Black Altar

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Black Altar
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General information
Release dates: Jp.png August 25, 2002
Us.png June 24, 2003
Written by: Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by:  ?
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Series: Origins
Black Brand

Black Altar (Kuro no Saidan - 黒の祭壇) is the second episode of the Bible Black: Origins series. It is the eighth episode produced in the anime overall and a prequel to the original adaptation of the video game.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of August, 2002[1] and in the United States on the 24th of June, 2003 as a double feature simply titled Origins, containing both this episode and the first episode Black Brand.[2]

The Rose Cross witchcraft club gains significant influence around the Academy by selling love curses to their fellow students. Leader Hiroko Takashiro later releases Nami Kozono from her love spell and she joins the club. However, when the girls attempt to summon a demon, the ritual horribly backfires, causing Takashiro to change her mind about magic. In a crazed lust for power and vengeance, Kozono usurps the club's leadership and kidnaps student Reika Kitami to complete her ultimate goal: summoning the Devil himself.


Mochida attempts suicide after she is shunned by her fellow students.

Act One

In the morning on a busy street near the Academy, student council member Junko Mochida is standing at a crosswalk, surrounded by several students. They stare at the girl and whisper comments about her incident the day before. Mochida, embarrassed and depressed, walks out onto the road and almost gets hit by a car. The students ignore and ridicule her as they walk past. Only the blond student Reika Kitami stops and helps her up. Mochida feels relieved when she sees her girlfriend Nami Kozono get out of her car, but is shocked when she is joined by the boy Hiratani and kisses him passionately.

Rose Cross starts selling magic spells around the school.

Over the next few days or weeks, Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club friends Rie and Saki use the spells in the Bible Black magic book to help their fellow students seduce and sexually manipulate each other for large sums of money. Takashiro even magically blasts away one of the school's prefects when they get in their way. Her club expands to at least six members.

Takashiro feeling empowered.

On the school roof, Takashiro is gloating over their powers with Rie and Saki when Kozono walks up and desperately asks them for help. She claims her boyfriend Hiratani has been neglecting her and that she cannot stop thinking about him. She begs Takashiro to use her magic to make him love only her. Takahiro agrees, but only if Kozono provides them with a room to practice in.

Kozono released from her love curse.

Kozono brings the girls to the school's basement, the only room available. Takashiro says to her troop that it will be their sanctuary from now on. She then proceeds to help Kozono by reciting an incantation:

"Hainrou ira sabesu erimidaresi. Deriea adore. Yehoba iteyora madou dousi."
Hiratani roughed up by Kozono's thugs after she comes to her senses.

A bright light fills the room when the spell is cast. However, instead of making Hiratani love Kozono more, Takashiro has negated the love spell she put on the girl before. Kozono starts to realize what has transpired and angrily runs out of the basement, feeling thoroughly violated by Hiratani.

Soon after, when Hiratani and Kozono are driving in Kozono's car, Hiratani rubs the girl and claims he has been saving so he can fill her up. Kozono ignores him as the car drives into an empty warehouse. Hiratani is violently dragged out of the car and beaten by several thugs. Kozono coldly tells their leader not to kill him.

The club members discuss Kozono's ambition to join their ranks.

Act Two

At school, Rie and Saki express concern with Kozono's intention of joining their club, saying they do not need any new members and also fear she still holds a grudge against them for bewitching her. But Takashiro is amused that Kozono used to look down on their hobby and now desperately wants to join. She assures her friends that they have the magic book and are therefore still in control.

Kozono again harasses Kitami, wanting her to purify her from Hiratani's touch.

Later that day in an empty classroom, Kozono again tries to seduce Reika Kitami, the new female student she has had an eye on before being cursed. She says she wants her to purify her and admits she has wanted her since she first saw her. When she starts to rub Kitami's body, the girl harshly slaps her across the face and calls her crazy. Kozono smiles smugly for a moment, then finally turns her back and coldly walks away.

