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Welcome to the Bible Black Wiki

This wiki is a comprehensive encyclopedia about everything related to the Bible Black series.
There are currently 426 pages, 1,922 images and 8,286 edits since January 2012.

Bible Black is a Japanese hentai series comprising two eroge computer games and four anime series. It is set in and around a school, where the discovery of the eponymous Bible Black spell book twists the minds and desires of the students and teachers with occult worship and sexual perversion. Read More...

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A chastity belt is a locking item of clothing designed to prevent vaginal intercourse and masturbation.

A chastity belt is seen in both the first Bible Black game and first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis.

It was designed with gutters so that fluids can flow out of it. The inner part of the belt has a thin tube attached for excretion that can be placed in the urinary opening.

Reika Kitami uses a chastity belt on student Kurumi Imari to protect her virginity in preparation of her soul-exchanging ritual. She presents the item to the girl after kidnapping and bringing her to Saeki's apartment. Taunting, she tells her that she can not masturbate while wearing it and that she will give her pleasure instead. She then force feeds her several aphrodisiac pills and then makes her male friend Taki Minase have anal intercourse with her.

Imari does not actually wear the belt until having anal sex with five of Kitami's male lackeys and Kitami herself. All the while under the influence of the sexually stimulating drug.

She continues to wear the device while unconscious as Kitami prepares her ritual in the Academy basement.

Kitami finally removes the belt just before commencing her ritual on Walpurgis Night and throws it on the stone basement floor.

Similar to the anime, Reika Kitami gives Kurumi Imari a metal plated chastity belt after she kidnaps her, jokingly insinuating that the player Minase might try to attack her otherwise and take her virginity. She also taunts Imari on not being able to masturbate and gives her an aphrodisiac, this time administered through a hypodermic needle. The girl screams as the evil woman inserts a thin tube in her urinary tract, losing consciousness in some storylines.
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Shot S2E2 kozono evil.png
Nami Kozono welcoming the power of the Devil after having murdered several members of Rose Cross.
(Origins: Black Altar)

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April 23, 2018
A while back, the Bible Black license outside of Japan was acquired by the American company FAKKU. Check it out on their new page. We can only hope for some new Bible Black release!
Biberoi (talk)
March 22, 2018
Yet another new page sees the light of day. Read all about the ritual blades used at various points in the series.
Biberoi (talk)
March 4, 2018
Another new page was added to the site. This time about the various magic circles that appear throughout the series. Check it out!
Biberoi (talk)

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Yukiko Minase (水無瀬 由起子 Minase Yukiko), mainly referred to by her first name Yukiko throughout the series, is a minor character featured in the first and second eroge games and the debut anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis. She is also featured in a Bible Black: Only scene.

Yukiko is Taki Minase's live-in cousin and legal guardian, but they refer to each other as siblings. She is a friend and neighbor to Kurumi Imari, whom she occasionally asks to cook dinner for her 'brother'.

She is a graduate student in the medical or biological sector, having completed a French literature major prior. She also has a part-time job, causing her to be away from home a lot.

When her cousin Taki Minase comes home with the Bible Black spell book, she helps him translate some of the spells and ridicules both him and the book for their perversion.
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