Yukiko Minase

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Yukiko Minase
Yukiko minase.png
Wearing one of her usual scant outfits.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Gray
Eye color: Gold
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Kanan Yuzuki
Us.png Mickie Cruise
Sp.png Ana Teresa Bengoetxea

Yukiko Minase (水無瀬 由起子 Minase Yukiko), mainly referred to by her first name Yukiko throughout the series, is a minor character featured in the first and second eroge games and the debut anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis. She is also featured in a Bible Black: Only scene.

Yukiko is Taki Minase's live-in cousin and legal guardian, but they refer to each other as siblings.[1] She is a friend and neighbor to Kurumi Imari, whom she occasionally asks to cook dinner for her 'brother'.

She is a graduate student in the medical or biological sector, having completed a French literature major prior.[2] She also has a part-time job, causing her to be away from home a lot.[3]


Everything in proportion...

Yukiko has gold eyes and gray, greenish hair in a style somewhat similar to her cousin Taki Minase. She has large breasts, a feature which she is proud of and often flaunts to her cousin.[4]

She usually wears skimpy outfits around the house, consisting of a white and bluish suspender bra and short light-blue mini shorts, often partially unbuttoned. She can also be dressed in a purple shirt tied with a blue ribbon and brown high heels. At home, she is seen wearing this outfit with a red jacket, black skirt and cylindrical earrings, and at school with a white lab coat and tan stockings with a garter belt.[5]

Wearing a striped vest in the games.

One of her more restrained outfits includes a lilac-colored polo shirt under orange overalls, most likely used for housework.[6]

In the games, Yukiko also wears a blue skirt and a somewhat revealing white sweater with a blue stripe pattern.[7] Around her neck is a distinctive fish-shaped necklace. She is also seen dressed in her white and bluish suspender bra, but without the mini shorts. She instead wears even skimpier white panties.


When her cousin Taki Minase comes home with the Bible Black spell book, she helps him translate some of the spells and ridicules both him and the book for their perversion.[8]

Touched by her cousin Taki, who has been corrupted by a demon.

Yukiko later calls her neighbor Kurumi Imari on the phone and asks her to cook dinner for Minase, promising to return the favor. But when Yukiko goes over to thank Imari sometime later, Imari's mother tells her the girl locked herself in her room.[9]

Corrupted by her cousin

She greets Minase when he comes from school the next day, and asks him about Imari's strange behavior. He instead gropes one of her nipples and breasts, coldly telling her to wear a bra. Initially shocked at this sudden violation, Yukiko quickly starts to feel faint and aroused from her cousin's demonic touch. She retreats to her room and frantically starts masturbating on her bed, not even noticing Minase staring at her from the doorway.

Dominated by her professor.

Sometime later, when Yukiko is sitting in class, she is unable to shake off the effects of the perpetual arousal her cousin has forced on her. She masturbates in the bathroom to relieve herself, and is later abused by a professor, who engages in several sexual fetishes with her, including putting her on a leash and filling her body with water. She eventually goes along with his perverted escapades to satisfy her own cravings.

Harshly abused by Kitami's evil male followers along with Shiraki.

Raped by Kitami's goons

Several days later, Yukiko arrives home after one of her friends ditches her and discovers Minase's classmate Rika Shiraki lying on Minase's bed. Before she can switch on the light, several robed figures grab her from behind. These men sent by the evil witch Reika Kitami proceed to violently rape her and Shiraki repeatedly.

Yukiko is eventually saved when her cousin stops Kitami and her followers.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Helping Minase translate the grimoire

Teasing her cousin when he brings home a mysterious book.

As she has a major in French, Yukiko helps her cousin Minase translate some parts of the Bible Black grimoire that are written in this language, particularity the wrapped stone spell. She makes fun of her cousin for being a pervert when describing this spell that supposedly 'makes a woman dance naked'. She then proceeds to tease him by plopping her breasts on top of his head.

Later, she welcomes her cousin home, and provocatively asks him if he and his friend Imari have 'done it' yet. Minase dismisses the question, and instead teases Yukiko about her own popularity with the opposite sex, or lack thereof. The girl then slaps him and storms out of the room.

Touched by Taki Minase's demon, sending her into a wild arousal.

Corrupted by Rasha

Similar to events in the anime, if Minase becomes the servant of the evil witch Kitami, he will corrupt Yukiko with evil magic that overwhelms her with arousal. When Yukiko welcomes him home, he grabs and massages her breasts. She gives in a for a brief moment, but then pushes him away and threatens him. Moments later, however, she is overcome with lust and masturbates vigorously in her room using a vibrator. She then passes out after violently climaxing.

Masturbating on her bed after being touched by her cousin.

Abused by Saeki's goons

In the storyline where the Bible Black falls into either Saeki or Kitami's hands, Yukiko is ambushed at home by school bully Inoue and his goons. They gang rape her in her cousin's room, taking her virginity, likely after giving her an aphrodisiac.[10]

Drugged, gagged and forced to have sex with her own cousin.

