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The movie's promotional poster.

The Bible Black live-action movie is a proposed live-action film adaptation of the Bible Black universe by the American based production company Fever Dreams under the name Bible Black: The Movie.

The project was announced to be in pre-production on November 11, 2011 through the company's Facebook page[1], but has had few updates since.

Several photos were released on the Facebook album of a promotional photographer earlier that year[2] and a trailer was posted on Vimeo by Media Blasters founder John Sirabella in June 2013[3], in which he announced that further production of the movie is currently being considered.

In October 2020, Media Blasters posted on Twitter that production of the film is unlikely to happen ('maybe another time').[4] It was indented to be a softcore production.[5]

As of 2022, there have been no further updates, so it is unlikely this movie will ever be produced.


The one-minute trailer largely depicts a rendition of what appears to be the opening of both the first game and first anime series, showing the human sacrifice of (presumably) a young Reika Kitami by the Rose Cross witchcraft club in the Academy basement.

It also features the game and first series protagonist Taki Minase discovering the Bible Black spell book and his confrontation with the older Kitami. The trailer ends with her whispering into his ear: "I'll show you how wonderful the darkness is" before kissing him. The quote is similar to the tagline of the movie seen on the promotional poster. It is the only spoken line in the trailer.

A remixed, upbeat version of the Bible Black theme plays in the background.


Several screenshots captured from the movie trailer.

Some crisper images made by Jackie Cerniglia Photography (used with permission).