Taki Minase

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Taki Minase
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A student swept away by evil perversion.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Affiliations: Academy
Art club
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Takuya Hiramatsu
Us.png Chris Sasson
Fr.png Cyrille Artaux
Sp.png Alberto Escobal García
Cz.jpg Bohdan Tůma

Taki Minase (水無瀬 多喜 Minase Taki), referred to as Minase throughout most of the series, is a major character and protagonist of the original Bible Black game and its sequel Bible Black: The Infection. He is also the the lead character of the first anime adaption Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis. He is briefly mentioned in the sequel anime series Bible Black: New Testament, though it is not clear exactly what became of him in the timeline of this series.[1]

At school, Minase finds the mysterious Bible Black spell book and uses the magic contained within to seduce and pervert his fellow students. He wins the love of the popular girl Rika Shiraki with a magic prop, attracting the attention of his occult-obsessed classmate Kaori Saeki and the evil school nurse Reika Kitami, who puts him under her control to help her exchange bodies with his friend Kurumi Imari.

Minase eventually teams up with his art teacher Hiroko Takashiro, a witch who uses her own knowledge and ancient magic powers to help him defeat Kitami.


Minase with his cousin Yukiko and next-door neighbor Imari.

Minase lives in a house with his cousin Yukiko, who is also his legal guardian. Even though they are not siblings, they consider each other as close as brother and sister as they have grown up together due to unknown family circumstances. They have been living together ever since Minase's father moved away with his mother following a sudden work transfer. Minase and Yukiko considered going along but decided to stay because of school.[2]

He is best friends with Kurumi Imari, who lives next door. They have been childhood friends since kindergarten and are now classmates[3] in their senior year[4] at the same school. They have also both been members of the extracurricular art club since their first year,[5] with Minase serving as the club's vice-president under Imari.[6]

Showing off his art skills.

Minase has also followed several lessons of the Japanese martial art Shorinji KempoWP with Imari under pressure from his parents, but did not stick with it as long as her.[7]

Despite often trying to avoid going to the art club meetings after class,[8] Minase is quite a proficient artist, and eventually paints a realistic portrait of his friend Imari.

Minase's parents asked Imari to look after their son during their absence. She takes this task quite seriously, and comes over to his house every day to - sometimes violently - wake him up for school.[9]


Minase's muscular and lean body.

Minase has a fairly average look, with short, somewhat spiky brown hair and little distinguishable features apart from his green eyes. He is moderately tall, around the same size as Reika Kitami.[10] Though not specifically mentioned, he is quite slim and muscular.[11]

Curiously, Minase is almost always seen dressed in his Academy uniform, even in his spare time.[12] He does wear a black robe over the uniform to disguise himself in the final two episodes of the first anime series, and wears a robe in a storyline of the second game.[13] In the first game, Minase is also seen wearing a rugged black jacket when he intends to shoot both Kitami and Saeki in a bad ending storyline.[14]


Exploring the longtime abandoned Academy basement storage room.

Discovering the Book of Magic

One day when Minase stays at school late, he discovers the key to the school's basement storage room when returning the art club key to the faculty staff room.[15] Having heard about rumors of strange rituals that once took place inside that room, he makes his way down and discovers the ancient Bible Black spell book.

Using several French and Latin dictionaries and the help of his cousin Yukiko Minase, he slowly translates some of the spells.[16]

Presenting a paper doll to Murai.

Skeptical at first,[17] he successfully uses a magical paper doll to help student Ayumi Murai win the love of the boy Asada. He then uses the spell himself to make the attractive student council president Rika Shiraki madly fall in love with him. She writes him a note to meet him behind the school and falls into his arms while confessing her love to him. They then make love in the gymnasium storage room.

Seduced into spilling his secrets by Saeki's sexual favor.

