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The old Bible Black Wiki hosted on Wikia.

This page explains the history of the founding of the Bible Black Wiki.


The avatar of user QueenCeline.

The beginnings

The first known iteration of a wiki on the Bible Black series was created prior to 2012 on the free wiki hosting service Wikia (now known as Fandom). This site was shut down eventually due to explicit imagery being uploaded.

A new version of the wiki was created by user QueenCeline on Wikia on January 17, 2012. To differentiate it from the first version, it used the link QueenCeline neglected the site for a while and eventually handed control over to the new administrator Biberoi, who joined the site on September 27, 2012. He remains the chief editor to this day.

The now defunct badges that could be earned.

Under new management

For the next five years, Biberoi built the framework of the site and wrote the bulk of the content. He also had the original URL changed back to just and introduced additions such as Achievements (in the form of badges), recurring Featured Articles, Featured Images, Character Spotlight, Polls, a Forum and Facebook site. He also added the wiki to the Animanga Wiki hub.

Explicit content

The relationship with Wikia staff had always been somewhat difficult due to the explicit nature of the series. Staff gave the site's further development their blessing if it could stay within Wikia's Terms of Use. Over the next five years, the occasional image was removed by staff if deemed in violation of the terms.

The Great Purge. Most pages have already been restored in this image.

The site had several dozen pages and images deleted in bulk on June 17, 2017 due to explicit content. Revised and stricter Terms of Use had apparently come into effect. Though the deleted pages were eventually restored, Wikia staff declared they no longer supported the content on the site.

The closing of the old site.

Private hosting

Biberoi decided to move the wiki to a private host to allow for more freedom, no ads, and more options for the site. Over the next few months, he built a new site using the same free open source MediaWiki software the previous versions had relied on.

The new and current site, hosted at, went live on December 10th, 2017. The old wiki was taken offline on December 12th, 2017.