In the basement, Kozono meets the witchcraft club members, impressed at how serious they take it. She looks at the large pedestal in the room encircled by a white line on the floor, adorned with several occult symbols. The girls say they are preparing for a ritual on Walpurgis Night to summon the Devil and gain his power. They plan to summon something smaller first as practice. Takashiro confidently says the black book is perfect and nothing can go wrong. She adds that the ritual requires a sacrifice and Kozono agrees to prepare one.

The Rose Cross girls start their demon-summomning ritual in the basement.

As she leaves, Takashiro tells Kozono she has changed, and Kozono replies that Takashiro has as well. Before stepping out she asks her the name of the club: Rose Cross.

Dark priestess Takashiro presides over the ritual.

On the night of the practice ritual, the girls are dressed in black robes and stand around the altar. On it lays an unconscious small brown dog. Takashiro is holding a small dagger and echoes an incantation:

"El erohim erohi erohim. Savant erohim. Eiehay Eiheyaja. Eiehay ado night. Ya shadie tetora. Gramaton shadie! Agiosu oh heikas. Iktron ah thanatos. Agura amen!"

Takashiro strikes the dagger down and kills the dog, causing the blood to splatter across her eagerly grinning face.

The demon gets to know poor Takashiro as he violently rapes her.
"Sazaz Sazaz Andatsan Sazaz"

The girls repeat the incantation and the circle on the floor begins to glow in an eerie blue light. A vicious cackle echoes across the room, and a vicious demon emerges from a white pentagram on the floor behind Takashiro. The robed monster blows away her robes and grabs the terrified girl using several tentacles. He binds her and proceeds to violently rape every orifice in her body. Takeshiro is unable to withstand and eventually gives in.

The gullible Kitami falls for it when one of Kozono's thugs lures her away.

After ejaculating inside the girl, the demon disappears, causing Takashiro to collapse on the floor. Her friends Rie and Saki rush to help her, but Kozono does nothing. She instead looks on in awe at the spectacle she has just witnessed.

Act Three

At daytime during a day off from school, Kitami is on the street wondering where the puppy dog she fed regularly has gone. The leader of Kozono's warehouse thugs walks up to her and claims he has found a wounded puppy nearby. Shocked, the naive Kitami follows him.

Kozono giving Rie and Saki orders now.

In a cafe, Rie and Saki caution Kozono about her plans to proceed with the Devil summoning ritual, but Kozono says it is worth the risk, since they will gain godlike powers. She claims Takashiro was not ready for it and tells the girls that she will provide a virgin sacrifice for the ritual.

Kitami attacked by Kozono's thugs.

Later, Kozono arrives at the empty warehouse to meet with her thugs who have lured Kitami there. The blond girl is horrified when they throw the body of the dead puppy in front of her. Kozono coldly explains to her that she will serve as their sacrifice, but will allow her to have fun first.

Time is running out for Takashiro.

Eagerly, the thugs jump her and start to violate her body. Kitami screams for help, but Kozono coldly orders her lackeys to put her to sleep after they are done with her. Before leaving, she tells the leader they can do whatever they want as long as they preserve her virginity.

That evening, Takashiro wakes up in a hospital bed and realizes it is the night of Walpurgis when she looks at the clock.

Kitami is harshly violated by the thugs and her virginity is taken.

Back in the warehouse, Kitami is being sexually assaulted by Kozono's thugs. They have tied the girl up and repeatedly violate her. Initially, the thugs only penetrate her anally, but their leader eventually takes the girl's virginity anyway, ignoring Kozono's order. He claims that his mistress will not find out about it.

Takashiro tries to warn the girls.

Act Four

Later that night in the basement of the closed school, the Rose Cross members are about to start the ritual when Takashiro walks in and urges Kozono to stop. She says that amateurs like them should stay away from magic as they have all seen what the powers of darkness can do. Kozono ignores her and instead casts a spell with an incantation:

Takashiro betrayed by her friends Rie and Saki who tie her up and gag her.
"Heikas Heikas Estei Biberoi"

Instantly, Takashiro's body is blasted against the wall. Kozono orders Rie and Saki to take her out of the room. Takashiro begs the girls to reconsider, but they tie her up and gag her in a storage room, though they apologize to her before running back into the ritual room. Kozono meanwhile ponders to herself that she will make them pay for bewitching her when she gains the Devil's powers.