Minase's exploits soon attract the attention of his occult obsessed classmate Kaori Saeki, who eagerly invites him to her house and seduces him into revealing his secret by giving him oral sex. Minase gives in, but refuses to lend her the magic book. He returns home, and is soon greeted by Shiraki, who pays him a nightly visit. They again have sex, but in the midst of passion, Minase's friend and neighbor Kurumi Imari walks in on them. Shocked, she runs away in embarrassment.

Trying to make Shiraki understand that her feelings for him are not real.

The next day, Shiraki grows increasingly more jealous, and believes Minase loves Imari over her. He denies this, and tries make Shiraki realize that her feelings for him are not genuine. She takes this the wrong way, and attempts suicide by leaping off the school roof.

Controlled and corrupted by Kitami

After Shiraki's incident, Minase speaks to school nurse Reika Kitami, who notes that Shiraki is completely unharmed by her fall. She then reveals she knows he used magic to save her, but Minase claims not to know what she means, and leaves.

Subjected by witch nurse Kitami who embeds him with a demon.

In class, Saeki asks him to come to a meeting of her witchcraft club, but he refuses. Growing disconcerted about the book's effects, Minase goes back to the basement room to return it, but is confronted by Kitami. She reveals her history with the original witchcraft club that existed twelve years ago, and forces herself on him. After they have sex, she implants the lesser demon Rasha inside him, putting Minase under her control.[18]

Crashing Saeki's club gathering in their apartment with Kitami.

Minase returns home and is greeted by his cousin Yukiko. As if entranced, he gropes her and unwittingly puts a sexual curse on her, causing the girl to frantically masturbate in her room moments later. Amazed by his sudden magical powers, Minase decides to accept Saeki's offer to attend her meeting when she calls him that night. Before making his way to her apartment, however, he makes a call to nurse Kitami and they both crash Saeki's meeting.

Kitami uses her magic to seduce Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki into sexual acts and turn their minds over to her control as well.

Brutally water torturing his art teacher Takashiro under Kitami's command.

Sometime later, after Minase helps his mistress Kitami capture art teacher Hiroko Takashiro, who is attacked from behind with a stun gun by Saeki, he visits Imari's house and appeals to her that if he could only see her face and hear her voice, he feels like he can turn back. But Imari ignores him.

Minase and Kitami's followers then take professor Takashiro back to Saeki's apartment to torture and rape her repeatedly. Shiraki, who has been obsessively following Minase, also shows up soon after. Shocked at seeing the abuse of the teacher, Kitami and her followers proceed to relentlessly assault her as well.

Imari inquires about Minase's behavior.

Minase wakes up the next day with Shiraki giving him oral sex. Afterwards, they discover one of the pages of the Bible Black stuck together with blood. Puzzled, Minase makes his way to school where Imari confronts him about his strange behavior. He dismisses her concerns and cautions her not to come to the art club that afternoon.

Change of heart

Later in the art club classroom, Kitami has Takashiro raped by several of her male students. Minase stands idly by as he watches the spectacle, even when Kitami throws Shiraki to the eager boys as well.

Imari slaps Minase, seemingly nullifying the demon planted inside him.

Despite Minase's warning, Imari eventually shows up at the art club and tries to convince him and Kitami to stop. Minase instead casts a stun spell on her. But just before Imari passes out, she manages to slap him across the face, negating the demon inside his body and freeing him of Kitami's control.

Minase brings Imari to Saeki's apartment, but not before safely taking professor Takashiro to his own home.

Kitami magically forcess him to have sex with his friend Imari.

Kitami starts growing suspicious of him, and Minase charges at her after she tries to seduce and assault his friend Imari. His attack is easily deflected by the powerful witch, and she forces him to have anal sex with his friend. He is then forced to watch her and several of her followers have their way with Imari as well. Afterwards, Kitami threatens him not to interfere with her plans before she has him thrown out of the apartment by Saeki and her two friends.

Sleeping with his art teacher Takashiro to relieve her drugged stupor.

Stopping Kitami to save Imari

Minase arrives home and speaks to Takashiro, who tells him of her past with the previous witchcraft club Rose Cross that existed twelve years ago. They then have sex together by Takashiro's desperate request, as she has been severely drugged with aphrodisiac pills by Kitami during her capture.

