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Bible Black is a Japanese hentai series comprising two eroge computer games and four anime series. It is set in and around a school, where the discovery of the eponymous Bible Black spell book twists the minds and desires of the students and teachers with occult worship and sexual perversion. Read More...

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The Tokken uniform is the outfit worn by members of investigation agency Tokken and is seen in the Bible Black: New Testament series.

Like the Academy uniform the Tokken outfit has a different version for males and females that share the same overall color scheme.

The male version consists of black shoes or boots, blue pants and a long-sleeve blue vest with a high collar, gold-colored fasteners and distinct dark bands between the arm and shoulders. There are purple with white Tokken insignia patches embroidered on both shoulders of the vest and several breast pockets on either side. Under the vest the male agents wear a white shirt and red tie. They also wear black fingerless gloves on their hands, possibly made of leather.

Females also wear the fingerless gloves and blue vest, mostly outdoors. However, instead of pants they wear a dark blue microskirt under a blue/white top shaped similar to a corset (much like the Academy uniform). For footwear, they have belted, high-heeled booties. They also wear a small red cravat around the neck instead of a tie and have a cleavage-revealing top. Furthermore, females wear gray stockings under the skirt, leaving several inches of bare skin exposed.

The agency's leader, Toru Yuge does not wear a standard uniform. He is instead dressed in a formal black suit with a Tokken logo patch and red cravat. Outside he commonly wears a gray-brown overcoat with another Tokken patch on its left side.
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Shot S1E6 kitami reaches out.jpg
The dying body of Kitami reaches out to Minase following her failed ritual in the Academy basement.
(LNdW: Black Descent)

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April 23, 2018
A while back, the Bible Black license outside of Japan was acquired by the American company FAKKU. Check it out on their new page. We can only hope for some new Bible Black release!
Biberoi (talk)
March 22, 2018
Yet another new page sees the light of day. Read all about the ritual blades used at various points in the series.
Biberoi (talk)
March 4, 2018
Another new page was added to the site. This time about the various magic circles that appear throughout the series. Check it out!
Biberoi (talk)

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Hiratani (平谷) is a minor character featured in the Bible Black: Origins anime series.

He is an unpopular student at the Academy and has a crush on the attractive student council president Nami Kozono. Hiratani tries to ask her out, but she viciously rejects him, telling him that she is not interested in men, and even if she was, she would never date him.

Hiratani goes to Hiroko Takashiro's witchcraft club for help with winning Kozono over. Using the spells in the newly discovered black book, she helps him put Kozono under a love curse, making her completely infatuated with Hiratani. When the council president sees the boy the next morning, she immediately hooks up with him, surprising many of her fellow students. She becomes his girlfriend and they have sex in the council room at school; Hiratani's first time.

However, when Hiratani decides to hold off on having sex with her for a while so he can save up, Kozono thinks he no longer wants her and asks Takashiro and her friends for help. Instead, they break the love curse they put on her. Kozono, now disgusted at having been with Hiratani, drives him to an empty warehouse and has him beaten by her group of thugs.
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