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The evil and perverted Devil spawn.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow / Red
Affiliations: Devil
Production information
Voiced by:  ?

The demon (悪魔 Akuma) is a vicious male devil summoned by Academy student Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club. The minor character is featured in the second episode of the Bible Black: Origins series, and also makes a brief appearance in a scene from Bible Black: Only.

The entity is a powerful lesser demon from hellWP and a servant of the Devil. Though some dialogue in the series suggests him to be the incarnation of the Devil himself (see Trivia).


The demon's large body rises from the floor.

He is a robed and large muscular entity with a sharp nose, handsome features, long bat-like wings and a blue complexion with lighter blue markings around his hypnotic yellow eyes. The black pupils are rectangular in shape, similar to that of a goat's eyes.

The demon has slightly curved fangs, and a serpent-like tongue, which he uses to kiss his victims. Between his groin is a demonic mouth-like organ, which when opened reveals several long tentacles and a penis.

He also has a deep, masculine voice.


Emerging from the underworld after being summoned by Rose Cross.

Using the powers of the Bible Black spell book, the occult-obsessed student Hiroko Takashiro and her followers, including students Rie Morita, Saki Shindou and student council president Nami Kozono, attempt to gain the Devil's power by summoning him from hell. But as practice, they decide to summon something smaller first.[1][2]

Petrifying Takashiro with fear by giving her an invasive kiss.

Summoned by students

As a soul sacrifice, the group kills a puppy dog in the basement of their school, which they have converted into an occult chamber. The drawn magic circle around the sacrificial altar begins to glow after Takashiro stabs the dog with a small dagger.

As the girls hear maniacal fits of laughter echo across the room, a portal appears behind Takashiro and the demon slowly emerges. He quickly envelops her body with multiple fleshy tentacles and starts kissing and groping her.

Holding the helpless girl in his clutches.

Takashiro's friends stand by helplessly as their mistress is repeatedly assaulted. The demon proceeds to take Takashiro's virginity[3] and continues to rape her using his tentacles. The girl's mind is unable to withstand the rape of both her body and mind. She gives in to the rough treatment, and experiences countless orgasms.[4]

After the demon finishes and ejaculates inside the girl, he quickly disappears, leaving the young student to collapse on the floor exhausted and unconscious. The psychological shock causes her to lapse into a coma for three days.[5]

The demon in the book Takashiro spots years later in the Academy library.


The event causes Takashiro to abandon her dark magic aspirations, but she never fully recovers from her demonic encounter, her mind damaged and traumatized. The effects still linger years later when she becomes an art teacher at the same school she performed the ritual in.

The vice-principal is corrupted.

She is reminded of her rape when looking through a book in the Academy library that contains an image of a demon.

Wishing to experience the same feeling again, the demon suddenly resurfaces in the guise of the school's vice-principal after he catches her masturbating in a bathroom stall. He calls out to her, telling her that he will gladly do as she wishes and then proceeds to have sex with her in the stall and later in his office, causing Takashiro to admit she has been longing for the sensation, and that she is devil's slave.[6]

Years later, Takashiro is again reminded of her encounter when hearing the Devil's voice during Jody Crowley's ritual.

Personality and traits

Smiling with a hypnotizing gaze.

Vicious and sex crazed, the demon is very aggressive, showing no sign of remorse or empathy when assaulting Takashiro.

Though not explicitly hinted at; he does seem to have some sort of attraction towards her. He kisses her and happily obliges when Takashiro later longs to feel the same sensation as a teacher. He also does not climax until Takashiro states this was the feeling she wanted.

One of the demon's most defining properties is the almost constant evil grin on his face, indicating he cruelly revels in raping his victims.

Powers and abilities

Being a monster from hell, the demon is very powerful and possesses a range of abilities.

Raising Takashiro's arms and robes by using his telekinetic powers.
  • Tentacles - The demon can summon several tentacles from a mouth-like organ between his groin which he can open and close at will. He uses them to both restrain and assault his victims.
  • Telepathy - The demon can speak telepathically (a skill he uses to communicate with Takashiro in the Only series).
  • Teleportation - He is able to disappear and reappear at will.
  • Telekinesis and Hypnosis - Using his mental powers, the demon has the ability to control and lift his victims.
  • Shape shifting - The demon can transform his body or at least manifest himself in a different way. He is seen as a shadow and large black drops of goo when possessing the vice-principal in Only.
  • Flight - Although this is not seen, the demon dons a pair of long wings, presumebly used for flying.



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