Almost stabbed to death by Shiraki.

The next day, after Minase has sex with his teacher again, he goes back to Saeki's apartment to look for Imari, but finds only her school uniform in the abandoned room. Upon leaving, he is greeted by Shiraki, who stabs him with a knife and blames him for not helping her when she was raped. She has sex with the boy as he slowly bleeds to death.

Minase curses the Bible Black for all the trouble it has caused.

As the girl climaxes and gets ready to deliver the killing blow, Takashiro suddenly runs into the room and quickly stuns Shiraki with a magic spell. She then uses an incantation to heal Minase's stab wound. They then both bring Shiraki back to his house.

Casting the Forbidden Spell to stop the evil Kitami.

There, Minase angrily reflects on the damage the Bible Black has done to his friends, but Takashiro says she knows of a spell written on the blood-stained page that could stop Kitami.

After translating the text, the pair rush to the school building and break in just before midnight. Their path to the basement room is blocked by Saeki, Jun and Maki, but Takashiro uses a spell to swiftly knock them out.

Reunited with his love Imari when the basement ritual concludes.

Minase covertly sneaks into the basement wearing a black robe, and sees Kitami and her followers about to perform the ritual that will exchange Kitami's soul with Imari's body. He starts reciting the Forbidden Spell to stop her, but Kitami shows him a vision of Shiraki and his cousin Yukiko being violently raped by her followers. Shocked, but unconvinced that the images are genuine, Minase continues reciting, spurred on by Takashiro. After a blinding white flash, Kitami falls down as her body dies. Holding Imari safely in his arms, Minase coldly tells her that her plan has failed.

Sometime later, life for Minase seemingly goes back to normal. He and Imari confess their love for each other and passionately have sex in his room. Unbeknownst to Minase, however, while Imari's soul was saved, Kitami's soul has survived alongside it in the girl's body.

In the games

Minase is the player protagonist of the games, and can therefore experience a variety of storylines. The anime was based on several events found in these storylines, some of which have been abridged or altered. Due to the vast amount of possible events related to Minase, this paragraph only includes a brief description of all guaranteed events of both games that take place in all storylines and an overview of the possible endings to Minase's story.

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

See also: Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (game)#Endings

Finding the Bible Black

Witnessing Saeki's pseudo occult spectacle before classes start.

Like almost every morning, Minase's friend and neighbor Kurumi Imari rudely wakes the boy up in his house one day. After he wakes up by being dragged out of bed, Minase has the option to play a trick on his friend by undressing to his shorts and aggravating Imari. Either way, he eventually changes into his school uniform as the pair make their way to school.

There, Minase witnesses student Kaori Saeki and some of her magic club friends perform a strange ritual in a darkened classroom. They claim to call upon the spirits of a witchcraft club that existed in the school twelve years ago. Minase ridicules their efforts, and considers the supposed demonic rituals the club performed in the school's basement storage room as mere rumors.

However, after being pestered by Imari to go to the art club, he secretly steals the key to the basement when returning the art classroom key. He makes his way down into the dark and dusty room. Dumbfounded at the apparent signs of the witchcraft club's ceremony, he stumbles upon a black tome.

Ito losing control from Minase's spell, stripping naked in front of class.

Minase brings the book home and eventually shows it to his cousin Yukiko, who helps him translate some of the pages. He discovers a spell designed to make a woman dance naked and decides to cast it on student Mika Ito after first disregarding Imari and Yukiko as options. He prepares the spell and buries it on the school grounds that same night for the last step of the charm's function.

Magic at work

The next morning, after another rude awakening by Imari, Minase makes his way to school and is asked by Saeki to have his fortune told using her tarot cards. The player can either agree or decline. If the former is chosen, Saeki makes an eerily accurate prediction of Minase's future later in the game. She also correctly predicts Ito's disgrace, as the spell Minase cast on her the day before takes effect. It causes the girl to strip and masturbate in front of all her classmates.