Minase walks in on them and pleads with them to stop. Saeki, the leader of the group and one of Minase's corrupted classmates, then tricks the boy into having sex with Yukiko. She gags Yukiko and covers her cousin's eyes, before removing the blindfold and revealing the deception. The player can then decide to either climax inside or outside Yukiko body. Either way, Saeki and the goons leave afterwards.

After they leave, Minase's teacher Takashiro arrives and takes care of Yukiko, covering her up and letting her sleep. She cleans up the room and tries to lie to her about what happened.

In another possible storyline, Yukiko wakes up Minase by massaging his crotch with her foot, jokingly asking him how he liked this method of waking. Annoyed, the boy kicks her out of the room.

Bible Black: The Infection

Playing with her cousin

Yukiko awkwardly interrupts her cousin Taki Minase being given a handjob by his friend Kurumi Imari in the morning, joking that they would have no energy left for school. She does it again the next day as they are about to kiss, claiming to be called by one of Minase's professors that Imari was not feeling well.

She wakes up her cousin the next morning after he oversleeps because Imari did not wake him as she usually does.

Orgy in the school basement

She is later seen in the Academy basement participating in a vast orgy, uncharacteristically leaving her room a mess after being drawn to the school by a mysterious force. Like the others girls and guys in the basement, she is in a trance-like state, wallowing in lust with everyone, including Imari.

In a possible storyline, she is saved from the spell by Minase after he puts one of Hiroko Takashiro's talismans in her mouth. It causes her to fall unconscious. She is then brought to a hospital along with the other victims.

Personality and traits

Yukiko is a strong-willed person, and enjoys tormenting her cousin Taki Minase as well as tease him at home with her skimpy outfits and sizable breasts, going so far as to bobble them to his face.[11][12] She also never knocks when entering his room.[13]

Pushing her younger cousin out of the house to go to school with Imari.

She has a friendly demeanor, but is apparently quite a schemer as well. According to her cousin she believes in retaliating severely when wronged.[14] Contrary to how she acts, however, she is very methodical, and keeps her room clean at all times.[15] Yukiko also acts as Minase's caretaker, making lunch[16] and dinner for him.[17]

"I want a boyfriend, too!"

Despite her beauty and apparent flirtatious personality, she is not in a relationship, and seems upset that she does not have a boyfriend.[18] However, she claims to be very popular at her school, a fact she tells her cousin Minase after he ridicules her.[19] However, according to him, she has never brought male friends home with her.[20]

Yukiko appears to be fairly intelligent, though she has once failed a school entrance exam the first time.[21] She is a graduate student, and also has a good grasp of French, English and Latin,[2] a skill she uses to help her cousin translate the Bible Black spell book.

Finally giving in to her lust when her professor engages in some kinky play.


Yukiko is most likely heterosexual, as she exclaims to desperately want a boyfriend. But despite her age and good looks, she is still a virgin.[22]

Though one of her first sexual encounters involves the girl Rika Shiraki, it is unlikely she has any romantic feelings towards females, since she is forced to participate in the sexual assault by Reika Kitami's male followers.

After Minase corrupts her mind and body with his demonic magic, Yukiko loses much of her composure, and instead tries to satisfy her sexual cravings any way she can. She is open to her teacher's fetishism and eventually offers herself to him.


  • In the English anime dub, Yukiko has a heavy Latin accent.
  • In the second game, Bible Black: The Infection, Yukiko is referred to as player Taki Minase's stepsister instead of cousin, meaning they are no longer genetically related. This wiki considers their cousin relation as canon, as this is the most prevalent in both the first game and anime.
  • The only time Yukiko is referred to as 'Minase' is when a professor calls out to her in the Only series, addressing her as Minase-kun or just Minase in the English dub. This wiki also uses Yukiko to refer to her to avoid confusion with her younger cousin Taki Minase.
  • Yukiko seems to prefer not wearing a bra. Even in school she wears no bra underneath her purple shirt, as seen when her professor removes it.
  • It is unclear if Yukiko remembers her rape at the hands of Kitami's goons in both the anime and game. In the latter, it is mentioned in one of the storylines that Takashiro erases the memories of Kitami's followers, and that only she, Minase and Imari know about 'the event', referring to the ritual in the Academy basement. It is likely therefore that Yukiko remembers everything. She appears to suffer no ill effects from it, however.
  • Furthermore, if one assumes that the events of Only take place after the first anime, then Yukiko at least remembers her being groped by her cousin. The effects of the demonic arousal she receives from this event still linger on, as seen depicted in one of the scenes.
  • Alternatively, it is possible Yukiko got rid of the effects of Rasha due to her sexual encounter with the professor, providing these events happened during the final episodes of the main series. Yukiko does not seem to suffer from the arousal effects anymore in those episodes, suggesting having sex might lift the curse.


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