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Shot S4E2 saeki ride.jpg

Volume 2 is the second episode of the Bible Black: Only anime series and the sixteenth episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of April, 2006.

Kaori Saeki and her witchcraft club friends Jun and Maki embark on a perverted quest to collect semen from male virgins at school before enjoying a threesome together. Yukiko Minase suffers from the effects of a demon from her cousin and is taken advantage of by one of her professors. And art teacher Hiroko Takashiro fantasizes about having it away with her students.

During a late afternoon in an Academy classroom, the blond-haired student Kaori Saeki is flirting with a male student, who tells her he has never had sex before. Appeased, she starts touching his groin and gives him oral sex, telling him to hold off climaxing. He is unable to, and Saeki collects his semen in a golden chalice.

She then takes off her panties and proceeds to have sex with the boy, aggressively riding him and collecting more of his seed in the goblet.

In the school's locker room, swim team member Jun Amatsuki has just caught a boy spying on her with a camera. He masturbates while Jun shows him her body. She taunts him by saying he is better off doing it with a real girl than to be a peeping Tom. She allows him to have sex with her, but stops him from climaxing inside her body, instead making him ejaculate into the golden chalice.

Outside, student Maki Kurimoto is pushed against a tree, wildly having sex with one of her fellow tennis players. He climaxes inside, despite Maki telling him not to. Afterwards, she pushes his semen out of her body into the cup.
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