  • Minase can then decide to visit Ito in the nurse's office to check up on her. He can further chose to ejaculate over her sleeping body before being confronted by nurse Reika Kitami.
  • The player can also decide not to visit the girl at all, in which case the above scenario does not happen.
Preparing a paper doll to be used on Asada per student Murai's request.

After class, Minase visits the library to find more information on the magic book. Here, he runs into the popular student council president Rika Shiraki who helps him find more information on Walpurgis Night, the day on which the ritual twelve years ago took place. Once home, Minase translates another spell, which allows the user to make someone fall in love instantly.

The next day, Minase tests out his spell on student Ayumi Murai with success, making the boy she likes fall in love with her. He then decides to use the charm himself.

  • He can choose to cast it on his friend Imari.
  • Or the student council president Shiraki.

In both cases he makes his way to the school's roof to enchant the magic prop and then slips it one of the girls' bags.

Punishing swimmers Kobayashi and Mikimoto for assaulting Nonogusa.

Witnessing Nonogusa's abuse

On the way, Minase runs into swim team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto who are abusing their fellow member Miyuki Nonogusa in an empty classroom. He spies on their sexual assault, and has the option of taking advantage of Nonogusa himself after the girls leave with several vulgar Polaroid pictures of their abused fellow member.

  • If Minase decides to take advantage of Nonogusa, he coerces her into having sex. He then makes his way to the swim team locker room and uses an arousal spell on Kobayashi and Mikimoto. The girls lose their composure, and Minase snaps several lewd pictures of them. He then blackmails them into having intercourse with him. He then keeps all the pictures for himself.
  • If Minase saves Nonogusa instead, he also blackmails Kobayashi and Mikimoto, but this time into giving him oral sex. He then gives all the incriminating pictures to Nonogusa.

Minase makes his way home and does some more research on the Bible Black.

  • The next day, if Minase cast the spell on Shiraki, she writes him a note and they meet to have sex in the gymnasium.
  • If he chose Imari, nothing of the sort happens, and the girl seems unaffected.
Saeki offers her body to Minase in exchange for his magic secret.

Seduced by Saeki

Later that day, Saeki invites Minase to her house. Even if he declines at first, Minase eventually joins her after all. The girl eagerly shows him her book collection after they arrive, and then begs him to show her his magic secret. She spreads her legs in an attempt to seduce him.

  • Minase can give her the background story, for which Saeki gives him oral sex in return. He can then decide to confess on his possession of the book of magic or refuse to show her after all.
    • If Minase admits to having a magic book, Saeki has intercourse with Minase as a reward.
    • If the player refuses, Saeki tortures Minase by preventing him from ejaculating, making him spill the secret of the book anyway and is also rewarded with intercourse.
In both options, Saeki borrows the book from Minase and quickly kicks him out of the house.
  • If Minase turns her down, Saeki makes one more attempt to seduce him but gives up after he continues to refuse. She instead invites him to a witchcraft club meeting she is holding soon before Minase leaves.
Inoue confronts Minase on the roof.

Gang confrontation

At school, Minase is confronted by the bully Inoue and his two cronies who ask for his identity. Even if the player denies being the person they are looking for, his name written out on his lunch box gives him away. The boys drag Minase up to the roof and ask about Minase's dealings with black magic, even mentioning Shiraki if he cast a spell on her. They start beating him up, but Imari comes to his rescue. She swiftly knocks the boys down with her Shorinji Kempo skills, but is bested when the gang's leader Shinjou arrives. The boys then take her to the gymnasium store room. There are two ways Minase can confront them.

  • If Minase kept the source of his power a secret from Saeki, then he can use a spell from the Bible Black called the Pentacle of Power by drawing a pentacle on his palm. It allows him to swiftly defeat the gang when he confronts them in the store room. He then intimidates Inoue into either masturbating in front of the school gate or running through the hallways naked.
  • If Minase shares his knowledge and power with Saeki, then Minase enlists the help of Takashiro when he runs into her in the hallway. The art professor scares the boys off using a stun gun.