Rose Cross is brutally murdered by Kozono when the ritual fails.

The girls continue with the ritual, and Kozono stabs a screaming Kitami with a large black sword to sacrifice her life. But the Devil's portal does not open all the way as the ritual intended. The girls start to panic and wonder if they made a mistake, but Kozono coldly says that there is not enough blood. In a fit of insanity, she brutally decapitates one of the girls. The others scream as blood sprays across the room. Kozono claims they have all given up their sanity long ago.

Rie desperately consults the Bible Black to find a way to stop Kozono.

Kozono proceeds to murder everyone in the room, starting with Saki. Rie screams as her friend is killed and hastily starts looking through the Bible Black to find a way to stop her attacker. Before she can cast the correct spell, however, Kozono mercilessly slaughters her as well, leaving a large red blood splatter in the book.

The mortally wounded Kitami takes lethal revenge on her captor by stabbing her in the back with the ritual sword.

As the pentagram drawing on the wall glows and the gates of hell start to open, Kozono drops the sword and appeals to the Devil for his power. However, during her violent killing spree, Kitami has gathered her last strength and managed to get up from the altar. She grabs the metal sword from the floor and plunges it in Kozono's back. As she falls down to the ground in pain, Kitami slams the sword down several more times, mortally wounding her.

Kitami makes her desperate deal with the Devil, changing her life forever.

Kitami kneels down on the brink of death, and hears the Devil's voice offering her a contract to preserve her life. Kitami desperately cries that she does not want to die.

Moments later, Takashiro manages to break free of her restraints and rushes down to the basement, only to find her friends and every member of her once powerful magic club murdered.

A reborn Kitami walks the streets.


Kitami, her wounds now healed as if they were never there, walks through the abandoned city streets naked until the break of dawn. With her soul now sold to the Devil, the night has changed her life forever...

The End...?


Takashiro's inverted collar.
  • In the opening scene where Mochida is nearly hit by a car, the vehicle's license plate is blank when seen up close (screenshot). It is supposed to say 07-11, as established in the previous shot.
  • The spell Kozono uses to blast away Takashiro in the final act - Heikas heikas estei biberoi - is the same as the first spoken line in the first anime episode, also uttered by Kozono.
  • There is an animation error when the love spell on Kozono is broken. The colors on Takashiro's collar are inverted from black to white and vice versa (see screenshot on the right).
  • Takashiro is still holding her ritual dagger as the Demon appears during the first ritual, but after the assault her hands are empty.
  • The tarot card (The Fool) Kozono picks up in the first episode of the series flashes on the screen several times during the final ritual, forewarning the girl's ultimate demise.
  • There is a continuity error when Takashiro blasts away one of the Academy prefects. She takes aim at the gray-haired boy (screenshot), but in the next frame it is the brown-haired boy that flies backwards (screenshot). The green armband on the gray-haired prefect's uniform also switches from his right (screenshot) to his left arm (screenshot).
  • Though they are quite graphic, only two significant erotic scenes are seen in this episode. The least in any anime chapter in the Bible Black series. There is a brief scene of a boy being given oral sex by two bewitched girls as well.
  • One of Rose Cross' unknown clients meets a girl behind the school gymnasium who falls into his arms after being seduced by a paper doll (screenshot). This is reminiscent of how the protagonist of the first series, Taki Minase, meets his first victim Rika Shiraki. The girl confesses her love for him at the same location in much the same way.
The mirrored magic circle in the basement.
  • When Takashiro lights the candles in the basement room, the same circle is seen being lit up in two separate shots, only mirrored. This results in the words on the circle also being seen in reverse (see screenshot on the left).
  • It is implied that the Devil summoning ritual at the climax of the episode fails because Kitami is no longer a virgin and therefore not a suitable sacrifice. However, the fact that she had not actually died also disrupts the coven's intention. This is clarified in the first game, where Kitami explains that she had indeed survived.[3] It is not until Kozono kills the other members of the club - one of which was probably still a virgin - before the Devil's gate opens.




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