Fever Dreams

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Fever Dreams logo.

Fever Dreams LLC is a New York based film production studio specializing in genre movies. The company is involved in the production of a possible Bible Black live-action movie, although only a trailer has been released thus far and no concrete production plans have been announced.

Fever Dreams is the sister company and production house of Media Blasters, the American entertainment corporation that was responsible for licensing, translating and releasing many Japanese anime and manga products to North American markets, including the Bible Black series.

The Fever Dreams logo seen in the live-action movie trailer.

Other Fever Dreams movie projects include Shinobi Girl (2012) and Flesh for the Beast (2003), the company's first feature film widely distributed through major nationwide retailers and a limited major city theatrical release. It has also reportedly co-produced several Japanese action movies, such as Death Trance (2005) and The Machine Girl (2007) and an anime feature, KITE Liberator (2008). Some recent projects include Voodoo Church (2014) and an episodic Flesh for the Beast web series (Tsukiko's Curse).

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