Kitami's temptation

After rescued her from the goons, Minase brings the unconscious Imari to the nurse office and both of them are treated of their injuries by the nurse Reika Kitami.  

After rescued her from the goons, Minase brings the unconscious Imari to the nurse office and both of them are treated of their injuries by the nurse Reika Kitami. Minase Goes to the basement to cast a spell but Kitami stops him the save him, and to recruit him to help her save herself.

  • If Minase accepts her offer, she seduces him and grants him power and wakes up in the nurse's office.
  • If Minase rejects her offer, she will ask once more.
    • If Minase rejects her offer again, she will lament at such a lose becuase she had such hopes and uses for him and will then seduce and kill him by shoving a magically enhanced aphrodisiac pill down his throat. 

Personality and traits

Minase laughs off Imari's concerns.

He seems to be a regular teenager, and is overall a good person trapped in what he cannot control. While possessed, his personality becomes darker.

Powers and abilities

Using powers granted by a demon.

Though having no initial interest or expertise on the occult, Minase's discovery of the Bible Black grants him knowledge of several primitive magical powers. With the help of his cousin Yukiko's language skills, he translates a number of spells in the book, and uses two love curses to help his classmate seduce a boy and later uses the spell himself to make Rika Shiraki madly fall in love with him.

After being seduced by nurse Reika Kitami, she embeds him with a lesser demon, which not only corrupts Minase's mind, it also grants him additional powers. He unwittingly puts a strong arousal spell on his cousin by simply touching her, and later casts a magic orb spell on his friend Kurumi Imari to stun her.

Casting the Forbidden Spell.

When coming back to his senses, Minase is briefly able to deflect Kitami's counterattack, but is ultimately overwhelmed by her superior power.

He appears to lose most of his magic abilities after being released from the demon. But with his teacher Hiroko Takashiro's help, he is later able to successfully cast the Forbidden Spell to stop Kitami's ritual in the Academy basement.

Memorable quotes

"Yeah, but you know what, I've got a stomachache all of a sudden. And plus, I'm starting to get a fever. I think that curry I ate last night must've been poisoned! Or else it's that E. coli that's been going around..."
- "Is that some kind of joke or something? Or do you actually believe I'd fall for something as lame as that?"
"No, I don't."
- "Well, then, let's go."
"Yes, ma'am."

Minase unsuccessfully tries to ditch going to the art club with Imari.
(Game: La Noche de Walpurgis)

- "Make me look good, now."
"Don't count on it. It's not like the model's so hot."
- "Grrr!"

Minase joking with his friend Imari while drawing her portrait in the art club.
(Game: La Noche de Walpurgis)

"Is this it?" (holding up a bottle of antidote)
- "Give it to me!"
"Oopsie, my hand slipped." (bottle shatters on the floor)

Minase betrays his former mistress Kitami.
(Game: La Noche de Walpurgis)

"Imari...If I see your face...If I hear your voice...I feel like I can turn back."

Minase makes an appeal to her friend Imari after being possessed by the evil Kitami.
(LNdW: Black Ceremony)

"She is struggling to stay alive. But both God and devil have forsaken her, and nobody can save her now."

Minase proclaims to himself as Kitami dies after failing her ritual.
(Game: La Noche de Walpurgis)


  • Minase's first name Taki is rarely used in the Bible Black series. Occasionally, a character (like his cousin Yukiko) does refer to him by this name in the original Bible Black game.[19]
  • Minase does not appear in the sequel series New Testament. However, Imari (inhabited by the evil witch Kitami) mentions him when taunting and assaulting Takashiro, saying that she took 'her' Minase away from her.
  • It is not exactly clear when Minase is freed from the demon placed inside him by Kitami. However, considering he brought professor Takashiro to safety before rejoining his mistress, it can be assumed Imari's slap in his face negated or at least weakened the witch's hold over him.


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