to the character's main page.

Major Characters

Mug minase GAME2.png
Taki Minase (水無瀬 多喜)
Like in the first game, he is the player of the story. The Academy student is plagued by a dream of Kitami, the school nurse he defeated previously. Her influence still lingers around him, infecting students of the school and tempting the boy to darkness again.
Mug kitami GAME2.png
Reika Kitami (北見 麗華)
Though her body was killed in the first game due to by Minase and professor Takashiro, her powerful evil spirit still lingers around the Academy, infecting students with dark sexual perversions. She only appears briefly as a spirit at the beginning of the game.
Mug imari GAME2.png
Kurumi Imari (伊万里 胡桃)
Minase's kindhearted classmate, neighbor and girlfriend. She was the target of Kitami in the first game when the witch tried to exchange bodies with her to escape the Devil's ultimatum. Now the young student is again unwillingly caught up in an evil plot.
Mug takashiro GAME2.png
Hiroko Takashiro (高城 寛子)
Minase's and Imari's art teacher. She was once part an occult magic club and used her white magic to help Minase defeat Kitami in the first game. She comes back to assist his student once again, but she might have been too careless in trusting the boy.
Mug saeki GAME2.png
Kaori Saeki (佐伯 香織)
A girl in Minase's class with an obsession with the occult. She also once had her own magic club with her girlfriends and became Kitami's most trusted devotee until the woman perished. Like the others involved with her, she started behaving strangely again.

Minor Characters

Mug yukiko GAME.jpg
Yukiko Minase (水無瀬 由起子)
Graduate student and Minase's older cousin. Living together, they are like brother and sister.
Mug murai GAME2.png
Ayumi Murai (栗本 真紀)
Minase's classmate who he helped win the love of a boy in the first game. She might be into him...
Mug ito GAME2.png
Mika Itou (伊藤 美香)
In the first game, she was forced to expose herself by Minase in class. She returns to confront him.
Mug nonogusa GAME2.png
Miyuki Nonogusa (野々草 美由紀)
A former classmate of Minase and swim team member. She is also caught up in perversions.
Mug kobayashi GAME2.png
Shinobu Kobayashi (小林 忍)
The snotty and cruel captain of the swim team, often accompanied by her blond lackey Mikimoto.
Mug mikimoto GAME2.png
Mikimoto (美樹本)
Kobayashi's lackey and fellow swim team member who blindly follows her leader's orders.
Mug shinjou.jpg
Shinjou (新庄)
Leader of Inoue's gang. He is a proficient street fighter and karate master. He rarely attends school.
Mug shiraki GAME2.png
Rika Shiraki (白木 里香)
The beautiful student council president. She is once again a potential vessel for Kitami's soul.


Like its predecessor, the game contains a score of 20 MIDI songs, most of which were remastered in the anime adaptations of the series. See below for a list of .OGG music samples. This list is the same as on the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis page, as both games contain the same music.

Bible Black
BGM01.MID (3:20)
Main title and menu theme
Pater noster
BGM02.MID (0:33)
Excitement theme, on the road
My pace
BGM03.MID (0:28)
Academy theme, hanging around
Alarm clock
BGM04.MID (0:36)
The player (Minase) waking up
After five
BGM05.MID (0:30)
BGM06.MID (0:26)
Thoughtful, preparing spell
BGM07.MID (0:29)
Entering the basement
BGM08.MID (0:26)
Calling my Desire
BGM09.MID (0:28)
BGM10.MID (0:28)
Only oneself
BGM11.MID (0:30)
Pencil rocket
BGM12.MID (0:29)
Sitting in class
BGM13.MID (0:24)
Sadness theme, finding the book
Jesus Christ
BGM14.MID (0:27)
Gripping theme, magic at work
Black magic
BGM15.MID (0:27)
In my mind
BGM16.MID (0:34)
Active heart
BGM17.MID (0:25)
Silly theme (heard in art club)
BGM18.MID (0:28)
Walpurgis night
BGM19.MID (0:31)
Ritual on Walpurgis Night
Before the daylight
BGM20.MID (0:30)


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