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Locations S1E6 minase house.jpg

The Minase house is the home of Academy student Taki Minase and his cousin Yukiko Minase. The location is featured in the first and second Bible Black games and first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis.

It is a two-story house, with Minase's room on the second floor. The house is located at about a 10 minute walk from the Academy, and has a wall and gate surrounding it. There is a nameplate on the wall that reads Minase.

In his room, Taki Minase translates parts of the Bible Black grimoire and prepares numerous perverted spells.

One day, Minase arrives home late after a visit to his classmate Kaori Saeki. The obsessive girl Rika Shiraki unexpectedly pays him a visit, completely absorbed in the love spell Minase cast on her earlier. They have sex in Minase's room, almost ripping the curtains on his bedroom window. However, Minase's friend and neighbor awkwardly catches them in the act when she unexpectedly runs up the stairs to visit him for dinner.

Sometime later, Minase unwittingly puts a spell on his cousin Yukiko after coming home infused with a demon given to him by the evil Academy nurse Reika Kitami. He lewdly touches his cousin, causing her to be overcome with arousal. She quickly retreats to her room and vigorously masturbates.

After Minase shakes off the demon and returns to his senses, he brings his art professor Hiroko Takashiro to his house to protect her from Kitami. He later joins her to discuss a plan to defeat the evil witch. However, Takashiro loses her composure due to the large amount of aphrodisiac pills she has been force fed. She begs Minase to make love to him and he obliges. The pair have sex once more in the morning, again facing Minase's window curtain. Unbeknownst to them, Rika Shiraki stands in front of the house, brooding revenge on Minase for neglecting her.
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